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Sweetener by -kalopsia-
Sweetenerby -kalopsia-
Drew remembered the little girl who befriended him when no one else would. He remembered her long braids and her cocoa butter scent. And when he found her again, he swor...
Book 1: Ghost of the south  by storyyeller123
Book 1: Ghost of the south by Stories
Highest rank: #1 in bgwb #1 in affair #1 in segregation The men chuckled and slammed there drinks. "Tell me about what's been bothering you ole Joe ." Sam lean...
My Brother's Best Friend by sincerelyjayy
My Brother's Best Friendby Jada Jones
Everyone knows the golden rule when it comes to siblings: don't date your sibling's best friend. Rankings: #424 in teenlove (6-10-20) #1 in bgwb (4-3-19) #23 in bwwm (4...
bittersweet.|interracial∞ [completed] by imperfect_spiral
bittersweet.|interracial∞ [ 🖤king fäteē.🖤
How could my worst enemy be the love of my life? ----- This is the story of a very dysfunctional couple. There will be abuse, slight inappropriate language, and sad mome...
His One and Only (BWWM) by priddycia0110
His One and Only (BWWM)by PRIDDYCIA
Melanie Jackson is a funny, smart and sarcastic black girl. She is determined to fit in with her new surroundings, however that becomes a bit difficult when the star qua...
The Best friend by Toniewan
The Best friendby Antonia Crowder
A boy best friend is the guy who the girl wants to be the one, but she puts him in the glorified friendzone so that he's not the one who got a way. Delilah Hardaway & To...
R O Y A L  T H U G . (Not Editing) by Aliyahproductions
R O Y A L T H U G . (Not Editing)by Aliyah Productions
Malachi Clark Has a secret that no one knows. He's trying his best to keep it in. Until he falls in love with Aliyah. His class mate, maybe his soulmate? Bad things wil...
Moments: A BWWM Short Story Collection by StephenEgner
Moments: A BWWM Short Story A Nocturnal Symphony
A collection of romantic shorts featuring black women and white men from various walks of life; everything from awkward high school confessions to married couples spendi...
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H A R L O W by Mel_S_Bee
H A R L O Wby Mel_S_Bee
Harlow Smith is a young girl, who lost her mother at a very young age. Growing up with only her father and her brother, Malachi, and his best friend, Blade, she was alwa...
The BadBoys Black Angel  by Weird_Child212
The BadBoys Black Angel by Weird_Child212
Sauda, pronounced Sah-Ooda-Dah, just moved from North Carolina all the way to Houston Texas. Sauda was only 5 at the time but she was smart enough to know that they move...
Me And You? by Missmersae
Me And You?by Missmersae
"Ryan let me out! I hiss and move out the way, while trying to still be quiet. Him and I both know well what would happen in someone caught us in here. Especially...
High School by kxnyez
High Schoolby 🌩
All her life Kian had to life in the roughest part of New York City, but when her dad got a promotion and they move to South Hampton aka millionaires playground, she's a...
Skin by Lil_litty_bish
Skinby Lil_litty_bish
A story of an African girl trying to fit in. Andile is a seventeen year old girl who moved to America with her mom. Both her parents are divorced and she was separated...
Living in mystic falls,Bonnie Bennett crave adventures,something different. When two very hot strangers entered her life,she was not prepared for the changes it entailed
The Confessions of Andora and Kai by KookiesxCream
The Confessions of Andora and Kaiby KookiesxCream
Two platonic friends become non-platonic...what could possibly go wrong?
The Cherry On Top ✔ (Interacial Teen Romance) by theshystoryteller
The Cherry On Top ✔ (Interacial Rachel
"he wasn't just the vanilla, he was the cherry on top" This is a story about a girl who awkwardly, hilariously fell in love..... Twice. She also had her hear...
Runaway || Harry Styles (BWWM) by Styles_bxtchhhh
Runaway || Harry Styles (BWWM)by W R I T E R
"So why are you here?" "Cause... why should you care?!" "I wanna get to know you." "You don't want to know me..." *~*~*~* What d...
Love in the Fast Lane - BWWM Billionaire Romance (Excerpt Only) by rose_francis
Love in the Fast Lane - BWWM Rose Francis
When an adventurous, thrill-seeking billionaire is assigned a steadfast young woman to help rein in his reckless tendencies, sparks begin to fly! Abby's job as Dan's per...
Black Girls Open Diary. by bbygyalsuoh
Black Girls Open BBYGYAL
The time of silencing black women are over. We have snatched the mic and we won't give it back till we finished. You guys had your fun now it's time for us to put our 2...
Wilmer's Shore  by sincerelyjayy
Wilmer's Shore by Jada Jones
Diamond has been in trouble too many times to count. She has a big mouth that she can't seem to control, and acts too grown in a bad way. When her parents have the last...