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My DNA by HarleyWinter6
My DNAby Harley Winter
(Hey it's HarleyWinter7, I made a new account.) Jen Tennyson, she is a ten year old genius. She feels isolated from the people around her and if not it is because she i...
Tales of the alien hero by Abysscalibur
Tales of the alien heroby Ladiesmann
Unlike the rest of humanity, Izuku didn't unlock his quirk at the age of 4, but instead, at the age of 10. A device appeared on Izuku's wrist. The name of this device wa...
Helping Gwen 10 by AnimeEagleScout
Helping Gwen 10by Joeseph Moore
Ben is driving a while after the final battle in Ultimate Alien and ends up in a portal to another world. Ben doesn't get the new Omnitrix due to Azimuth not finishing i...
The Chanquetrix: Alien Force by AnimeEagleScout
The Chanquetrix: Alien Forceby Joeseph Moore
Ok we all know the Chanquetrix: Summons Alien Girls. this story takes place in a similar way to Alien Force where Ben took off the Chanquetrix when he was 11 and needed...
Ben 10 Omniverse : Rise of the Nemetrix by DarkGravity__
Ben 10 Omniverse : Rise of the DarkGravity
Dr. Psychobos and Malware invented the Nemetrix for Khyber using incomplete, but crucial, schemes of the original Omnitrix. Its purpose was to destroy Azmuth, the Nemetr...
It's Hero Time! by BuckThunder
It's Hero Time!by BuckThunder
It started when an alien device did what it did. Lucas Twelvis was just a not-so-average kid... For the first 15 years of his life until one day while in the woods he ca...
Fate Is In Our Hands by HarleyWinter6
Fate Is In Our Handsby Harley Winter
(This is an AU, it will be a mix of classic Ben 10 and the Ben 10 reboot.) Jen and Gwen Tennyson are both very aware that they are not alone in the universe. At a young...
The Ultratrix Wielder (On Hold) by ShadowFlame21
The Ultratrix Wielder (On Hold)by Aaron Lycan
I don't own Ben 10, all rights belong to A Man of Action. I only own how the story goes and the Ultratrix. What if there was another device that was similar to the Omnit...
Male Transformers reader x RWBY(very slow updates) by megatronsson
Male Transformers reader x RWBY( Megadad’s son
Okay I'm not really good at this so here we go
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dc superhero girls x male Oc omnitrix holder  by CallanAdamDobbieFras
dc superhero girls x male Oc Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
A boy named callan was walking through a forest with his dog cosmo and vampire rabbit buddy bunnicula then they both saw three meteorites fall from the sky and they inve...
Neko and the Watch by CynetCTalker
Neko and the Watchby ᴡᴡᴡ
The least athletic, dumbest, laziest in his family Gumball Watterson suddenly feels like he has a purpose in life when he saves a strange creatures life. Please comment...
Luz's ultimatrix by Flameriser18
Luz's ultimatrixby Ethan
When she was 10 years old, Luz noceda found the omnitrix but on her 14th birthday,Azmuth gave her the ultimatrix. Thank you BloomingSpirit
Jen 10 by Lilith_Deckerstar
Jen 10by Lilith Deckerstar
Hope Jennings Kent's life has never been normal. When she was three a meteor shower hit her hometown and gave her a brother. When she was ten a pod from outer space gave...
The Morphitrix by DracoAutismo1014
The Morphitrixby PhoenixChild333
This is about the workings about the new watch called the Morphamatrix. This has the ability to turn the wearer into any Alien species, any Dragon species, and any Monst...
My World of Ben 10 by CaesarPOTA2011
My World of Ben 10by Cinos The Werehog
Made this due to the upcoming movie Ben 10 vs The Universe The major thing I incorporated in the Sonic Expanded Universe is adding Ben 10 lore due to being part of my OC...
Different Times by kaj_pyro15
Different Timesby kaj_pyro15
A sudden appearance from Eon and a figure he has last seen when he was thirteen, Ben 23 must figure out how to get them home but first, why are all the villains suddenly...
Going Hero! (Ben 10 x RWBY) by LukeHerdman04
Going Hero! (Ben 10 x RWBY)by Luke H
When 10 year-old Ben Tennyson prepares for his summer vacation with his best friend Ruby Rose and his Grandpa Max, he never expected to find a alien watch that latched i...
In This Galaxy (Azmuth x Reader) by TheOfficalAzmuth
In This Galaxy (Azmuth x Reader)by TheOfficalAzmuth
My name is Y/n, I'm a galvan. Galvan's are a very intelligent race. I was a young scientist, looking for a way to help every living thing. While I was I looking for idea...
sometimes, even the best of us need a break(male luffy reader x b10)  by seriouslytough
sometimes, even the best of us Harper Kuhlman
sometimes... the best of us need a break... that is the honest to god truth. y/n l/n was one of those people, he gets up everyday and goes to school, at school everyone...
Calling All Heroes by Jaria197
Calling All Heroesby Pink Devastasia
An old and powerful device is uncovered which attracts the attention of villains from all walks of life (or afterlife). Luckily, Earth's greatest heroes are here to defe...