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𝗪𝗛𝗘𝗥𝗘 𝗔𝗥𝗘 𝗪𝗘 𝗡𝗢𝗪? ( autumn
y/n and taehyung were childhood sweethearts who parted ways years ago what happens when fate plays its game and the two meet again? will they get back together or have t...
Broken princess  by marymary-diva17
Broken princess by Mary
Brianna daughter of Stella and Brandon has always been seen as the bad child and there were one to many incidents happening at alfea, that soon lead her to getting expel...
My Broken Spiderboy (tasm! spiderman x reader) by riesespieces
My Broken Spiderboy (tasm! riesespieces
"Who's this?" Spiderman points to an old polaroid on my desk. I glance at it, before going focusing back on Spider's shoulder, "Just a boy I was friends...
CHAAHAT: Ek Ehsaas Dosti Se Badhkar by ayesh_theticss16
CHAAHAT: Ek Ehsaas Dosti Se Badhkarby 𝑨𝒚𝒆𝒔𝒉𝒂🌷
This story might remind you of Rahul Anjali and Tina from the movie "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai". But here is something different for y'all. Aashna and Ankur, insepara...
Time to Fly by Livvv063
Time to Flyby Olivia
Time to Fly is a collection of poetry that I wrote about my own thoughts and feelings. I hope this will help you find comfort and make you not feel alone in this journey...
Children blessed by eywa  by marymary-diva17
Children blessed by eywa by Mary
A female metkayaia had been spending all her adult life alone she has wished for mate and family of her own, but that all changed one night of a storm. That when the for...
Something between Us (2nd book in "past" series) by geetanjalidhoke
Something between Us (2nd book gorgeous_geetanjali
When harshal throws his love of life away from his life, he doesn't expect himself craving for her and definitely doesn't expect him to dig in the past of his love. ****...
Tangled Relations by shaddy_45
Tangled Relationsby shaddy
" I never want to see you again. Whatever ... whatever friendship was between us end this moment. I regret befriending you. " " Listen to me,---". ...
Flora daughter  by marymary-diva17
Flora daughter by Mary
The winx club use to me the close of friends but that all came to end when the girls had kept a secret from flora, this secret had ended the very long friendship and no...
The Forgotten Memories by Sya_Nad96
The Forgotten Memoriesby Mimotkun
After getting hit by a car and being in a coma, Tetsuya seems to have lost his memories. He remembered some faces but couldn't manage to remember certain rainbow-coloure...
I go La La, Lalalala La! (Tommyinnit Au) by Flareongirl360
I go La La, Lalalala La! ( UltimateStoryteller
(I guess?? Basically if Tommy never betrayed Technoblade. Basically inspired by a lot of stories similar to this. Anyway here's the actual description below ⬇️) Exile. O...
Replaced & Forgotten (A Splatoon Story) by SourceFreak
Replaced & Forgotten (A Splatoon SourceFreak
You would think that saving the whole city's only power source, and one of the biggest idols would reward you with a lot of fame and appreciation... Instead, you get the...
JUST BEST FRIENDSby Samuel Frederick
Have you ever been madly in love with your childhood best friend, but they never loved you the same way? I mean, not like they didn't love you back, but just not how you...
Reaching You My Sunset  by darkmidnight030
Reaching You My Sunset by Itsyourgirlgay
A love story of unrequited love of Kale Gylie Ferrer for Pryna Haze Yates, like watching a sunset, both captivating and out of reach. Perhaps, I'll simply admire her fro...
One Shot Stories by RK_Penman
One Shot Storiesby ArKei
Every chapter is a one shot story only.
The light engulfed by the darkness by bluebellclock
The light engulfed by the darknessby bluebellclock
What if something broke inside valt... The Day shu broke valtryek . What if it caused a corruption to his soul? Find out for yourself
When he loves you but leaves you / Park Jimin by bangtan_stuff13
When he loves you but leaves lazy_writer
Jiya's pov We were friends but I don't know when I fell in love with you. Yes, Jimin I love you I am sorry to tell you like this and realizing it really late. Don't go...
A Break by EmpireBlueBB
A Breakby Avantika
✨""We spend our lives searching for meaning. Take a break. Let it find You.""✨ "I'm leaving!" She paused...
I Am Hated, Or So I Thought Volume 1 by Cyclone499
I Am Hated, Or So I Thought Farin Cyclone
A mother who once tried to kill me. A sister who always found wrongs in me. A childhood friend who insulted me every time she talked to me. Classmates who accused me for...
Hugot Quotes/Secret Billionaire by JamesonRiveralovers
Hugot Quotes/Secret Billionaireby Jameson Rivera lovers
Hugot Quotes/ Secret Billionaire Let your pain be the source of wisdom. It is in suffering that you find your hidden strength because there is no option left. Let it lea...