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Blasphemous Lovers [BxB] by BeyondMemory-Astreal
Blasphemous Lovers [BxB]by Astreal
[BOOK 1] Their wrists met and the rune began to react, creating a painful surge through their arms as the bond burnt into their wrists. Astreal gritted his teeth, restin...
  • morpher
  • horns
  • fiction
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Super-Freak Love (Spider Man x Deadpool)(Spideypool) by volume_struck
Super-Freak Love (Spider Man x volume_struck
Peter Parker has enough problems as it is- He's Spider-Man, his parents are part of the Avengers, his parents are so over protective he feels like he can't breathe, his...
  • captainamerica
  • spiderman
  • deadpool
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Smoke And Mirrors by Cher_Ace11
Smoke And Mirrorsby Punguin
"A lost love, a lost past, a lost youth" Three strangers seemingly unconnected, passing each other by, tied together by the same thing that has denied them fro...
  • mystery-thriller
  • action
  • plottwists
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Closer to the End by Keith_GoesTo_Walmart
Closer to the Endby Su tart
Closer to the End. "156... 156 days left, and you know it" Lola is lost in an unspoken world of depression. The urge that she needs to be perfect, to get good...
  • buildup
  • insanity
  • death
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When Europe Meets Asia by tarapatel1
When Europe Meets Asiaby Tara-books
When Nisha's orphanage, located in Mumbai, faces closure to make place for a brand new apartment complex, she's willing to go to any extent to prevent that from happenin...
  • mumbai
  • handsome
  • beautiful
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golden longings by tamedtears
golden longingsby tamedtears
"Draco, mate, do you own anything besides long sleeved button up's and shirts?" Pansy threw her head up and shot Blaise one of her infamous death glares. &quo...
  • slowburn
  • pansyparkinson
  • topdraco
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~*Paddy Holland*~ |imagine series| by princessdelaney895
~*Paddy Holland*~ |imagine series|by DEoej ejndifnp
You're a young girl who dreams to be an actor. At school you get in all the plays and musicals. You apply for a prestigious acting school in the U.K with no expectation...
  • marvel
  • dream
  • acting
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Vertigo » H.S. » by kumquat_babe17
Vertigo » H.S. »by Nic.
He once told her this: eyes are captivatingly beautiful. Not because of the color but because of the words they hold within them. That is the day she learned the story b...
  • atonement
  • awareness
  • wattys2018
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Red Letter: Sequel to A Flash Of Red by AIsForAmicable
Red Letter: Sequel to A Flash Of A
SEQUEL TO A FLASH OF RED!! Red Letter: of special significance Since returning home, Harry's come to learn that life keeps moving even when you don't want it to. Yet, ti...
  • protective
  • liampayne
  • fanfics
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My Calico Soulmate // Yoonmin Soulmate AU by Kpoppin00
My Calico Soulmate // Yoonmin HiddenWithinKpop
Yoonmin Soulmate One-Shot Everybody has a soulmate. From the age of 12 you can send your soulmate a single item once a year on your birthday. From the age of 18 your sp...
  • yoonmin
  • buildup
  • isthataspolier
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Words of Power (A Miraak One-Shot) by Just-Siddal
Words of Power (A Miraak One-Shot)by Sidd
The lonely fate of a Dragonborn can be a bitter, slow end. Zephyrine defeats Alduin and stumbles upon a new threat ready to quench her thirst of knowledge but at a cost...
  • hero
  • buildup
  • angst
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Something in between (ON HOLD BC OF WORK) by aesthetastics
Something in between (ON HOLD BC k
"Have you ever thought of the possibility that I actually do enjoy your company?" Her voice was playful, but her heartbeat and that little smile of hers told h...
  • mccall
  • lydia
  • dydia-relationship
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Endless Wonders by Lazarus_XIV
Endless Wondersby Lazarus_XIV
A teen wakes up in space, on a ship. His thoughts are eating him alive as he has no clue how he got there, and if there is anyone else on board. The only thing left to...
  • teen
  • questionsandanswers
  • sciencefiction
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Tony According to Steve Rogers by SomethingOfFandoms
Tony According to Steve Rogersby SomethingOfFandoms
Everybody knows something about Anthony Stark. Few know anything besides his public persona, and even fewer look past his defenses to see who tony truly is. OneShot. Sto...
  • batman
  • tonystark
  • irondad
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Complex Love |YURI!!! ON ICE| by HazeOfAnime
Complex Love |YURI!!! ON ICE|by Hazel
A glimpse of thick silver locks. A glance at a slim, lithe body afloat at the surface of the clear water that shimmered against the warm sun. A carefree look was all it...
  • animeboys
  • mermaidau
  • viktuuri
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Abnormal (A HP Fanfic) by SakuraSamurai
Abnormal (A HP Fanfic)by SakuraSamurai
Rose Thorn Evans is the younger sister of Lily Evans by 2 years. As the runt of the family you would expect that she should be pampered. You were wrong. Ignored and alo...
  • buildup
  • fanfiction
  • potterverse
Sam Witwicky X Optimus Prime -Now And Forever, Always by Chief1001
Sam Witwicky X Optimus Prime Chief100 1
Optimus Prime is the one who comes to Earth to protect Samuel Witwicky and retrieve the glasses. Sam, 19 year old high school student with two best friends and a long jo...
  • relashionship
  • slowburn
  • hurt-comfort
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Why do I love you? (COMPLETED!!! In editing process) by chanina123
Why do I love you? (COMPLETED!!! Classified ;)
Cherlninda died. 1009 years ago. Her best friend turned her into a vampire. Leaving her life behind. So in her earlier years in the years while hunting with her family...
  • man
  • affection
  • plane
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I Got Away by SmashedPassion
I Got Awayby SmashedPassion
"What do you want me to say?" I found myself stopping in my steps, yelling at him. "Thank you for following me out here?" Those weren't the words I'm...
  • gotaway
  • baddecisions
  • broken
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Who's There? by bon_sai151
Who's There?by bon_sai151
Apu is alone in his home,his parents have went to the neighbouring town of Aligarh to attend a wedding,he hears a knock around midnight who could that be?
  • buildup
  • shortstories
  • fiction
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