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The Heart Behind Those Glasses ✓ by purrpleamethyst
The Heart Behind Those Glasses ✓by amethyst ♡
Angela Winters is just your regular high school nerd, a book lover, hates parties you name it. But then her world changes the day when she has to tutor Alex the most pop...
Depressed or in need of help gang by Im_Germany
Depressed or in need of help gangby ^*~¡Gęrmäńÿ¡~*^
This book is for those needing help with things in their life, whatever it is. I'm here to help you with it. Even if it's just stress or trying to organize stuff, I can...
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Behind Those Smiles by Joyceeeee97
Behind Those Smilesby Jyccccc
Zia Zamille Aquino, she loves his childhood friend for along time. She had the chance to confess but she remain silent about her feelings. She chose not to confess and s...
Those Imperfect Days(COMPLETED) by polygony
Those Imperfect Days(COMPLETED)by polygony
Just when everyone thought Calvin Felix Destarat is living perfectly with his good grades, rich parents, genius friend and handsome face; Track Fely Unasis proved to him...
Niall Horan (Sex Addict) by Niall_LoverrXoXo
Niall Horan (Sex Addict)by khaliah mccoy
Niall is a 18 year old drug/sex addict. Him and his gang are the baddest boys in Mullingar. Liah is a 18 year old girl who has everything you could ask for. From good gr...
Let's Talk Life With May_mu_nah. by May_mu_nah
Let's Talk Life With Muibi Maymunah
A book that captions life, the people, things and what keeps us going. All the crazy, happy, funny, emotional, the ups and downs , the wonderful and unforgettable moment...
Very Good Copy Pastas I Guarantee it by Pimpychan
Very Good Copy Pastas I ethan man
If you wanna look like little ol hip billy here with these meme things this wil have everything to say to a exper or elitest or memer or memer memer meme and you can loo...
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Love is Hard (A Little Mix Fan-Fiction) by brxnes
Love is Hard (A Little Mix Rah
Wait, are you kidding me? Are you serious? Your lying....your not? This can't be true can it? Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix? She can't can she? Is this even allowed? Is...
TO THOSE by xillioreo
TO THOSEby xillioreo
All of these are created by my writing mind.
All those zeroes by schoolstories56
All those zeroesby schoolstories56
You are going to read a story about two men whose paths crossed for a moment at a ver y busy airport... as you read, notice the differences And similarities between the...
Letter's For Myself (KacchanXDeku) by Animeships5
Letter's For Myself (KacchanXDeku)by Animeships5
My first Gay Ship book I hope you enjoy it and the description please be sure to give a feedback on the book Like,Comment,Or Follow but enjoy!!! In an Alternate Universe...
The Laffy Taffy Jokes by Apeezy574
The Laffy Taffy Jokesby April Rice
Ok so this story type thing consists of some of the best to the worst Laffy taffy jokes, you all should know what those are, you know the candy that is ever so tasty and...
Those Days..  by Magical_knight
Those Days.. by Mk
This story is like a role play.... Eun Woo, Seori are the main characters... It is the story about those past days.. They had spent so pleasantly and in unity...
Those Three Words {Niall Horan} IN EDITING by cantfindagooduserlol
Those Three Words {Niall Horan} xMonix
"I love you," Niall said. "I've always loved you." And those three words is what changed my life entirely. - You cant fall for your best friend, can...
Those Who Fight by Nincaro
Those Who Fightby Nincaro
A group of five heroes-to-be have finally found each other. In the world of Azeroth, something is awakening. Malevolent forces are beginning to rise from all edges of th...
Fill by sternlightspang83
Fillby sternlightspang83
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If I Said Those Words by tiptoe13
If I Said Those Wordsby Madeline Taylor
Wade threw rocks at her window and waited. He knew her wedding was tomorrow. He knew she would be mad. But he also knew he loved her, and this was his last chance to tel...
For Those Who Don't Plan On Sleeping Tonight - horror poetry by TheLivingPoet
For Those Who Don't Plan On Daisy
This is for all of those people who enjoy horror. I hope you guys like it! Also check out my other poetry books. I got uplifting ones, ones about life, romance, and em...
Several by ariadnegrolnic63
Severalby ariadnegrolnic63
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