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Captain Underpants Various X Reader by AlyssaCruz1834
Captain Underpants Various X Readerby FireSear
(Y/N) was a regular high school girl, she was a fangirl, a smart girl, and she's well, she's many things and mostly, she's an artist, a writer and she's kinda childish a...
Melvin Sneedly x Reader: Loathing by Panda-neku
Melvin Sneedly x Reader: Loathingby Panda-neku
• I do not own any of the characters • I do not own any of the art • I only own the writing
Captain underpants and the battle of Poopypants for (Y/N) by AlyssaCruz1834
Captain underpants and the FireSear
Poopypants is Back to take his daughter back. And it's up to captain underpants, George and Harold to protect (Y/N). And Poopypants will do everything in his power to ge...
Not All Hereos Wear Spandex by Supah_Hambo
Not All Hereos Wear Spandexby Hambo
Join (Y/n) as he transfers to a new school where there's a hierarchy and with lots of problems going on!
An Experiment - Melvinborg x Reader by annehatesyou
An Experiment - Melvinborg x Readerby annehatesyou
Melvin Sneedly takes over the whole school district for his selfish plan, but for some reason, he takes an interest in you. 18+ PLEASE CHECK THE WARNINGS ON THE INTRO C...
george x harold(kind of lemon? idk :/) by dont_mind_meh
george x harold(kind of lemon? dont_mind_me
this is my otp AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. anyways George and Harold are alone in the treehouse (and no smut I promise) George decides to do a prank on Harold but i...
George x Harold strong love by AlyssaCruz1834
George x Harold strong loveby FireSear
George and Harold were old best friends but were separated as kids and in the final year of high school they meet again but in an unexpected way and many things had chan...
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Mr Krupp x reader by JasmineCooley2
Mr Krupp x readerby Jasmine Cooley
I have weird crushes...enjoy!
Epic tales of captain underpants Various x Reader by AlyssaCruz1834
Epic tales of captain underpants FireSear
The series will continue the adventures of pranksters and comic book artists George Beard and Harold Hutchins and their new friend (Y/N), and their nasty principal Mr. K...
George x Harold ~Comics Were Just The Start~ by SeptiplierZanvis
George x Harold ~Comics Were I Came Home
okay hey readers the new Captain Underpants Movie is coming out THIS SUMMER And I'm super excited I can't stop thinking and talking about it so I've been noticing things...
George x Harold  by Abigaiil18
George x Harold by 🖤
George and Harold are young teenagers. Harold is very shy and quiet. Meanwhile, George is athletic, smart and handsome. Ever since the first year in high school he's bee...
SmartHearts 💙💖✨ (Melvinborg X Markaii X Moxie Swaggerman) by NEONZCOLORZKID
SmartHearts 💙💖✨ (Melvinborg X NEONZCOLORZKID
So uh, Markaii is my oc, his full name is Markaii Edward Johnson. So uh- Markaii and Borg are a year apart- (Melvinborg is 31 and Markaii is 32-) so yuh-
Captain Underpants One Shots [Smut/Lemon Included] by AintYellowD
Captain Underpants One Shots [ AintYellowD
hi :) Please request me because i dont have that many ideas for a smut or lemons. Im not good at it but im doing my best! I will still try no matter what because..WE NE...
True Love (George X Harold) by leilani_garcia12
True Love (George X Harold)by Leilani Garcia
George and Harold have been best friends for a long time but they have strong feelings for each other. Harold started having a crush on George but he's afraid to tell hi...
♤ YANDERE! MelvinBorg X Depressed! Reader ♤ by LI0N_REALITY
♤ YANDERE! MelvinBorg X Lunni_Li○n
You were more of an artist than a social person. You always felt awful because of your childhood trauma, so what helped you was venting it out by creating things. One da...
Greeter's art book: the sequel by FlamFlimMyNameIsZim
Greeter's art book: the sequelby Invader Zim
another art book. give a description for your story give a description for your story give a description for your story give a description for your story give a descript...
《♡ Heartbroken robot ♡》 Melvin Borg x Dragon! Reader x Melvin by Theoddlionpotato125
《♡ Heartbroken robot ♡》 Melvin Theoddlionpotato125
SOoOOOOOO, you are secretly a dragon, your temper wasn't the best back at home. You always would light things on fire, (Your element is fire) Your mother was always ther...
Melvinborg x Reader by Roxy_Cake123
Melvinborg x Readerby the ultimate loser
Wait for what? Oh the book? I dont know What the title says Go on my other book, I'll continue it shortly and "finish" it, may turn into a one shot book I don'...
Harold X Reader (Comic love) by lapiswaterdragon
Harold X Reader (Comic love)by Kathrine
This is a story about Harold the best friend of George in the Captain Underpants series, you are Y/N Krupp, the daughter of Mr. Krupp. You find out that your have a stra...