The Jock and the Theatre Kid BoyxBoy by The_untold_story_
The Jock and the Theatre Kid Bookworm
Ryan is your not so typical Jock. There is one thing he keeps to himself. He's gay. Ever since his heartbreak a few years ago he swore to himself that he wouldn't focus...
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  • gayteens
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My fake boyfriend by WickedQueenofOz
My fake boyfriendby WickedQueenofOz
Tracey was just another theatre kid minding her own business until one of the most popular guys in school approached her. After what he proposes to her she can't help bu...
  • teen
  • player
  • highschool
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space  •  misc. by jesslharley
space • j e s s
I love space. All of my friends know that. I love looking up at the stars and wondering what it would be like to see the planets up close. Wondering if maybe people coul...
  • harrypotter
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Pete Wentz's Guide To Getting the Lead Role (And A Boyfriend) >> Petekey by MusicalRomantic
Pete Wentz's Guide To Getting Eddie Spaghetti
(Completed) Mikey Way is every theatre kid's dream boy (that is if you like boys, of course!) Participating in every production that Belleville has held for the past fiv...
  • petekey
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Life updates and other boring stuff by butterfly_sing
Life updates and other boring stuffby just another theater kid
my "diary", where I talk about shows I'm in, school, Broadway, etc. P.S. English is not my first language, so if you see any mistakes, please correct me
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Bare Trash (with an occasional story line) by morganpan
Bare Trash (with an occasional morganpan
Hey guys! I don't usually right one shots but I thought it would be fun. Update- this isn't just Bare anymore
  • ivy
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Failad  by -ExistentialCrisis
Failad by Vi
This is Mike Faist x Salad Already hooked? You should be ;)
  • deh
  • musicalcult
  • musicult
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Musical Reviews by hannah_acts
Musical Reviewsby hannah_acts
This is just going to be a list of musicals that I listen to as I listen to them and what I think. It won't be often that I post despite my long list of musicals that I...
  • musicals
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Theater kid adopted by sanders sides by stensonkyahoocom
Theater kid adopted by sanders Trinity Stenson
A 9 year old girl named jessie or Jess for short loves Disney and all things art and theater. She's an orphan and gets bullied at the orphanage. One day a prince stands...
  • theater
  • theaterkid
  • logen
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My Theater Obsession by Caskett2017
My Theater Obsessionby Thespian Trash
Surprise: I have an obsession with theater. I will be hitting points of this obsession and also about how this obsession effects my dream for the future. Ask questions t...
  • theatrekid
  • theatreobsession
The Guide to Being a 'Grown Up' by Thespicytaquito
The Guide to Being a 'Grown Up'by Thespicytaquito
One teen father, one aspiring YouTuber, and one former emo, decide to raise a child. Follow them on their journey of crazy misadventures in the life of triple-parenting.
  • grownups
  • duelofthepans
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Self-Help: for Gen Z Theatre Kids by GayTheatreKid
Self-Help: for Gen Z Theatre Kidsby no i don't have sex with pans
For all the theatre-obsessed people of all genders, ages, races, shapes, and sizes, who haven't yet learned how beautiful they are. For all the Losers, Geeks, or Whateve...
  • selfharm
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Delta Sigma Theta (Drama Kid Frat House) by amberblah2002
Delta Sigma Theta (Drama Kid Amber
idk just what the drama kid frat house would be like
  • theatrekid
  • dramakidfrathouse
  • vinereference
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You Know You're a Theatre Kid When... by RoninElenion
You Know You're a Theatre Kid Ronin Elenion
This is a book of relatable scenarios dedicated to theatre students. Enjoy!😁
  • random
  • comedy
  • theatre
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Things Only Theatre Kids Understand by katelyngw
Things Only Theatre Kids Understandby kATeLyN
To other kids, we have it all: glamour, attention, and endless bobby pins. What lies beyond that, though? What happens behind the scenes in the life of a theatre kid?
  • director
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