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Will You?  by all_is_good
Will You? by all_is_good
(BOYXBOY) What will happen when Christopher and Nicolas decides to get there sons arranged married?? Kai is the owner of multibillionaire company at the age of 24. Despi...
  • manxboy
  • rich
  • sweetheart
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The gang leader  by PrincessDelilah8
The gang leader by Princess Delilah
**Story description ** Lilly is the daughter of Mr. Rodriguez who is a gang leader. Lilly is a only child. Tyler is a gang leader. Tyler has one sister her name is Emil...
  • romance
  • love
  • overprotective
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Give Us A Good Assassination! by Newsies4ever
Give Us A Good Assassination!by Newsies4ever
Jack is ecstatic, Katherine is confused (and more then a little worried about Jacks mental state) and all the Newsboys of New York are eating good tonight!
  • katherine
  • carring
  • plumber
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Duke the Dog  by SingHeart5
Duke the Dog by SingHeart5
Duke has been wandering the streets of nama Idaho for 3 years. Duke does not want to be captured by the pound. Duke also has had night mares from his previous family th...
  • dogs
  • puppies
  • love
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Heart Ache by starfish1007
Heart Acheby starfish1007
So the girl in the story I'm writings name is Nicole. The boy that she likes name is Chris. They like each other but don't know if the other one likes them.When Chris st...
  • loving
  • exciting
  • carring
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The Assassin 4 And The Boss by GCR5612
The Assassin 4 And The Bossby GCR5612
"Hope you like the gift, so back to business..." I began but I was interrupted by the door slamming open, and a beautiful girl came bursting in with my guards...
  • protective
  • life
  • cruelworld
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Falling Inlove With You Hurts Me by chisdo
Falling Inlove With You Hurts Meby chisdo
  • inlove
  • friendship
  • loyalty
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Michael Jackson Imagines by MikeJacksonsgirl
Michael Jackson Imaginesby Kaitlynn Stevens
This book is about you and Michael Jackson I do request if you have any request go ahead and tell me your request in the comments or privet message me your request I...
  • imagines
  • romantic
  • fights
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En anbu kadhalan by gomoarun
En anbu kadhalanby gomoarun
Rendu azagana pair avanga love ah epdi express Pani avanga life ah happy ah kondu poranga dha story....en thaiyin karuvarai swasathai unargiren meendum ennavan theedum b...
  • humor
  • posesiveness
  • romance
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whisper by DianaEJMly
whisperby Diana
  • instagram
  • romance
  • soft
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Wonderfully in love but lost by lovelesliee1118Zayum
Wonderfully in love but lostby lovelesliee1118Zayum
It's a fan fiction about three girls that end up falling in love with Magcon and it's a cutie little love story. Many more characters come two. Their is a twist to the s...
  • magconboys
  • lovestories
  • friends
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♥SWEET TAPI NAKAL♥ by syuragmail
♥SWEET TAPI NAKAL♥by syuragmail
Kedatangan Muhammad Ariff Rayyan , telah menjadi sesuatu masalah buat Fasharina Hana.Musuh a.k.a Bos ditempat dia berkerja. Kita khawin-Ariff Rayyan kau...
  • carring
  • love
  • sweet
Quotes by Oso1188
Quotesby hi am me
These are people quotes not mine they go to their owner
  • sadness
  • happiness
  • quotes
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The World Isn't Black And White by pinapple_123
The World Isn't Black And Whiteby pinapple_123
A girl who works at the age of 10 to suvive. But everything she has is on the verge of being wipped away by some one she hasn't even known fore a year.
  • carring
  • friends
  • whimpy
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Never Have I Ever by shawnyboycurtis
Never Have I Everby Howard Kelton
A simple story of a young boy named Deon who is struggling with finding love and sexuality and not actually knowing where he belongs in the midst of it all.
  • lgbt
  • school
  • highschool
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My Life Is Changing  by theblackangle
My Life Is Changing by theblackangle
  • loseyourself
  • dontletpeoplewalkoveryou
  • andley
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