The Fallen Angel by UltimateFenris
The Fallen Angelby Fenris
(Formerly called Raven) A girl trapped for years by a mad scientist has to deal with a new world, new people, and a new family. She might even grow to save others. #78 i...
  • hero
  • romance
  • adventure
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Peter Parker Swings Out of the Closet by uhitsSJ
Peter Parker Swings Out of the uhitsSJ
Featuring Trans!Peter and Bi!Peter, a lil au inspired by many other trans!peter au's :) (not my art on the cover, credit to owner) Updates (about) once a week, usually o...
  • marvel
  • transition
  • transpeterparker
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Life as a Trans Dude by awstyy
Life as a Trans Dudeby Awsten Ryan
The story of my life pretty much. This is like my diary. This might not be in chronological order. Sorry in advance.
  • trans
  • dysphoria
  • ftm
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to cross oceans for [BxB] (trans) by transFigure_
to cross oceans for [BxB] (trans)by Lucian C. Donovan
"What if I'm not one?" I asked, my body wound tight with tension. "One what?" he asked, his voice soft and low. I hesitated. Was I ready? I wanted t...
  • nextdoorneighbours
  • boyxboy
  • bestfriends
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My Beloved Immortal by AlphaLover18
My Beloved Immortalby Abby Davis
"You are to stay away from other guys. I don't want to share what's mine," his red eyes focused on my face. "Yours? Who said I belong to you," I whi...
  • transition
  • youngadult
  • vampires
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Dysphoria ❃ Malec by TheFabulousBunny
Dysphoria ❃ Malecby Elvira 🍓
© Cover made by me! .... ''Some men are born in their bodies, while others have to fight for it.'' Magnus couldn't be any happier than he was right now. He had a nice h...
  • malec
  • magnusbane
  • transition
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The nerd soon to be a campus crush by johannaU12
The nerd soon to be a campus crushby jaycee
Pano kung naisipan mong maging nerd? At eto na ang gusto mo? Pero dahil sa isang bagay napilitan kang mag bago
  • school
  • lovestory
  • johannau12
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Shit i'm Trans  by -safri
Shit i'm Trans by local hoe
should have known. idk random shit
  • ellamai
  • ftm
  • fifthharmony
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Forced to be Daddy's Princess by Hellfire121
Forced to be Daddy's Princessby Hellfire121
Emma Flower, that's what her Daddy calls her... but this was not always her. She was not always the 16 year old little princess... she was the opposite of it till one da...
  • drugs
  • fiction
  • abdl
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THE NEW GIRL  by Julesisnew
THE NEW GIRL by Julesisnew
  • spiritualwarfare
  • coping
  • transition
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Inamorato🔥 by jendrealight7
Inamorato🔥by Akosua Addae Buapim
Inamorato ✳ [In - am - uh - rah - toh ] ✳ A male lover ✳ Old admonitions of his aunt's echoed through his mind: "Patience, liam-- that's the best lesson a young man...
  • forbidden
  • cute
  • mature
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She, Her, Hers by mscadylady
She, Her, Hersby Cady
*This is a first draft in progress!* Mason is trying to live like any other teenage boy; he likes video games, action movies and talking about hot girls with his friends...
  • acceptance
  • lgbt
  • transwoman
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Leave Me Alone by NewtOrionMcCall
Leave Me Aloneby NewtOrionMcCall
Hey, The names Jake. I love theatre and tv and I'm a massive nerd. At the moment, I sound like a pretty normal 17 year old. But nope, I had to be different. I'm a trans...
  • ships
  • lgbt
  • transgender
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Dresses by RainbowNumber587
Dressesby RainbowNumber587
"This suit would look great on you." "I don't think suits are really for me."
  • trans
  • ftf
  • maletofemale
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Mitchie | SuperFruit by PointlessNachos2
Mitchie | SuperFruitby PN Second Account
She wanted to transition. He loved her endlessly. She was too scared to tell him. He just wanted her to be happy. Female!MitchGrassi to Male!MitchGrassi > Short chap...
  • mitchgrassi
  • transition
  • boyxboy
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lie to me ; lashton by animechey
lie to me ; lashtonby Chey
[lowercase intended] their past is haunting them they're not who they used to be he's changed in more ways than one he's struggling to understand lashton / mashton / muk...
  • mashton
  • lashton
  • michaelclifford
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Identity 『Lin-Manuel Miranda』 by KissDaCheeseCake
Identity 『Lin-Manuel Miranda』by KissDaCheesecake
When Cole was 13, he was kicked out of his home after coming out as trans (female to male). He spent almost a month on the street before a children's home found him and...
  • hamilton
  • family
  • identity
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Tyler's Trans Story by HeloiMeloo
Tyler's Trans Storyby Tyler
Hello, I'm Tyler. I am a gay trans guy. This book will be filled with my experiences in coming out, transitioning, random stories, and rants. I hope you enjoy! (Also, t...
  • lgbtstories
  • transition
  • saga
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A Minds Heart  by Nikolas-Niko
A Minds Heart by Niko
short poems.
  • ftm
  • transgender
  • lgbt
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My Secret Love Song #TransPRIDE by TeamNextGeneration
My Secret Love Song #TransPRIDEby The Invisible Grayson
When a class assignment accidentally goes viral, Milo Evans is suddenly thrust into the life of the rich and famous. With his life on full display, he only finds privacy...
  • transboy
  • transwoman
  • teenlovetriangle
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