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Burning Love by TransG18
Burning Loveby Mackenzie Hatch
Caroline Burnette is the daughter of the Mayor of her small hometown. She works as her father's secretary and a part-time ballerina dance teacher. She lived a pretty nor...
Her Alpha, His Luna by chill_pill_all_day
Her Alpha, His Lunaby Daddy Issues
Darius is known as cold and strict Alpha to his pack. Maybe the fact that he wasn't mated at the age of 25, made him like that. On the day of her graduation, he met her...
Batman's son by DianaPrince_Wayne
Batman's sonby Diana Prince Wayne
Bruce and Diana have been together for more than half a year. Bruce finds out that he has a son and it was hidden from him for 11 years. While Damian stays with Bruce an...
Fire And Ice {WonderBat} {On Hold} by WonderWomanForEver
Fire And Ice {WonderBat} {On Hold}by Processing A Few G/M Fanfics...
"It's been a long day without you my friend And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again" It was her time to leave Man's World. But she returned ten ye...
Batman/Wonder Woman: The Light of Gotham | PART II by Wonder_Al
Batman/Wonder Woman: The Light Wonder Al
The dynamic duo finally revealed their true feelings [read: PART I]. Both Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince opened a new chapter together. Nevertheless, the closer they becam...
Of Tricks and Treats by Epistol
Of Tricks and Treatsby Epistol
{My submission for the #WonderbatTrickorTreat event!} It's Halloween night! When Diana wants to do a certain Halloween tradition with Bruce, what mischievous ways will s...
WonderBat OneShots {On Hold} by WonderWomanForEver
WonderBat OneShots {On Hold}by Processing A Few G/M Fanfics...
A collection of one-shots for Batman and Wonder Woman. Read more in the book...
They Don't Know You by LRaeThomas
They Don't Know Youby LRaeThomas
Isabel Hanks is the popular girl who has everything she could every want. She lives in a good neighborhood, she has caring parents, and she has a loving boyfriend. Start...
Tell Me You Love Me by ZarineWinderson
Tell Me You Love Meby Zarine
Months after meeting, Diana is met with new bound obstacles in communicating with a certain someone. Dark and brooding, Bruce has no intention of becoming close with any...
Hold Me (Twilight/ Interracial Story) by nadirahbrown
Hold Me (Twilight/ Interracial Nadirah Brown
Lorelei and Armani Johnson are fraternal twins and they are known as the "Criminal Siblings." Armani's nickname is "Reckless" because, to everyone, h...
Shopping Spree by Epistol
Shopping Spreeby Epistol
When Wonder Woman notices one of her friends is feeling down, she decides to cheer them up in the most plausible way: with a shopping trip, of course!
Girl Talk by Epistol
Girl Talkby Epistol
The day after Valentine's Day, some female League members gossip over their previous night. However, they are shocked when one Leaguer they were not expecting joins them...
A Bride for 100 Days by BellaOtter
A Bride for 100 Daysby Bella
#Wattpad Featured (Scott Family) "This is one of the best stories I've ever read!!!" Jeb came home and found a runaway bride at a moment when he really neede...
Good Girls Make Bad Boys Worse by Josewrites
Good Girls Make Bad Boys Worseby JOSEPHINE
Leonora Albright is forced to work for her dad at Albright Hotels, a billiondollar business, where she meets Trey Evans, a former bad boy who is trying to get his life t...
The Pride by lil_star_panda
The Prideby lil_star_panda
A twisted story about a pride of lions. You read and look at werewolf books all the time. Now you get to peek in and see what goes on in a pride of lions. Don't expect i...
A Thanksgiving Miracle (Coming Late 2017/2018) by BeCa2801
A Thanksgiving Miracle (Coming BeCa2801
Joan and Gage Spencer have been married for 8 years with a 7 years old daughter named Rena . With Gage's job as a private investigator always coming between them, their...
Justice Grows Up Together by DragonFairy7002x
Justice Grows Up Togetherby Dragon Fairy of Fire
Bruce Wayne's life did a 180* on him the day his parents were murdered before his very eyes. So what did he do after he was done crying his eyes out like any 8 year old...
The Marvelous Musical Two-Headed Nazis by Lsdavern
The Marvelous Musical Two-Headed L. Sydney Davern
ONE BODY; TWO BRAINS; FOURTEEN YEARS OF HATE Conjoined twins Wasp and Dres Lamb have been in the spotlight since they were born. They lived a rock star lifestyle, trave...
The Engagement (being re-written) by Minn66
The Engagement (being re-written)by I'm Just So Stupid Sometimes
(under editing) WONDERBAT IS BACK!!! Batman and Wonder Woman face their greatest challenge yet: taking their relationship to the next level. What will happen? *some cha...
What If [On Hiatus] by _WonderBat_
What If [On Hiatus]by #WonderBat
What if Batman caught himself in love with Wonder Woman? What if she loves him too? What if Batman fights his feelings for her? What if she never gives up on him? Wh...