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I Want to be a Hero {KH Romance} by AugmentedHope
I Want to be a Hero {KH Romance}by Elysse
A part of me wishes that I wouldn't think so much. I think that if I DIDN'T think so much, it would lead to a lot less misery. But then again, would I really be the same...
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The Pervert Engineer(JS2:Theon Edryx Valencia) by blacklydian_6
The Pervert Engineer(JS2:Theon Lai_Lanie
Theon Edryx Valencia an engineer will fell inlove to Reahnie Gonzales which was an interior designer. Perfect match isn't it?! Well!let's see
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Pactul Nespus by unicornswag16
Pactul Nespusby Andreea Balea
Universul ascunde mult mai multe lucruri decât ne-am putea vreodată închipui. Creaturile nopții umblă libere printre noi, iar oamenii de valoare care știu să le exploate...
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What Could Be Love by Rhythm640
What Could Be Loveby Rhythm
Love means different things to different people. In a world like ours, Love isn't as pure and plain as we portray it to be in romance novels and movies. For someone who...
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Forgotten/Someone Like You {An Erik House of Night FanFic} by cherrybee365
Forgotten/Someone Like You {An Julie
*This story contains spoilers from Awakened* (Inspired by Adele's Someone Like You) Erik Night's world is falling apart. His ex-girlfriend Zoey cheated on him with a tea...
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Lumea mea. by iulyiulyaiulyana
Lumea Fata._.kawaiiiii
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Binging with Babish [PDF] by Andrew Rea by gacyxixi7102
Binging with Babish [PDF] by gacyxixi7102
Read Binging with Babish PDF ebook Listen to Binging with Babish Andrew Rea audiobook Read Online Binging with Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite Movies an...
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The Devil's Clock of Haven And Hell  ( Dance with devils fan fiction ) by kanata10
The Devil's Clock of Haven And Rwby
Tachibana Rea is Ritsuka's twin . When she was born one of her eyes different so she kept it hidden from others . She never got along with people in her school so her mo...
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Ex With Benifits 💦(chula Na This)💦 by zanderosecarredo
Ex With Benifits 💦(chula Na This) zanderosecarredo
Are they meant for each other ?! Are they became lovers again Or just in the bed?! This story was all about the two person became an exx lovers but still having a sex? W...
Our Final Moments? Sankarea Oneshot by tobeforgottenplease
Our Final Moments? Sankarea Oneshotby Abandoned
Just a quick one shot, stupid but cute, this was only a quick once shot coz it's dark im scared, can't sleep and it's really late and I'm getting scared so much so I tho...
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Sorry by RifadahHusna
Sorryby Rifadah Husna
"Kamu dan aku tidak mungkin bisa bersatu atas nama cinta tapi kita ditakdirkan sebatas mengenal dan tau atas nama cinta. You are the first and always will be &quo...
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• Crimson Path • by DoYouFearDeath
• Crimson Path •by Alex
The year is 30XX.. the world is in a constant turmoil. Creatures born from darkness named Nightmares are destructing the world slowly.. One girl by the name of Alex gets...
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Announcements  by IfOnlyInMyDreams059
Announcements by IfOnlyInMyDreams059
this ma buuk for what eva
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LOOK AT ME by oniirinii
LOOK AT MEby oniirinii
"dia cantik!! kataku. Zul,Reza dan Siska yang sedang duduk didepanku langsung diam,menghenrikan obrolannya seketika. aku menatap Zul,Reza dan Siska bergantian "...
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Fallen (A Niall Horan love Story) by hashtagemily
Fallen (A Niall Horan love Story)by emily
But how can you truly love someone so much and even risk your own life for them to live, if they don't even exist?
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First Time -Justin Bieber Imagine by EllizaLovas
First Time -Justin Bieber Imagineby Live The Dreams
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My boy Leondre by katiegardiner908
My boy Leondreby KatieGardiner
This story is a fan fix about a girl called Katie meeting her inspirations BarsAndMelody and she gets a bit of a shock when she finds out that Leondre has a massive crus...
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