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Love's A Real Thing Right? by MimisxUmi
Love's A Real Thing Right?by MimisxUmi
A young man who wonders whether he is a good person or not, and relives his life after he has a huge argument with the love of his life. Join him on his journey as he fi...
I Am Hated, Or So I Thought Volume 1 by Cyclone499
I Am Hated, Or So I Thought Farin Cyclone
A mother who once tried to kill me. A sister who always found wrongs in me. A childhood friend who insulted me every time she talked to me. Classmates who accused me for...
First heartbreak  by marydiva_17
First heartbreak by Mary
Y/n a chubby girl who been in love with her seven mafia bosses friends since they been little, soon her friends will start dating a girl who hated y/n with a passion. Th...
BEGIN AGAIN. by jolante424
BEGIN Yolanda Jolante
He understood me like no other. He knew me inside out. I could never hide anything from him. Well.....apart from the strange sudden flutter my heart made one day. Someth...
No Harm List | BTS Mafia AU by Crazy4myshelf
No Harm List | BTS Mafia AUby Wally
The Bangtan family believes in life debts, it was one of the few traditions that they value enough to maintain and honor. If someone were to save a member's life, that p...
Bring Me To Life  by Adra_R
Bring Me To Life by Adra
serial track ....... Guilt is the hardest emotion anyone can ever feel which is now sanskar is feeling he blame himself for destroying and innocent soul which make is h...
I wrote things to clear of my mind from it own hustle, almost like a self therapy. I did it few times before but I always ended up deleting the collection because it's...
Flora daughter  by marydiva_17
Flora daughter by Mary
The winx club use to me the close of friends but that all came to end when the girls had kept a secret from flora, this secret had ended the very long friendship and no...
I go La La, Lalalala La! (Tommyinnit Au) by Flareongirl360
I go La La, Lalalala La! ( UltimateStoryteller
(I guess?? Basically if Tommy never betrayed Technoblade. Basically inspired by a lot of stories similar to this. Anyway here's the actual description below ⬇️) Exile. O...
Inside The Mind | Poetry by Jaewr1tes
Inside The Mind | Poetryby Jan
Speak the truth. Speak your mind. Be who you are and never be put down by anyone. Poetry is said to capture a person's feelings and experience in life. DO NOT COPY any...
JUST BEST FRIENDSby Samuel Frederick
Have you ever been madly in love with your childhood best friend, but they never loved you the same way? I mean, not like they didn't love you back, but just not how you...
I'm not the one who you knew once (Highschool DxD X Male Reader) [Discontinued] by TheOmegaLife
I'm not the one who you knew TheOmegaLife
Y/N L/N was a normal student and was part of Rias' peerage. He tried everything that they would notice him. But luck wasn't with Y/N's side. After thinking about a long...
Broken princess  by marydiva_17
Broken princess by Mary
Brianna daughter of Stella and Brandon has always been seen as the bad child and there were one to many incidents happening at alfea, that soon lead her to getting expel...
A Break by EmpireBlueBB
A Breakby Avantika
✨""We spend our lives searching for meaning. Take a break. Let it find You.""✨ "I'm leaving!" She paused...
My Broken Spiderboy (tasm! spiderman x reader) by riesespieces
My Broken Spiderboy (tasm!
"Who's this?" Spiderman points to an old polaroid on my desk. I glance at it, before going focusing back on Spider's shoulder, "Just a boy I was friends...
🌀 Beyblade Burst 💫 OneShots✨ by Sunflower_Lily_175
🌀 Beyblade Burst 💫 OneShots✨by 🌻 TD 🌼
🌬️ We're just like Fire 🔥 and Water 🌊 we cannot exist together, but somehow we always find our way to each other ✨💫 ★o☆ ~ ★o☆ ~ ★o☆ ~ ★o☆ ~ ★ "My absolute favou...
The Calm before the storm by GiRlYoUQwAzY
The Calm before the stormby YoNaIlSdIrTy
When a new family comes into the valley things can be turned upside down for better or worst when a new girl is thrown into the group things sure can stir up like a witc...
Wishing Of EUPHORIA  by Ardini_Kuzayaki
Wishing Of EUPHORIA by Dinie Zull Cherryaki 2022
"I believe that he will the most lovely by people with his smile" "I know what your wish" "Stay strong Kook" "Jungkookie!you so talent...
Ninjago : Kai's dark secret  by Dream-Cypher
Ninjago : Kai's dark secret by Kaneki
Book one ; What will happen after all these years that Kai reveals his darker self, that not even his parents or sister are aware of? Will he stay with the ninja once it...
DKRCS: The President by nethzky05
DKRCS: The Presidentby Monette Manguera
R18 | Mature Content/Language Mauricius Klyde Klatten Everything in Mauricius Klyde's life is organized and planned. He's living his life being the most influential busi...