Trans Story by WynnMoore
Trans Storyby Valenttinne Acosta
Desafiando el patrón heteronormativo y patriarcal, encontrarás que siempre hay dos caras de la moneda y tal vez una se parezca mucho a ti
  • russia
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Reflection by helloitzjassy
Reflectionby jѧṡєʟı( jศຮຮƴ)
[Kaylor teenager AU] [Taylor MTF transgender] "But Karlie, I'm not a real girl" "You are a real girl, you always have been"
  • saga
  • transition
  • teenagers
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My transgender girl story  by melissarenteria1
My transgender girl story by Thegirlwriter
The tale of two identities Please comment on the story as well
  • dysphoria
  • trans
  • mtf
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Transition (soon) by Pink_kittE
Transition (soon)by Kaijol
Please, I will not be on here much anymore, so switch to these
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Re:Imagine by devanourani
Re:Imagineby Help, it's Nouran!
From the day Rani discovers that there actually is an existing term summarizing most of her problems, she starts writing down her most intimate thoughts and little achie...
  • romance
  • diaryentries
  • transgirl
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Trans Rants by Loki-aloser
Trans Rantsby Mike
it's just a log so I can keep track of my transition
  • lgbt
  • pride
  • transgender
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Trans FTM by tacobelltrash
Trans FTMby ¿ Eva ?
This is only one out of hundreds of similar books but honeSTLY I'M SO FED UP WITH PEOPLE BEING IGNORANT SO HERE'S ME RANTING THROUGH CRINGY PUNS AND EMO MEMES (...I apol...
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