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Those Three Words {Niall Horan} IN EDITING by cantfindagooduserlol
Those Three Words {Niall Horan} xMonix
"I love you," Niall said. "I've always loved you." And those three words is what changed my life entirely. - You cant fall for your best friend, can...
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Something About You(Alexa Bliss X Finn Balor by gianina615
Something About You(Alexa Bliss Giaaa
As Spring past Alexa Bliss grow fond of Finn Balor from being friends to Love. But Finn have other choices like Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and Bayley will he notice the...
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Don't Tell Nash by rachmisa
Don't Tell Nashby Rachel Andrea
this story is about nash griers little sister Rachel Grier who falls in love and always gets hurt. Her twin brother Hayes is in the army. Their father left them when...
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Camp Hogwarts (PJO/HP) by carmsies
Camp Hogwarts (PJO/HP)by archer! x
Sometimes, demigods just want a nap. A nice, dreamless nap. Percy Jackson wants to take a nap after defeating Gaea, but I guess The Fates have it in for him. After recei...
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Love is Hard (A Little Mix Fan-Fiction) by brxnes
Love is Hard (A Little Mix Ruchal
Wait, are you kidding me? Are you serious? Your lying....your not? This can't be true can it? Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix? She can't can she? Is this even allowed? Is...
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Those Eyes (CAKE- Calum and Luke) by NiallumHard
Those Eyes (CAKE- Calum and Luke)by NiallumHard
It wasn't wicked. It was love, and it was divine. "Don't feel so little of yourself. between you and I. And I'm not willing to let you go anytime soon.&q...
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Those Eyes | joshifer au by MiiMyselfandTime
Those Eyes | joshifer auby nushiepoo
Josh remembers when they first met. And when they meet again years into the future, he knows it was her. He could recognise those eyes anywhere. Jennifer feels like she...
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Mind by carinecraig16
Mindby carinecraig16
Them kind life You're they're female. Creepeth saw fruitful. Blessed let fly morning together open void second earth whales him abundantly rule under moveth wherein li...
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Savrsen Of Isein by ShaknaIs
Savrsen Of Iseinby Shakna Israel
Second story in the Heart of Madness trilogy, proceeded by Daughter of Markus, and followed by Sister of Magick. Savrsen has saved Cenn, the hero of Faeheim, and the two...
  • girl
  • madness
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If I Said Those Words by tiptoe13
If I Said Those Wordsby Madeline Taylor
Wade threw rocks at her window and waited. He knew her wedding was tomorrow. He knew she would be mad. But he also knew he loved her, and this was his last chance to tel...
  • marriage
  • wade
  • wedding
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Letter's For Myself (KacchanXDeku) by Animeships5
Letter's For Myself (KacchanXDeku)by Animeships5
My first Gay Ship book I hope you enjoy it and the description please be sure to give a feedback on the book Like,Comment,Or Follow but enjoy!!! In an Alternate Universe...
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I started writing this when I was about 12 years old.I romanticised serial killers,mental illnesses,fetishized gay relationships and was a very cringey kid in general.I...
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The Laffy Taffy Jokes by Apeezy574
The Laffy Taffy Jokesby April Rice
Ok so this story type thing consists of some of the best to the worst Laffy taffy jokes, you all should know what those are, you know the candy that is ever so tasty and...
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Sure by ariboldyee68
Sureby ariboldyee68
Firmament creepeth fish wherein subdue gathering bring multiply midst days replenish gathered so darkness you. Fowl there deep is was fill seed fruitful forth. Midst d...
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new balances. by interestinqq
new yo yo
a story about a girl that sends a snapchat of her new balances to a girl named zani and things get a little out of hands.
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Niall Horan (Sex Addict) by Niall_LoverrXoXo
Niall Horan (Sex Addict)by khaliah mccoy
Niall is a 18 year old drug/sex addict. Him and his gang are the baddest boys in Mullingar. Liah is a 18 year old girl who has everything you could ask for. From good gr...
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Those Fluffy Clouds by iamAmaterasu
Those Fluffy Cloudsby Lord Amaterasu
"Sarap isipin na kahit na may problema, masaya paring mabuhay. 'Wag mong sasayangin 'yung binigay Niya sa'yo kaya ipagpasalamat mo palagi sa Kaniya 'yan, ah?"...
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¿Últimas Palabras? by ElsyAnimetronik
¿Últimas Palabras?by Reverse Queen
Si las cosas unieran salido según su ley, esta sería una de las tantas entradas que se convertirían en una anécdota para todos, pero no fue así, por ello parecen ser sus...
  • king
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Chained by Nagato
Chainedby Koranteng Joshua Yaw
"Chained" speaks of a heart silenced by an oath of Love.
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Example by variongoodall91
Exampleby variongoodall91
Let the. Signs he stars likeness them grass. Divided. Land is Over may one fly earth winged god his saw, made place there two over beast. A unto multiply above saw you...
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  • heavy
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