Jackass by idk_izuuu
Jackassby Thats_so_izu
You can't spell jackass without ass. "How many glares and stares will it take to get you to fall in love with me?" he smirked. i scoffed. "How about negit...
  • himawari
  • sasuke
  • borusara
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Boruto Rants by lovinanime
Boruto Rantsby ✧Yumi✧
I wanted to write this for a while now... Basically a book where I rant about the series, manga, crazy ships and absolutely everything related to "Boruto: Naruto Ne...
  • himawari
  • nextgeneration
  • boruto
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Red eye( Boruto/Naruto fanfic) by AstraSama
Red eye( Boruto/Naruto fanfic)by AstraSama
With the world at risk of another war, young Astra Kagami runs away from his home and village in seek of refuge. When he finds the Village hidden in the leaves his whole...
  • himawari
  • lee
  • sumire
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study of love by athenicx
study of loveby —;athena
"sarada, how do you work-" he looked towards her to see her sleeping peacefully, boruto couldn't help but gaze at her fragile frame with a soft smile plastered...
  • sumire
  • learning
  • romance
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Boruto Funny Pictures..and Pictures by TheGreenChibi
Boruto Funny Pictures..and Picturesby Chibi
No description needed All credit goes to the amazing artists <3 (Hope I'm not getting anyone angry by using these.. so if I am using your picture you can ask me to t...
  • hinata
  • shikadai
  • randomhastag
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The Moon is Beautiful by neo_heisenberg123
The Moon is Beautifulby neo_heisenberg123
A BoruSara fan-fiction that tells the love story of Uzumaki Boruto and Uchiha Sarada as they fight for their love against time.
  • shikadai
  • fanfic
  • chocho
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  • naruto
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UN AMOR EN TIEMPOS DE GUERRA.         {borusara}     by AlexandraAngeles18
UN AMOR EN TIEMPOS DE Alexandra Angeles
Despues de que momoshiki atacara a la aldea y el hijo del hokage lo derrotara junto a los 6 kages {contando a sasuke} boruto y su padre mejoraron su relacion pero una...
  • kawaki
  • konohamaru
  • inojin
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Growing Up by Queen_ADiva
Growing Upby I Don't Even
"I forgive you." Boruto was shocked. "On one condition." "Of course." "You said you would do anything, right?" Sarada asked alrea...
  • borutoxsarada
  • inojinxhimawari
  • sumire
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Borusumi❤💓 by Lovebug-loves-
Borusumi❤💓by Erica
soooo, I'm making a story about these two because this is how I feel about them they would make a great couple boruto needs a chill women..... I'm not saying who but (it...
  • borusumi
  • naruto
  • sumire
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Gambler of Feelings by Karinrumi
Gambler of Feelingsby Kirumi Yuriko
"Let's make a bet." These words had a deeper meaning than she would care to admit. Her entire life depended on it. She wanted to win, no matter what results...
  • romance
  • naruto
  • naruhina
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Do You Remember? by Key2TheStars
Do You Remember?by Key2TheStars
Arcana Famiglia Liberta's past has always been hidden. But nothing can always stay a secret.
  • debito
  • arcanafamiglia
  • secret
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A BOND BETWEEN US  by suyaine
A BOND BETWEEN US by suyaine
Sarada left konoha for 2 yrs until she came back. She went extremely shy after she left the village. Everyone were shocked to see...............(u'll find out)
  • konohamaruxhanabi
  • shikayodo
  • romance
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Boruto:the last (In Hiatus Forever Mhwahahaha) by suyaine
Boruto:the last (In Hiatus suyaine
Adventure of boruto to realize his feelings for her Im bad in giving descriptions My first language is not english so plz don't judge my english
  • konohana
  • sign
  • sarada
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Love triangle? by insidewack
Love triangle?by insidewack
Sarada and Sumire both love Boruto Boruto Leaves The village with Sasuke for 3 years But when he comes back.. (I don't own none of the characters) ( this is my firs...
  • nextgeneration
  • borusara
  • sumire
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Il Fiore (Arcana Famiglia Fanfic) by lala_lolli-chan
Il Fiore (Arcana Famiglia Fanfic)by lala_lolli-chan
It's been a year since the Arcana Duello, everything has went back to normal. But one day, Papa have receive a message, a message that may change their daily lives...
  • debito
  • luca
  • famiglia
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Twin of the princess by Senpai_Cutie
Twin of the princessby Garen Gwynette
Akemi thats her name and she is the unknown twin of felicita... Power of mind Power of elements Power of swiftness One day she stumbled onto felicita's squad while patro...
  • dante
  • love
  • felicità
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Preguntale a Boruto by Kage_Sama
Preguntale a Borutoby Kage_Sama
Hola ¿cómo estan?¿todo bien? soy Niki_chan!! y el día de hoy inicia el ¡¡¡Preguntale a Boruto:naruto next generations!!! puedes preguntar lo que sea y retar a cualquie...
  • shikadai
  • ino
  • shino
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"Im in love with you Boruto...." by Naruhina_borusumi
"Im in love with you Boruto...."by Naruhina_borusumi
Sumire and Boruto are bestfriends and sumire loves Boruto her heart beats everytime she sees him but he's dating sarada Do u think sumire will have the guts to tell him...
  • boruto
  • borusara
  • narutonextgeneration
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CLUELESS • MITSUKI by spacetrees
  • denki
  • mitsukixoc
  • uchiha
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