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Show Me His World (McPriceley) by UniqueTwists
Show Me His World (McPriceley)by UniqueTwists
Kevin Price is an infamous playboy and the editor-in-chief of the most popular fashion magazine in the world. Nobody got in his way and he never wasted time on the "...
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  • bookofmormon
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McPriceley Oneshots by dearemmahansen
McPriceley Oneshotsby A Freaking Nerd
McPriceley oneshots because I'm trash hurrah *climbs into trash can marked home* REQUESTS PLEASE I AM A DRY SPONGE OF IDEAS Includes like AU's but mainly idk stuff
  • oneshots
  • gay
  • kevin
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bom gc fics don't get aesthetics by SPARKLEGAY
bom gc fics don't get aestheticsby 💞 𝖗𝖊𝖌𝖆𝖓 💞
six dumb fucks in a groupchat? sounds like a valid fic idea (there is a plot to this sort of but it's mostly just me being a dumb bitch)
  • arnaba
  • mcpriceley
  • bom
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The Thrill of First Love || Mcpriceley by sunset__bitch
The Thrill of First Love || sunset bitch ✨
a Mcpricely fic in which Connor is a Devilish dancer that kevin can't keep his eyes off of ;) (this is a very smutty book but there are some emotional chapters, but it's...
  • gay
  • mormons
  • connormckinkey
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Book of Mormon Oneshots by LOVEISBLINDatorlando
Book of Mormon Oneshotsby LOVEISBLINDatorlando
Feel free to request anything you'd like!
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We're Inevitable-A Broadway High School AU by Hamiltrash3
We're Inevitable-A Broadway High JoJo
Laurens and Hamilton just transferred into a new high school in New York, where things get ... interesting. Jared and Michael's hopeless crushes on their best friends le...
  • dearevanhansen
  • evan
  • usnavi
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~McPriceley Unoshots~ by ConfusedDuckling
~McPriceley Unoshots~by Torie/Toby/Tyler
Just a bunch of oneshots because I love this ship and bom in general and I always have ideas but I feel like only I can write them properly. Be prepared for: Fluff Angst...
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  • kevinprice
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McPriceley One-Shots by PeachTea1
McPriceley One-Shotsby PeachTea1
  • price
  • connor
  • angst
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Take Me Or Leave Me {McPriceley} (Post-Musical) [HIATUS] by Heere_To_Make_Puns
Take Me Or Leave Me {McPriceley} ( Love The Cronch
(THIS IS NOT A RENT AU THAT'S JUST THE TITLE) What happens when Connor McKinley comes out as gay to the District 9 Elders? All hell breaks loose. (McPriceley, Background...
  • mcpriceley
  • gay
  • broadway
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@PoptartGod! (Churchtarts AU) by Elder-Markus
@PoptartGod! (Churchtarts AU)by Elder Pride
A Book of Mormon fanfic- Churchtarts and McPriceley! Chris Thomas has just discovered a nifty little thing called 'Social Media', and is updating his twitter everyday w...
  • fluffy
  • poptarts
  • mcpriceley
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You're Always In It | mcpriceley smut fanfic | by adelistic_old
You're Always In It | mcpriceley Adelina Kats
Lately, Elder Mckinley was a lot on Elder Prices mind. He was in his dreams. When he was near him he couldn't stop looking. Elder Price wasn't sure what was happening...
  • elderprice
  • gay
  • mcpriceley
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All I Want Is You (A McPriceley Fanfic) by TheRealClintBarton
All I Want Is You (A McPriceley Cyrus Hamilton | - /
When the new recruit, Elder Price, in Uganda appears to have caught District Leader Elder McKinley's eye, he finds it a LOT harder to 'Turn It Off', but the super-mormon...
  • kevinprice
  • elderprice
  • bookofmormon
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Me Too *Mcpriceley* by _LostInTheFandoms
Me Too *Mcpriceley*by Wholesome Dad That Writes Fan...
When 17-year-old Kevin Price is sent to a home for troubled youth, he expects many things. He expects adults to treat him like fragile glass, for other kids to be annoyi...
  • verygay
  • fanfic
  • churchtarts
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Broken (McPriceley) by Elder_MaxiBillion
Broken (McPriceley)by Hasa diga anxiety
Just another McPriceley fanfic that'll end up being really long. Contains a lot of angst and touchy subjects, so this will serve as the trigger warning. Cover art drawn...
  • fiction
  • gayship
  • angst
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Gotswana House - McPricely by ConboiMcKinky
Gotswana House - McPricelyby Pheebo
When Kevin Price's OCD peaks, and his family have tried every kind of therapy out there, they decided to try a new kind of treatment. A group of kids, all suffering, sha...
  • connormckinley
  • kevinprice
  • churchtarts
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{McPriceley} by -milkywaylane-
{McPriceley}by Elder Heere
This story takes place during the events of the musical and then continues after the show ends I feel like I should give this an actual title but idk what I would call i...
  • kevinprice
  • mormon
  • connormckinley
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orlando {bom headcanons} by robert_fanion
orlando {bom headcanons}by robertmanionpleasemarryme
basically just some of my dumbass headcanons for the book of mormon sksk
  • elderpoptarts
  • churchtarts
  • musicaltheatre
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The McPrice Is Right ( McPriceley Fic ) by TheBroadwayJay
The McPrice Is Right ( TheBroadwayJay
McPriceley Fic!
  • bookofmormon
  • mckinley
  • mcpriceley
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No Use For Moonlight (McPriceley Soulmate/Highschool AU by elder_bitch
No Use For Moonlight (McPriceley Virginia
McPricely Soulmate/High School AU where the first words your soulmate ever says to you are tatooed on your wrist Connor McKinley wasn't exactly excited to meet his soulm...
  • connormckinley
  • highschoolau
  • moritzsteifel
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