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Fast and furious by Muftitheguy
Fast and furiousby Muftitheguy
You're Tom creed. A guy who grew up with Dominic Toretto and you follow the Family on their journey.
Shattered Ranks (A Transformers Prime Fanfiction) Discontinued : ( by DapperTrapinch
Shattered Ranks (A Transformers DapperTrapinch
{(Non-Canon) Sequel to Ravages Return by Schizo Writer} Two years have passed since Jack went missing and the Autobots went quiet, Miko and Raf were forced to go on with...
Vanessa's Obscure Night by ExplosiveRose
Vanessa's Obscure Nightby ExplosiveRose
Vanessa say she be vibin. But she be wildin. Also hi Vanessa I see you reading this. You too Chris, and Val 👀.
DMMD × Reader ~ Which Door Will Lead To Your Destiny ? by NiTROCHiRALNiGHT
DMMD × Reader ~ Which Door Will NiTROCHiRALNiGHT
[ * You checked the description of this story. ] [ * You find another description in it. ] [ * You start reading it. ] [ * You find another description. ] [ * You start...
The Secret Life of Pets: Human!Snowball x Reader by thatCutesyPie2
The Secret Life of Pets: Human! thatCutesyPie2
Based on the 2016 movie, 'The Secret Life Of Pets'. (Y/n) (Your name), is a girl from Manhattan, New York. Her best friend is Gidget, and she is very close friends with...
Flips and Tricks (Travis Pastrana) ON HOLD by MeBeingMe92
Flips and Tricks (Travis Pastrana) MeBeingMe
Kelsey McKeen is a pro wakeboarder and competes professionally in motocross, supercross and freestyle motocross. She is 25 and has and older brother, Nathan, who is also...
Discord Mod x E-Kitten Fanfiction ~ ❦ by AngusInk
Discord Mod x E-Kitten Angus
So... What if a discord moderator and e-kitten's story was actually... Decent? Meet Grendel, a 37 year young man prestigiously living in his mother's house. He has the p...
N+C -En Español- by Botan-Minamino
N+C -En Español-by Ruedi
Enamorada de esta pequeña empresa dedicada la creación de Visual Novels del género BL, decidí compartir para todos pequeñas entradas dedicadas a los títulos de éste empr...
Comida casera by KamijouHiroki
Comida caseraby Kamijou Kty
Aoba comienza a experimentar el temor y la angustia de abandonar su hogar en la isla de Midorijima para vivir en Alemania. ¿Los sentimientos por Noiz serán suficiente...
Nitro: The beginning by ReaperCastrovitch
Nitro: The beginningby ReaperCastrovitch
Nitro, a boy left beaten and scarred by his father only wishes for a way out, will he get out? This story is the beginning of Nitro's life, and how he came to be who he...
NITRO AI Review - Your Fast Track to Daily $423.97 Paydays by najmulreview
NITRO AI Review - Your Fast Md Najmul Islam
I Was Going To FORCE Alexa To Go From $0 To $400+ Per Day... Was it an ambitious goal? You bet. But deep down, I knew I was capable of doing it... I was going to take A...
Two Bozos In Love by n4yuii
Two Bozos In Loveby nai 🥶🥶😈😈😫💯🥵