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Tori (One Piece) by Bluefang1
Tori (One Piece)by Bluefang1
Tori lived in the real world until she had died sacrificing her life to save her own brother from dying a horrible death. But she soon awoke in the world of One Piece.
Fly Love (Tamaki Amajiki X Reader) by blue_outsider15
Fly Love (Tamaki Amajiki X Reader)by Blue
Tamaki Amajiki X Reader Rio AU Tamaki Amajiki, an anxious, flightless rare purple macaw, leaves his home in Minnesota and heads to Rio to save his species. There he meet...
Mock The Killing Bird: Dawn Of Ires by Moonophyliac
Mock The Killing Bird: Dawn Of Iresby Luna the Nyctophiliac
What is the measurement of suffering? Is it the intensity of pain at the moment of affliction? Is it the trauma the haunts one's soul for the rest of their days? Or perh...
Cub Raising Association by LeoTranslations
Cub Raising Associationby Leo
He had always believed in science until one day, a meteorite smashed into his yard, forcing him to bind to a heroic world saving script. The worst thing was that the scr...
Flight School: Predator by theCuppedCake
Flight School: Predatorby Lydia O. Red
[Second book of the Flight Series] "More than anything, the sky was red. It wasn't dark, no. Just red." Iolani Tori learns about the part of him that isn't hu...
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love Story by roorooroopie
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love roo
A young, 16 year old girl called Yuna, now finally takes control of her own life. Her mother sad about her leaving home to go to the private, mysterious school, Cross Ac...
Alaska's Illicit | ✓ by -MMIV-
Alaska's Illicit | ✓by anna
❛❛If the cold doesn't kill you, the wolves will.❞ | NOT A WEREWOLF STORY | In which an 18-year-old girl flees to Alaska to escape being accused of murder & to uncover wh...
Cub Raising Association Chapters 85+ by lolirocksauce
Cub Raising Association Chapters lolirocksauce
Not my original story. Visit or novelfull to support the original translator. You can read Chapters 1- 84 by @LeoTranslations on wattpad.
Chances by countryreb020
Chancesby Country Writer
Since the Academy started accepting more and more birds, boot camps have had to be split into genders. Then halfway through you get assigned to your team. Most birds are...
The Healing Bird by roseraven614
The Healing Birdby roseraven614
Quirk: healing bird The league finds a bird in a cage. They take it in but Dabi hates it. This bird does nothing but lay in a cage. Not a normal thing for a bird. He giv...
Magpie by peculiar_reader13
Magpieby Gynny
It's 1945, 16 year old Magnolia and her twin brother Alexander leave home because of the abuse they receive for being peculiar. While exploring and trying to find somewh...
(Tendou X Ushijima) Love Birds by Shipper_Lover123
(Tendou X Ushijima) Love Birdsby Wolf Pack
Tendou and Ushijima are the cutest thing. There is a lot of fluff and cuteness
The Secret Life of Pets Lost by Tiberius_the_Hawk
The Secret Life of Pets Lostby Tiberius
When Max gets lost again, will his friends take on the challenge of finding him?
The Secret Life of Pets Problems in New York by Tiberius_the_Hawk
The Secret Life of Pets Problems Tiberius
As the pets try to settle down from recent events, problems begin arising. A mysterious dog threatens their lives. Also, some pets are dealing with personal problems of...
What If... by Tiberius_the_Hawk
What Tiberius
An alternate ending for TSLOP...
Everything you need to know about 'SCIENCE' So enjoy!(^。^) FOLLOW ME FOR MORE UPDATES!!♡ #4-Science Facts #913-Random😍💖 1/13/19 Thanks for the Support!! #662-Random 2...
Fly Or Fall [DreamSMP/Hermitcraft Crossover] by BlueQuills_
Fly Or Fall [DreamSMP/ BlueQuills 👻
Phil, Techno, Wilbur and Tommy. Four brothers, a secret bloodline running through their royal veins. Dream, Sapnap and George. Assassins, best of the best. Grian, with h...
Tales Of Glisteol by dhanvisettyab
Tales Of Glisteolby dhanvisettyab
How would you feel when you see your brother whom you thought to be dead after two years. If that isn't much of a shock then how would you react to his secret. Follow So...
Piece By Piece by IluvOlaf3
Piece By Pieceby Queen of Nerds
Welcome back to Bird Island! Thanks to Red and her friends, Chuck and Bomb, life is peaceful again... almost. Now, the birds and pigs have engaged in an all-out prank wa...
Shifters by SaraGreySummers
Shiftersby Sara
Sang lives with her parents and goes to Ashely waters school. She expected her school life to be spend being a loner because of her problem with controlling her powers. ...