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Blade: Dark Nights by MaribelBeautiful28
Blade: Dark Nightsby Maribel Guardado
(Blade I) All we know that Blade was a daywalker who kills vampires, Whistler took him in, when he was young, a vampire where Whistler came across a young little human...
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The Delicacies Of My Soul (a poem about loneliness)  by poetryescapes
The Delicacies Of My Soul (a poetryescapes
We going emo hours :'(
  • lonely
  • sadquotes
  • emohours
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Depression feels by user81047016
Depression feelsby SadBitch
If you're depressed and feeling empty, just read this story. I just wanted to die. I just want to end it right now. But I can't. I'm useless, pathetic, failure, stupid...
  • struggling
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  • help
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《LEGENDARY SOULS》[Soul Eater X Male Reader] by King_Kado131
《LEGENDARY SOULS》[Soul Eater X Renkai Axel Kado
The world's strongest Weapon wondering the world killing Kishins, Witchs, and more without a Mister. What will happen when he falls down the rabbit hole and encounters t...
  • death
  • maka
  • eater
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Soul Remains by Ironic-Faith
Soul Remainsby Faith Dolack
Koel was running from a mistake he knew he'd never be able to fix, a mistake that ate at his very soul. He resigned himself to a life of loneliness and fear, always awar...
  • knife
  • fantasy
  • demon
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Blade Empress - BNHA x OC by Cherry--Blossom
Blade Empress - BNHA x OCby Cherry--Blossom
The rose sits still as the human plucked it from its bush. A vibrant crimson ran down their arm and their body hit the floor. A beautiful rose has thorns and she isn't g...
  • ốc
  • anime
  • quirk
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Caged. by FailingFlame
#7 Non-Binary Badass
Lila has spent her whole life in a cage, living off of bread and water. She has never set foot outside, never seen the sky or the grass. All she knows about the world co...
  • cage
  • mentalist
  • boyxboy
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GusLey One Shots by LESGUINROSE
GusLey One Shotsby LESGUINROSE
Gusion x Lesley Oneshots Dangerous Love and Dangerous Laison ML Fanfictions Sorry if some stories look like other stories, each story has a unique plot. This story isn't...
  • fanfiction
  • blade
  • mlbb
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The Eyes of Darkness by _Leonardos_bae_
The Eyes of Darknessby Cookie Here :)
During a battle, Leonardo Is captured and taken to the Foot Base. Shredder tries to convince him to join the dark side, along with a creature who speaks to him as well...
  • turtles
  • giovanni
  • kira
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Hope of Morning(Fate/Stay Night Fanfic) by Jeanandfennekin8
Hope of Morning(Fate/Stay Night Jean Crestlight
Jean Tohsaka is the oldest daughter of Tokiomi and Aoi Tohsaka. After the fourth Holy Grail War, she leaves Fuyuki to travel around the world before she starts to study...
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  • gilgamesh
  • berserker
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Norman Reedus images/ One Shots by _Lizzie_Black_
Norman Reedus images/ One Shotsby _Lizzie_Black_
So these are norman reedus images ill do all his characters like Mac (red canyon) Daryl (TWD) Scud(blade 2) Murphy (The boondock saints 1/2) Judas (lady gaga) Merel (TW...
  • carlgrimes
  • canyon
  • twd
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My Opinions on Ships!! (ENDED) by Young__Author
My Opinions on Ships!! (ENDED)by Jay/Jade
No longer taking requests. S I now hate this book. Please don't judge who I am by this book. Literally my opinions on ships. Because I can!!! Comment ships for me to gi...
  • stevenuniverse
  • dc
  • my
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The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic) by slasheRR
The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic)by no thanks
The bandages that covered his face in life have fallen away, all incinerated and hanging loosely around his neck. His face is completely destroyed. Unrecognizable. The s...
  • fury
  • itachi
  • megadeth
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Eyesight///e.g.d by annpann1234
Eyesight///e.g.dby annpann1234
Ethan///a boy who knows his way around town smacking a stick on the floor. Sienna///a girl who sits at a cafe' everyday, same table, same time; everyday. She always wond...
  • adventure
  • coffee
  • blind
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The Girl and the Shark by Chimera98
The Girl and the Sharkby DilEmma
Ember Baine leads a normal life, in a normal Florida town, and likes it that way. Daughter to the Chief of the Police Department, an only child with a one and only inter...
  • girl
  • romance
  • ember
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《Wakfu King of Cards》 [Wakfu X Male Reader] by King_Kado131
《Wakfu King of Cards》 [Wakfu X Renkai Axel Kado
The World of Twelve! A magnificent world full of Magic, Mystery and Action! Every race living in relative peace, but that's about to change when a young boy with a blue...
  • blade
  • xmalereader
  • kamen
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Dear Bully by okisarah
Dear Bullyby sarah
"Dear Bully, Why me? -Ellie xx" « #975 in Short Story 1/2/18 » « #839 in Short Story 18/2/18 » COVER CREDITS: @Sasha_919
  • sad
  • anxiety
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Sword Art Online: Yuiki Story (Being edited) by keybladewielder16
Sword Art Online: Yuiki Story ( keybladewielder16
Yuiki Moto is a twelve year old girl who loves virtual reality games and when she hears about Sword Art Online her parents buy her the game they all login to play, when...
  • asuna
  • yui
  • kirito
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Almost A Love Story #Wattys2019 by amormiavida
Almost A Love Story #Wattys2019by amormiavida
  • generalfiction
  • alyloony
  • axe
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Naruto Online: Origin Story by JDBeats
Naruto Online: Origin Storyby The Fanfic Daddy
This story is takin a little step back with how everybody met. This is a sequel to the Naruto orgin stories I have made. So enjoy.
  • dancer
  • blade
  • shippuden
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