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The WorkPlace Incident - Giantess Story by hitman47890
The WorkPlace Incident - The Unfortunate Hero
After Quarantining for a while. You are eventuality called into work. Sadly, a new virus variant is running amuck, and you got it. Shrinking you in progress and getting...
Little Shy Ariel (ft. Harry Styles) by BelWatson
Little Shy Ariel (ft. Harry Styles)by Bel Watson
I was named after the little mermaid, thought to be strong and brave. A name worthy of a princess, my mum used to say. But I didn't trade my voice for the handsome prin...
All The Bright Places  -  Asleep by ImmediatelyWriting
All The Bright Places - Asleepby Noa
SPOILER ALLERT!!! After nearly drowning, Finch incurres severe brain damage. While he's asleep- in a coma -, Violet has to stay with him and deal with the pain of not kn...
My Little Light - A Giantess Borderlands Story by hitman47890
My Little Light - A Giantess The Unfortunate Hero
You and your friend Alex is climbing a mountain due to a dare from him. Unfortunately as a snow storm approaches from no where you get suck into another world other than...
AWARE (After Allegiant) by IsxbelleGrxce
AWARE (After Allegiant)by IsxbelleGrxce
[COMPLETED] Love. Betrayal. Two months after Tris' death is when the story takes place. Tobias and all of Tris' friends have dealt with her passing and have now learnt t...
Duplicate | A Human Code Story by veelozada
Duplicate | A Human Code Storyby Vee Lozada
Axe is a government android programmed for war. He is patient, strong, and a leader within his Replica group of synthetic soldiers. He reacts to orders rather than stimu...
STOP IT!!!! by subala_putri
STOP IT!!!!by krishna bhakti💖
peep in to know #6 in aware
•mlb 18+ scenes• by sammmii06
•mlb 18+ scenes•by sammmii06
⚠️18+!!⚠️ (I think kids will still read this but idc) (First ever story thought I could make dirty Fluff scenes between different characters) ⚠️VERY DETAILED⚠️ ⚠️LGBTQ+⚠...
Half-Life Vr: Ai Self - Aware But If a Female Had Joined the Science Team by that_one_writer_268
Half-Life Vr: Ai Self - Aware that_one_writer
Gordon, Benrey, Tommy, Bubby, and Dr. Coomer are an awesome team, but what if a female was part of it?
My Naive Wife by skylover136
My Naive Wifeby star____gazer
Her parents made a contract for financial support with the Nobels so that they could earn their living. They just traded their daughter for their sake. She is an impecca...
Aware by RoseyRebel
Awareby RandomPerson
Most of the council was unaware. Who is aware though? Who are the real ones in control? Who is really good and really bad? Is it better to be blissfully unaware- or oh s...
Depression Stories,Quotes,&Poems by Superman61802
Depression Stories,Quotes,&Poemsby Superman61802
Nothing much just stories,poems, & quotes. I would also just like to say that I know I am not very good at writing, but I'm thankful for the few of you that will read th...
Aware by Dream7548
Awareby Dream <3
Amethyst Aylin Woods is a 15-year-old noiseless girl. Amethyst was a very gifted little girl she was very intelligent and creative, she love drawing and it became her co...
A book of self defense by idontwikeittttt
A book of self defenseby 𝗗𝗘𝗝𝗔 𝗩𝗨
This book might have a lot of trigger warnings, but if I'm honest this is gonna be really helpful to anyone. Say you're walking down the street. It might be dark, but c...
Aware's Diary by Brainhasleftthechat
Aware's Diaryby Luna Momoki
So, this is Karma currently typing. I may or may not have stolen my bros diary. Strangely none of the entries have dates. I just thought I'd poke some fun at him by post...
Demon's Play by KaedanRThomas
Demon's Playby Kaedan Thomas
Tom and his friends live in a world of magic. Adventure with them as they learn more about their magic and Tom begins to realize what his reality is.