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Random Book by ItsNotRosemary
Random Bookby Rosemary
I finally changed the dang cover. After 2-3 months. Alright, want to help this book? Give dares, questions or ideas. Please. This is my first book! This book is filled w...
Ask/Dare Meggy and Tari by YuriHaven
Ask/Dare Meggy and Tariby Gayness
"Hi...we heard you all have questions" "Were here to answer you! Me and Tari are so excited for this, right sweetie?" "Y...
1000 Questions & Dares by SmelliarmPit
1000 Questions & Daresby Truth or dare
A book with 94k+ comments! #3 out of 34.9k books with the tag 'Questions'. Can you answer these funny and thought-provoking questions?? A co...
☆ Varigo Stars Club ☆ by GogglesBabe
☆ Varigo Stars Club ☆by Hugo
Exactly what it sounds like- ☆ A cult, I mean CLUB! just for Varigo! Come join us and build up this community!! Here there'll be- ☆ questions ☆ fanart ☆ au ideas ☆ prom...
The Friendly Killer Au Q/A by CreativeBean36
The Friendly Killer Au Q/Aby ♡CreativeBean♡
Decided Why not make a Q/A book for them
CSS NC II by CaptainZephyr99
CSS NC IIby Zephyr Achillea Zamia
ict related stuffs. Computer System servicing, computer networking, etc.
Ask The BB Tag Fighters (On Hiatus) by AmaiWaNe
Ask The BB Tag Fighters (On Hiatus)by AmaiWaNe
A book where you guys can ask the various fighters from 4 universes as well as my OC Lulu Amai any question. This originally was a Celebration Event that I started in my...
200 Questions! by Blackbirdlele
200 Questions!by Lele
Mostly a bunch of yes or no questions, which you can answer in the comments or in your own free time :) Check out the second book!!
ICHOR AND TEARS by -chimeraki
ICHOR AND TEARSby 𝔤𝔲𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔫.
a sucker for love, and a goner for you ©-chimeraki 2017
Creepypasta (Questions, Answers, and more) by KarmaandtheUnderdogs
Creepypasta (Questions, Answers, The Keeper
I will be answers some common Creepypasta questions. There will also be other things including fact and infomation about the Creepypastas/Proxies. Feel free to leave any...
Pokespe Truth or Dare~[ON HOLD] by Sirdiamond
Pokespe Truth or Dare~[ON HOLD]by Dia
Look at the cover and you will know what it's about but I'll explain anyway to make this long and fancy Join The hosts and the Pokespe on the truth or dare planet to tor...
Ask Irene Adler by TheWhipHand-
Ask Irene Adlerby The Woman
Hello darlings! Irene Adler, otherwise known as The Woman. A pleasure. As business has been slow and my days quite dull as of late, I've decided to resort to a personal...
Story Titles and Tips by talesofthysoul
Story Titles and Tipsby talesofthysoul
Want a title for your book?There are hundreds here. Want a title for a chapter of your book? Hundreds here Want tips to become better writer and better wattpader?Plenty...
Scarlet Sisters Question Book by Jaxon0987
Scarlet Sisters Question Bookby Jackson’sWorLd
Ima ask questions about Remilia and Flandre Scarlet...Feel free to answer!!! Enjoy!!! #2 Asking-2/9/23 #3 Questionsandanswers-2/11/23 # 1 Remilia-2/11/23
Quora/Reddit  Forums by _vertxgo
Quora/Reddit Forumsby jynxx. 🌸
Questions and answers from Quora/Reddit that I find amusing or insightful. **Copied directly from the post itself, so if there's typos I didn't make them. **Some questio...
My Book Of Randomness Written By Me (Will edit A Lot )                           by UAreLovedBySomeone
My Book Of Randomness Written By ʕ⁠っ⁠•⁠ᴥ⁠•⁠ʔ⁠っyou
This book is just for fun. I will be writing about me, making lists of different things, there will be quizzes, and much more! Check it out!! Enjoy!!❤️ Rankings: #3 in f...
Ask and Dare (V&7K) by GogglesBabe
Ask and Dare (V&7K)by Hugo
Got any questions for your fave couple? Crazy dares? Reactions?? Ask em here and you'll get em!! The gang from V&7K and RTA will answer and/or do reactions!! Featuring G...
Welcome to Hard Mode- A Pokémon Fanfic (In Progress!) by TrainerSoar
Welcome to Hard Mode- A Pokémon TrainerSoar
Note: This story was heavily inspired by the following comic, go take a look! Link: Meet Hop, an up and...
The Rebel's Princess (Completed) by kittyloveme12
The Rebel's Princess (Completed)by K
Being one of the most famous men in New York's daughter had gotten Karla Winter in a whole lot of more trouble than she expected. Karla was daddy's little girl and had n...
Trivia, art and other things by Aslo_Diagon
Trivia, art and other thingsby Aslo_Diagon
All in the title! I'm also going to keep this family friendly, enjoy.