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~Metal Heart~ (Melvin Sneedly x Reader) by Panda-neku
~Metal Heart~ (Melvin Sneedly x Panda-neku
I do NOT own any of these characters
  • melvinsneedly
  • georgebeard
  • captainunderpants
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Captain Underpants Various X Reader by AlyssaCruz1834
Captain Underpants Various X Readerby FireSear
(Y/N) was a regular high school girl, she was a fangirl, a smart girl, and she's well, she's many things and mostly, she's an artist, a writer and she's kinda childish a...
  • george
  • edith
  • laughter
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Mr Krupp x reader by JasmineCooley2
Mr Krupp x readerby Jasmine Cooley
I have weird crushes...enjoy!
  • romance
  • haroldhutchins
  • comedy
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Captain underpants and the battle of Poopypants for (Y/N) by AlyssaCruz1834
Captain underpants and the FireSear
Poopypants is Back to take his daughter back. And it's up to captain underpants, George and Harold to protect (Y/N). And Poopypants will do everything in his power to ge...
  • melvin
  • george
  • poopypants
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George x Harold strong love by AlyssaCruz1834
George x Harold strong loveby FireSear
George and Harold were old best friends but were separated as kids and in the final year of high school they meet again but in an unexpected way and many things had chan...
  • heidi
  • captainunderpants
  • killian
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Captain underpants Deleted scenes by AlyssaCruz1834
Captain underpants Deleted scenesby FireSear
You all must've read the first captain underpants and loved it I am making thus for the deleted scenes and I added some deleted scenes of only (Y/N) and I hope you like...
  • george
  • captainunderpants
  • melvin
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Epic tales of captain underpants Various x Reader by AlyssaCruz1834
Epic tales of captain underpants FireSear
The series will continue the adventures of pranksters and comic book artists George Beard and Harold Hutchins and their new friend (Y/N), and their nasty principal Mr. K...
  • captainunderpants
  • reader
  • andmore
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Ask and Dare (Captain Underpants edition)  by Tmntfangirl666
Ask and Dare (Captain Underpants RandyxNomiLover334
Hey guys. I have come up with this idea and I thought hey why not have people ask Ariel, AJ, George, Harold, and Melvin some questions and give them dares. I created thi...
  • harold
  • wattys2017
  • questions
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Best of friends by Star-Wars-Dragons
Best of friendsby Fawn Bridger
George Beard and Harold Hutchins are the greatest friends in the world. They think they know everything about each other, but there's something neither of the two know...
  • fluff
  • haroldhutchins
  • captainunderpants
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George x Harold Imagines by alonelyassperson
George x Harold Imaginesby alonelyassperson
🍋🚫I WON'T DO LEMON SHOTS🚫🍋 if you have a request please message me
  • georgexharold
  • imagines
  • fluff
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aSk ThE CApTAin UNdeRpAnTs Kids !!! by bi-clumsy
aSk ThE CApTAin UNdeRpAnTs Kids !!!by 🌊chief momo🌊
Hi ! I'm George, and my buddys Melvin and Harold and I are here to anser some kwestions from you guys ! Ask away, wether it be our favrit things, (((((((crushes))))))) o...
  • gerogebeard
  • haroldhutchins
  • melvinsneedly
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Captain Underpants and the Return of the Dastardly Villain by novarose122001
Captain Underpants and the Nova The Literature Writer
It have been a long time since the defeat of Professor Poopypants. Now, things have been normal and school is back on schedule. But, then a new teacher had come in for t...
  • alterego
  • hurt-comfort
  • adventure
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The Pits Of Love| Mr.Krupp X Guacamole  by RileyVerse
The Pits Of Love| Mr.Krupp X RileyVerse
He was a lonely and hungry principal... She was a bowl of guacamole... Watch their love blossom.
  • captainunderpants
  • cry
  • ship
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George and Harold and the attack of Big Melvin by LaziestAuthor
George and Harold and the attack DuckyMomo
Omg this is my first story..its based on the characters from the novel Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey.Btw I wrote this in my book first!!But the grammar and stuff was...
  • captainunderpants
Ask or Dare! Captain Underpants Edition by MahLifeSucks
Ask or Dare! Captain Underpants Kitara's Lab
Hi guys! I thought since I have a Dog Man ask blog, why not have a Captain Underpants one? Check out my Tumbr to see my other ocs! My Tumbr: k-k-123s-blog
  • harold
  • myocs
  • captainunderpants
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Captain underpants x reader Oneshots by MlpKristianbanks
Captain underpants x reader 💜💙🌙 Luna Stories 💜💙🌙
please enjoy my first you x characters from Captain underpants!!!
  • harold
  • captainunderpants
  • melvin
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Captain Underpants Small Stories and Stuff by TheDepressedSans
Captain Underpants Small Stories TheDepressedSans
I've been, uh, slightly obsessed with "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" and the tv series on Netflix, and have a few ideas for them. now, I understan...
  • pain
  • williammillerismyoc
  • randomshit
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DOGMAN: Shattered ✔ by Lazulii1
DOGMAN: Shattered ✔by Lazulii ✅
✗ We all hope the bad things disappear, but sometimes we have to work for that. "It's okay, I knew there was just something good in you." He's so forgiving, I...
  • sarah
  • dogmanxpetey
  • lilpetey
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Captain Underground by TheDepressedSans
Captain Undergroundby TheDepressedSans
a crossover of Captain Underpants and Undertale. you can kinda guess what's gonna happen to the boys and CU/Krupp :3
  • sad
  • papyrus
  • chara
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This Can't Be Happening by TheDepressedSans
This Can't Be Happeningby TheDepressedSans
George suspects something is wrong with Harold when he shows up with injuries. he wants to help, but Harold tells him it's out of his hands. this dismissal of help from...
  • loss
  • blood
  • hospital
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