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Brendon.⚣Brallon✔️ by CockyLilo
Brendon.⚣Brallon✔️by Pete Wentz Trash™️
"I swear to god, I will throw my fucking shoe at you if you don't shut up!" Brendon is a curious little hybrid who takes a particular shine to Dallon. Dallon i...
smutty brallon oneshots by alilless16candles
smutty brallon oneshotsby 🕸 billie 🕸
pretty much what the title says. enjoy.
30 day smut challenge :: joshler by blushingdun
30 day smut challenge :: joshlerby blushingdun
some joshler smut for you horny fellows. (i have 100% respect for tyler and jenna's marriage and i know that tyler and josh aren't together. yes i feel guilty for invadi...
Teachers Pet || Joshler by x-PrettySleeper-x
Teachers Pet || Joshlerby Baby™
Tyler has never had it easy, he's always had to fight to get what he wants...and he's always been alone; especially after the only person he depended on walked out- leav...
ROPES (A Kinky Brallon Smut Book) by DrGizzy
ROPES (A Kinky Brallon Smut Book)by Kinkylicious
This is going to be looong, detailed smut for all you horny peeps out there 😏-- Please don't get mad at me
Diary Of A Fake Fan by ImNotObsessedISwear
Diary Of A Fake Fanby YourTypicalFangirl
Dear Diary, Omg! Today I found out My Chemical Romance did a cover of 21 Pilots's song Cancers! WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CAUSE EXTREME ANGER AND LOSS OF BRAIN CELLS
Joshler One-Shots by unopened-windows
Joshler One-Shotsby Clancy out May 17th
Joshler oneshots 💕 Smut and fluff
Truth Or Dare  by axethetic
Truth Or Dare by rawr xd
"Rule number five, whatever happens inside the circle, stays inside the circle, got it?" In which Gerard is an innocent 17 year old who is threatened and turne...
Falling Too (Joshler) by My_Chemical_Joshler
Falling Too (Joshler)by My_Chemical_Joshler
Tyler moved away from everything. His friends, home, school, everything. There's nothing about this new place that could make him like it, or so he thought.
Kairos {joshler} by liliesandstags
Kairos {joshler}by {CLOSED}
(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that create the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement. aka the one whe...
Band Cglre Oneshots by butIwantthisusername
Band Cglre Oneshotsby Tuesday Crimson
This includes age regression and ABDL (yes that does mean the adult use of diapers) if you don't like this please leave. THIS IS NOT IN ANYWAY PEDOPHILIA!!! I'm not goin...
Does it matter? •Peterick• •Geetrick• by Defeatedpurpose
Does it matter? •Peterick• • Parsley
A classic romance, something everyone wants, but not Patrick. Patrick Stump had spent his days taking care of his father's old café, preserving it's memories, maintainin...
Ryden Kik by phaneh
Ryden Kikby What
Who knew a drunk text could blossom into so much more? (I STARTED WRITING THIS IN LATE 2017 IT IS BAD)
careless // joshler by buckethatjosh
careless // joshlerby io
josh had been watching the brown-haired boy for a while, and he was certain he wasn't okay. // tyler knew a boy with obnoxiously purple hair had been watching him, and h...
Crush (Joshler) by bokuutos
Crush (Joshler)by ♥︎{SLOW UPDATES}
when crushes turn into relationships and relationships turn into break ups.
Shipwrecked On Emo Island by ImNotObsessedISwear
Shipwrecked On Emo Islandby YourTypicalFangirl
What happens when the members of Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance get stranded on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone...
I Never Gave A Damn About The Weather//Brallon by beebosdick
I Never Gave A Damn About The it's not a bad dick
Brendon Urie is different to say the least. His emotions basically controlled the weather. Dallon Weekes is the only one who knows about it and tries to keep Brendon fee...
Adopted by brallon by cxmetery_drxve
Adopted by brallonby sTrange
Alana has almost given up...almost. She doesn't show it, though... her coping mechanism would make anyone think she's insane. She meets her heroes one day, what'll happ...
Panic! At The Disco Memes by xicetheticx
Panic! At The Disco Memesby aj
↠ Panic! At The Disco Memes