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i hired a hitman on myself // joshler [✓] by smilingtyler
i hired a hitman on myself // frisk
this is why you should never trust the roommate you got off of craigslist. 3/09/17 {#816 in fanfiction} 3/18/17 {#206 in fanfiction} 3/25/17 {#185 in fanfiction} 3/29/17...
hidden hearts ♡ ryden {COMPLETED} by diizzypiink
hidden hearts ♡ ryden {COMPLETED}by carolyn
they're soulmates, but in person, they're enemies. {original started: may 3, 2018} {rewrite started: july 29, 2018} {finished: february 7, 2020}
Stepdad-----A Brallon Fic (DISCONTINUED) by caspyblue
Stepdad-----A Brallon Fic ( caspyblue
Dallon Weekes's life was perfect, but when his wife walks out on him, leaving Dallon and his two children to fend for themselves, they don't know what to do, that is til...
Dallon The Robot||Brallon by AtomicWeekes
Dallon The Robot||Brallonby Princess Kitten♡
“I designed Mrs.Perfect, not Mister!” ©AtomicWeekes 2015
problematic groupchat by archiesmania
problematic groupchatby ♡
// spooky jim christmas has started a new groupchat // ( im republishing this jesus i dont know why. its terrible at the beginning pls dont judge me )
♥️ I Won't Hurt You ♥️- brallon by dallontinesday
♥️ I Won't Hurt You ♥️- brallonby 🦋🌱🌸🌈💫💕🎀
One evening, Brendon sees a gang beat up a poor man. Brendon helps the hopeless man and finds out he is deaf and won't speak, however, Brendon falls in love with the man...
smutty brallon oneshots by alilless16candles
smutty brallon oneshotsby audrey 🍒💫
pretty much what the title says. enjoy.
CG/L Band Oneshots by YoureAHauntedHouse
CG/L Band Oneshotsby YoureAHauntedHouse
100% sfw, no exceptions. Care Giver Little Oneshots about Bands Am taking requests from many bands. Will do any ships! Enjoy! ❤️🏳️‍🌈 TITLE (LITTLE x SWITCH x CAREGI...
nowhere to go ⇮ brallon by rarelovings
nowhere to go ⇮ brallonby rarelovings
brendon is abused and dallon wants to help - tw : abuse, mentions of rape
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ONE MORE TIME - brallon drabbles by so-obviously-stupid
ONE MORE TIME - brallon drabblesby jessica
A collection of finished and (rarely) unfinished drabbles and ideas of the pairing, Brallon! Taking requests!
Diary Of A Fake Fan by ImNotObsessedISwear
Diary Of A Fake Fanby YourTypicalFangirl
Dear Diary, Omg! Today I found out My Chemical Romance did a cover of 21 Pilots's song Cancers! WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CAUSE EXTREME ANGER AND LOSS OF BRAIN CELLS
Truth Or Dare  by axethetic
Truth Or Dare by rawr xd
"Rule number five, whatever happens inside the circle, stays inside the circle, got it?" In which Gerard is an innocent 17 year old who is threatened and turne...
Virgin (brallon) by brallon_for_life
Virgin (brallon)by brallon_for_life
Brendon urie is a 16 year old virgin, but he wants to lose his virginity now. But only to one person.
Brallon Oneshots by exclusively_brallon
Brallon Oneshotsby Your Author
Brallon one shots I write when I'm bored. Enjoy reading.
nerve ⇨ brallon by payinginnaivety
nerve ⇨ brallonby i a n
"you got a lot of nerve, urie. you know that?"
Teachers Pet || Joshler by x-PrettySleeper-x
Teachers Pet || Joshlerby Baby™
Tyler has never had it easy, he's always had to fight to get what he wants...and he's always been alone; especially after the only person he depended on walked out- leav...
Brendon Urie DDM by underscoreandy
Brendon Urie DDMby ☆
Daddy-daughter moments with Brendon Urie! {in these preferences, Y/N is used, as the reader is the daughter.} Either comment or message requests! {brendon and sarah have...
ONE SHOTS , [multiship] by TumblrJishwa
ONE SHOTS , [multiship]by 🥀ᴮʰᵃᵇʸ_ⁱᵗˢ_ᵐʰᵉ🥀
This is a load of one shots! Joshler, Brallon, Bryllon, Halsenie, Jelanie, Jysh, Ryden, Ferard, Peterick and more! -cover made by me
Brallon Oneshots  by sirweekes
Brallon Oneshots by raven
random brallon smuts and fluff !! <3