Danganronpa Execution Ideas by Komeagi
Danganronpa Execution Ideasby FujoshiorFudashi
These are just execution ideas for Danganronpa. People are welcome to use these if they like as long as they mention me! Jk but go ahead if you want.
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  • danganronpa
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Danganronpa Execution Ideas by Bubblegum91104
Danganronpa Execution Ideasby Bubblegum91104
These are just some of my own made-up executions for different ultimates. And you can request them too.
  • brutal
  • ultimate
  • death
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To Catch A King by issyfh
To Catch A Kingby Issy ❤️
'...The first thing I notice about him is his weight. The rumours are true: he is spoilt and fat, so different from the young Renaissance prince I have heard he once was...
  • renaissance
  • boleyn
  • execution
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▫︎V₳₥₱łⱤɆ ₲₳₥Ɇ▫︎ [sᴇʀᴠᴀᴍᴘ 'ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ ɢᴀᴍᴇ' ] by Kashiwa-Mochi
▫︎V₳₥₱łⱤɆ ₲₳₥Ɇ▫︎ [sᴇʀᴠᴀᴍᴘ 'ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ...by ଘ α fαℓℓєи αиgєℓ ଓ
❝нєу! нєу! уσυ! уσυ! ωαииα ρℓαу α gαмє ωιтн мє??❞
  • violence
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Different end of Anne Boleyn's story by KorraMorgenstern
Different end of Anne Boleyn's sto...by Queen Anne Tudor
What if Henry VIII had children with his six wives but Anne Boleyn was his mistress during his last four marriages? Anne Boleyn gave Henry VIII five sons and one daughte...
  • love
  • king
  • katherinehoward
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Oh So Long Ago by miss-pomme-de-terre
Oh So Long Agoby Mistress
(Y/n) is leader of the underground. She is wanted for the death of over 100 people, but she has a reason for killimg them. Levi is sent out to capture (Y/n) for murder...
  • aot
  • maturethemes
  • leviheichou
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Extermination Of Humanity by Allysa_B
Extermination Of Humanityby Allysa Breedlove
Fifty people. In each 'colony' fifty people awaited their deaths. They had done nothing wrong. They didn't want to die. The earth was over populated, and the world was f...
  • utopia
  • youngadult
  • execution
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Danganronpa Mastermind Oneshots by SupremeOumotaFangirl
Danganronpa Mastermind Oneshotsby Fluff Queen
I will take requests, but please only request one thing each chapter! Thank you, and enjoy!
  • death
  • momotakaito
  • akamatsukaede
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Sinister Ego : Dangerous Minds  by TheGothKids
Sinister Ego : Dangerous Minds by Mitchell Hisaki
Dangerous Minds #1, does not have to be read in order. ** "He wanted me, I was special to him. I was special to the father of a cult." The worst things in life...
  • depression
  • thepastelawards2k17
  • death
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the X . by sanaryasam
the X .by sanarya
" نحن منذ البدايه هذا هو وضعنا ، ك حرف X ، لن تجمعنا زاويه واحده ولو قطعنا مسافات كالبحر ، او ركضنا لالاف الاميال ، لن نصل نحن نمشي في طريق لا نهايه له ، مغلق .. أ...
  • law
  • investigation
  • frankalexander
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A Universal Dystopia by Canis__
A Universal Dystopiaby Shay Stone
Richard James doesn't even recognize the world that he lives in anymore. The essential human rights and British values; democracy, gone. Rule of law, gone. Freedom of S...
  • dystopia
  • execution
  • violence
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There's No Fairytale [Paper Crown #1] by torizhu
There's No Fairytale [Paper Crown...by ♛ tori ♛
"Are you not afraid of death? La muerte? It stares you right in the face." Stunned, the prisoner hesitated, then said, "You stare me right in the face, an...
  • mystery
  • death
  • book
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Everything For You (Jalex) by Gazoonia
Everything For You (Jalex)by LOVE ME SOME PIE CRAM IT IN M...
Alex Gaskarth is on death row, falsely accused of several murders. Jack Barakat is a prison officer, in charge of making sure that Alex, among other death row inmates, i...
  • alltimelow
  • atl
  • death
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A killing game  by Prowatermelon13
A killing game by Ciara Tamuhi
A fantastic kiling game!
  • ocs
  • talents
  • mystery
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Ultimate Danganronpa Murder Madness by KidAuthor12345
Ultimate Danganronpa Murder Madnessby OpalCardKo
16 high school students trapped in a cursed academy forced to live the rest of their long lives here but, there is one way to escape... kill one of your fellow classmate...
  • ocstory
  • killinggame
  • ultimates
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Last Of Wisteria  by Excellen21
Last Of Wisteria by Euphemia
"You will go back. It's my execution." A lad woke up in an unknown forest without remembering who he is. Carrying the train of empty thoughts, she met a person...
  • thegoldenawards
  • fantasy
  • spells
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Tales of Insanity by N-L-Mattson
Tales of Insanityby N. L. Mattson
A collection of twisted short stories not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk.
  • bloodandgore
  • mystery-thriller
  • death
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Unseen Darkness by _grimm
Unseen Darknessby Dee Atkins
Book #1 Talia has been taught her whole life to never seek out the Unseen, that they would twist and warp her until she became a mere shadow. But she has a rare gift - s...
  • pixies
  • danger
  • love
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A Breath of Ecstasy: Short Stories, Flash Fiction, and Other Goodies by laurel_coronet
A Breath of Ecstasy: Short Stories...by Laurel
Experience heart-pounding romance and suspense, odds-defying adventure, and deep emotion, all in the space of a few minutes with these short stories ranging from 300 - 2...
  • lgbt
  • romance
  • ancient
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Royals (Gacha World AU)  by Lavender-Ghost-
Royals (Gacha World AU) by ♡ run bitch ♡
"OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!" He hollered. --------- Welcome to a world where magic and power exist. Powerful rulers of everytype. Some even dress up as girls. Warni...
  • cykopath
  • murder
  • gachaworld
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