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Blane (blaze x Zane) by MoonStone_Star
Blane (blaze x Zane)by MoonStone_Star
Takes place at Phoenix drop high I'm too lazy to write a description you'll just have to read the story yourself but there are lemon parts so I'll warn you when they're...
  • aphmau
  • blane
Back ear scratches (Blaze X zane) by Swampy-Squid
Back ear scratches (Blaze X zane)by Crybaby tears
Blane story. all started with soft thighs so I haven't really been watching aphmau but this is fanfiction so I can do mostly what I want
  • zane
  • blaze
  • blane
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Sebastian and Rachel oneshots  by DanielleJackson379
Sebastian and Rachel oneshots by Danielle Jackson
Sebastian and Rachel oneshots
  • kurt
  • sebastians
  • glee
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Ppgz and RRBZ : Truth or Dare  by Koryalla
Ppgz and RRBZ : Truth or Dare by Jeff X Ej Fan
Me: hey give us truth or dare Ppgz: yea give us Rrbz: yea if you dare Ppgz: Yea author-san will do it Me: hey don't call me author-san!! Ppgz: umm...what about jane-chan...
  • butch
  • bull
  • boomer
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Can't Buy My Love by CandaceNycole
Can't Buy My Loveby Candace
Brynn's father sells her to his bosses son who's the highest bidder. will she fall in love with him? or end up with Ronan, her best friend's brother and hot bad boy?
  • montgomery
  • dessert
  • relationships
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A Wolf's Love ( Blaze x Zane / Blane) by Zane_x_Travis_123
A Wolf's Love ( Blaze x Zane / Zane_x_Travis_123
●●●●●HELLO●●●●● today My Brother showed me this and I was like......"Hmmmm this could be a pretty good fanfic " and so yah....I'm making one now...hope you lik...
  • yaoi
  • zane
  • pdh
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shes mine by DanielleJackson379
shes mineby Danielle Jackson
a one shot where rachel shocks blane hunter seb thad and the other warblers...
  • thad
  • blane
  • glee
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Blane and Daisy - Obstacles by jfacena23
Blane and Daisy - Obstaclesby jfacena23
Anyone remember MI High? Well these two never got their love story completed, so I thought I could try and do it for them. Enjoy and please R&R
  • blane
  • daisy
  • mihigh
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I Don't Know, He's Kinda Cute... - a Blane fanfic by ZanvisShips
I Don't Know, He's Kinda Zane >.<
As Blaze tries to become the Alpha male, he has to make a kind of big decision.
  • fiction
  • pdh
  • fan
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Truth or dare ppg & rrb by Crystal_Claire31
Truth or dare ppg & rrbby pinedakrys
Me: hi give us truth or dare . Ppgz: please give us . Rrbz: yea give us some truth or dare . Ppgz & Rrbz: hey author - san. Me: what. Ppgz & Rrbz: will it be easy. Me:...
  • brick
  • bunny
  • bullet
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Blane Phoenix Drop High by Fireheart845
Blane Phoenix Drop Highby Carolina Espana
After a fight between the Werewolf's and Shadow Nights a certain member catches a certain werewolf's eye.
  • blane
MI High Oneshots by TinyMusician
MI High Oneshotsby TinyMusician
MI High Oneshots!
  • fanfiction
  • oscar
  • carrie
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Zane is a new kid at a college and everyone is being really nice to him. For more reasons than 1...
  • decision
  • blazexzane
  • zanvis
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Zane X Blaze~ by jpeg80082
Zane X Blaze~by s m e r t
This is a fluffy zane x blaze fanfiction. there might be light smut but it wont go farther them making out plus it also wont happen until later in the chapters btw this...
  • zane
  • blane
  • blake
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Batafurai by Luna_Valmeave
Batafuraiby Luna_Valmeave
A family is the one thing we can ever want, a mother, father, one big brother, one middle brother, and one little brother but what happens when one brother disappeared a...
  • zene
  • aphmau
  • zaaron
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Kidnappers of the Future by OreoGalaxy_1999
Kidnappers of the Futureby Orlaxy9
In this future humans have superpowers, there's some that are unfortunate enough to have non and others that have two. Blane Blac, Marina Jale and Dr. Ali go on an adve...
  • blane
  • marina
  • funny
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The Black Blur by saltspray13
The Black Blurby Shekia
As a child was torn from my family by scared wolves who thought we had too much power. Now one frozen paw at a time, I travel the land collecting the misfits to come bac...
  • she-alpha
  • wolf
  • blane
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Ro'meaves. [A Kids Story] by VT_CenturianGirl
Ro'meaves. [A Kids Story]by Halo
read to find out☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
  • zane
  • nextgeneration
  • kik
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The Half-Blood by Demiaria
The Half-Bloodby Adele
  • fights
  • police
  • silver
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