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Mr Urie loves me (brallon) by littlebbydun
Mr Urie loves me (brallon)by littlebbydun
Dallon has just been released from a mental hospital after trying to kill himself. He believes it's time to go back to school, only to realise there is a different maths...
Idk how but he found me (Brallon)  by mykitchensink03
Idk how but he found me (Brallon) by mykitchensink03
Dallon is having the time of his life playing small shows with his pal Ryan. His new band I don't know how but they found me is taking off and he never wants to stop cre...
Songs about Mikey by Dunacceptable
Songs about Mikeyby Dunacceptable
( A Petekey AU , side Trohley, Brallon, Ryden) "He was doing the almost-smile thing again. I liked it when he did that, it was cute. As much as I hated the word 'c...
Prettiest Boy In Town (a Joshler fanfic) by InthenameofJoshDun
Prettiest Boy In Town (a Joshler InthenameofJoshDun
Josh is the kid in school with a very poor family. They can barely afford food and his clothes are either very old or very cheap. He has only one friend, 'cause the othe...
You're mine, Ok. //brallon// ddlb by beeboisfuckinglife
You're mine, Ok. //brallon// ddlbby 💕𝒦𝐼𝒯𝒯𝒴💕
Dallon weeks the typical bad boy and Brendon urie is a little but what will happen if Dallon gets a little too close to Brendon? Will Dallon become his daddy? Read more...
♡ "Sleep overs" ♡ | YOUNG brallon  by dallontinesday
♡ "Sleep overs" ♡ | YOUNG brallon by 🦋🌱🌸🌈💫💕🎀
Dallon Weekes is a 18 year old popular kid- academic, creative, the girls love him but is still in the closet. Brendon Urie is a 17 year old nerd- smart, in the school'...
Truth Or Dare  by axethetic
Truth Or Dare by rawr xd
"Rule number five, whatever happens inside the circle, stays inside the circle, got it?" In which Gerard is an innocent 17 year old who is threatened and turne...
Band Cglre Oneshots by butIwantthisusername
Band Cglre Oneshotsby October Crimson
This includes age regression and ABDL (yes that does mean the adult use of diapers) if you don't like this please leave. THIS IS NOT IN ANYWAY PEDOPHILIA!!! I'm not goin...
Teachers Pet || Joshler by x-PrettySleeper-x
Teachers Pet || Joshlerby Baby™
Tyler has never had it easy, he's always had to fight to get what he wants...and he's always been alone; especially after the only person he depended on walked out- leav...
Electric Confidence ⚡️  by dallonhammer
Electric Confidence ⚡️ by dallons angel
A bunch of random Brallon smuts and fluff, but none are connected. cute.
Emo Group Chat by xxxnotmyfaultxxx
Emo Group Chatby xxxnotmyfaultxxx
Please dont comment on my spelling ik its terrible i dont need to be reminded i also wrote this when i was in the second year of (British) High school im now the last ye...
Brendon Urie DDM by underscoreandy
Brendon Urie DDMby ☆
Daddy-daughter moments with Brendon Urie! REQUESTS OPEN! {in these preferences, Y/N is used, as the reader is the daughter.} Either comment or message requests! {brendon...
Baby Boy [DISCONTINUED]by your dad
If you'd asked Dallon if he'd ever wanted a little, just two months ago, he would've said no. He didn't have the time for a boyfriend, let alone a little. and even if he...
i hired a hitman on myself // joshler [✓] by smilingtyler
i hired a hitman on myself // frisk
this is why you should never trust the roommate you got off of craigslist. 3/09/17 {#816 in fanfiction} 3/18/17 {#206 in fanfiction} 3/25/17 {#185 in fanfiction} 3/29/17...
Break the Law For Me [completed] by TealrootsG
Break the Law For Me [completed]by TealrootsG
Frank is on his last year of high school and fear of failure is really taking a toll. He thinks he's going to have to go through it alone when his friends begin to drift...
Panic! At the Disco One Shots (gay ships) by ShaneandRyland
Panic! At the Disco One Shots ( Toby
one shots of: Brallon, Ryden, Bryllon, Brencer, Bralloncer, etc.
Tall Man Secrets - Brallon by Targa365
Tall Man Secrets - Brallonby Baz
Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes have been talking for a long time, so when Brendon is invited to Dallon's home, there is no way he will decline the offer. However, Dallon...
pastel skirts and metal lockers~ferard by josh_dun_is_a_hun
pastel skirts and metal ybaB yrC
Little!Innocent!Gee Bully!Overprotective!Frank Gee has recently started high school after being sheltered by his overprotective family all his life. After finding it dif...
Brallon Oneshots by faggotwentz
Brallon Oneshotsby faggotwentz
gay stories for gay people
Small Cuts [Brallon] (Instagram AU) by redrosarys
Small Cuts [Brallon] (Instagram AU)by bullet
Brendons a famous Instagram star. Dallon is semi-famous artist. What happens when dallon gets a dm from brendon?