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The Simple Things (KinnPorsche The Series Fanfiction) by Rumieru
The Simple Things (KinnPorsche Rumieru
Unlike Kinn and Porsche or Vegas and Pete with their complicated background and feelings, Pol and Arm is just two ordinary bodyguards who fell in love. With all the simp...
Rivals [KaoUp Au] by OffGun_JpolAtp
Rivals [KaoUp Au]by Avav
Noppakao was one of the best employees in his company. Not until Uppoompat joined the company and started to steal his spotlight. Where Up have Crush on Kao, but Kao tot...
Win Metawin, a loyal and devoted fan of the model, "Bright" Vachirawit Chivaaree, creates a fan account as a way to get his idol's attention. But no one told h...
Mewgulf AU Oneshot / Prompt 🧎🏻 by ilovemgverymuch
Mewgulf AU Oneshot / Prompt 🧎🏻by Remmy 🤩
Hi i made this book only for mewgulf / tharntype au prompt or oneshot :) . Any genre / theme depend on my ideas . All in socmed !! 😩🦋 please do tell me if i should co...
My Little Merman🌊¦¦BRIGHTWIN🌈🐚¦¦  by LeaFujo20
My Little Merman🌊¦¦BRIGHTWIN🌈🐚¦ : Lea Na
Bright vachirawit, a normal highschoolers that went , to the boarding school for several years, finally came back to his grandparents hometown for a vacation, little tha...
My Celebrity Crush  by Mewbe4Gulf
My Celebrity Crush by Mewbe4Gulf
A fans fiction of MewGulf Mew Suppasit is an celebrity and with so many talents. He is an artist, a singer and now have a company of his own. Gulf Kanawut is an assista...
STRINGS by loveofgear
STRINGSby loveofgear
Everyone is celebrating the holiday at Phawin's family resort. Besides all fun, good food and friendship, there's also romance around. And every romance has a soundtra...
Tình yêu của tôi Beam by PhngQunhhNguyn0
Tình yêu của tôi Beamby Mạc Nhược Giai
Thể loại : đam mỹ, hiện đại, thanh xuân vườn trường Độ dài : ad chưa xác định được Nhân vật : Forth x Beam Đọc, vote và comment nhiệt tình nha!!!!!!!!
Vampire soulmate (MaxTul) by AyakaKagari7
Vampire soulmate (MaxTul)by Ayaka Kagari
A/N : English is not my first language 🥲😫 ~Do you believe vampire existence?some people say yes and other say no but what if they are real •Tul is student on Thunder...
His 2 Princes | Mewgulf fanfic by mewwwie
His 2 Princes | Mewgulf fanficby มเอียะ
"What will you do...when your own self is against you?" It was a unexpected case,where Gulf Kanawut,Mew Suppasit's boyfriend was diagnosed with a 'Split Person...
Nothing will separate us(BL One Shot) by AyakaKagari7
Nothing will separate us(BL One Ayaka Kagari
A/N : English is not my first language 😬☠ just one shot stories about our favourite Couple 💑 😍 ■Couple in this book■ ○TayNew ●OffGun ○MaxTul ●PerthSaint ○OhmFluke...
You got me feeling like a butterfly by star4clover
You got me feeling like a butterflyby Baby⭐star
One-shot au ZeeNunew/LianKuea All start off with you who bloom my bored heart with light. The way you blush, smile, speak and act caught my heart. Like a butterfly.
Started (COMPLETED) by Morpheus9999
Started (COMPLETED)by Morpheus9999
A short story of Tay Gun
In a million miles/find you in the crowd (Rewrite) by star4clover
In a million miles/find you in Baby⭐star
One-shot au ZeeNunew/LianKuea I see you even in one in a million miles away. My eyes never leave your sight. Maybe because you are always by my side. I can spot you from...
Biggest Mistake by luvlyyjeabbb_
Biggest Mistakeby 𝒐𝒉𝒎𝒇𝒍𝒖𝒌𝒆<33
Ohm tried to pranking his boyfriend, Fluke. But it turns wrong and everything he did was only making situation worse.
Underneath the Disguise || OffGun Au by OffGun_JpolAtp
Underneath the Disguise || Avav
In which Off Jumpol, CEO of one of the big company in Thailand falls in love with a Masked Game Streamer. •An OffGun AU •BoyXBoy •Angst •Fluff Fluff Fluff •Typical Jerk...
the troublemaker's  tame by ilovemgverymuch
the troublemaker's tameby Remmy 🤩
a story of how win metawin , the rich spoiled kid have bright vachirawit , the troublemaker around his finger . Hi everyone ! im gladly saying this story is majority i...
liệu rằng chia tay là kết thúc cuối cùng? by nathy162007
liệu rằng chia tay là kết thúc cuố jasminee
liệu rằng chia tay là kết thúc cuối cùng? hãy để người trong cuộc trả lời
Pang x Wave (one shot au) #namon by chichimonn
Pang x Wave (one shot au) #namonby ชิม่อน
Disclaimer: Sawadee khrap! Please watch first The Gifted The Series before reading this. Khop khun khrap! This au is only fan FICTION. It all comes from author's imagin...
Broken Soul (TayNew) by AyakaKagari7
Broken Soul (TayNew)by Ayaka Kagari
A/N : English is not my first language 😅 ➡️ this story is Boy×boy don't like it Don't read it 🅢🅣🅞🅡🅨 New is successful Engineer he has everything that people drea...