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Unexpected Night 🔞 by Yang_9904
Unexpected Night 🔞by Jeaya Joyce
Jake, Sunoo and Jungwon went to a bar they had never been to before, And while they were there in that bar, they didn't know that there were four men looking and watchi...
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roommates ♢ muke ✔️ by -riptidemuke
roommates ♢ muke ✔️by rose
"top or bottom?" "ex-excuse me?" "do you want the top bunk or bottom bunk?" in which luke has a dirty mind as well as a crush on his roo...
bottoms vs tops | seventeen au by CChenry
bottoms vs tops | seventeen auby chrysaa
the bottoms jeonghan, jisoo, wonwoo, jihoon, minghao and seungkwan are a group but, they have this one group they know which are the tops seungcheol, seokmin, junhui, so...
Sakuatsu OneShots by _bear_plush
Sakuatsu OneShotsby ✨kai's_plush✨
This is old an horrible grammar and organized. So sorry if it's hard to read what is expected from a non fluent English speaker. Mostly fluff
 Hinata Harem pics ig  by asskaza_
Hinata Harem pics ig by asskaza_
it's Hinata harem picture ig!?
They call themselves the 'Upper moons' by SmallPain
They call themselves the 'Upper Sage <3
Just the upper idiots on crack nothing more. Maybe some gæ who knows. Also got my own ships.
Secret Status by BruhLmJk23
Secret Statusby BruhLmJk23
Jennie Kim She's naturally intimidating Lalisa Manoban She's trying to be intimidating Married but single. So confusing but that it is. Warning ⚠️ Lisa G!P
Bubblegum bitch. ||L.s by tomlinslay
Bubblegum bitch. ||L.sby <33
Louis is a cross dresser, Louis gives a lot of attitude, Louis gets what he wants. Harry is older, Harry is mature, Harry has come to terms with his sexuality. -- Louis...
strict husband's by KeerthanaReddypalli
strict husband'sby Keerthana Reddypalli
This is a story of two siblings who are forced to marry the kim's hope you like my story
Cosas Random Cats/LGG by LuckyCinnamon1346
Cosas Random Cats/LGGby ProudGuy<3
Me di cuenta de que este libro puede ser mucho mas así que les presento este libro con: -Curiosidades -Reseñas -Fichas -Preguntas -tops :v soy algo desordenada...
Atsumu And Oikawa Friendship! by vint18_
Atsumu And Oikawa Friendship!by vint18_
sorry if the colour always change
Must Buy Dance Essentials Like Leotards For Kids - Kandi Kouture by kandi-kouture
Must Buy Dance Essentials Like Kandi Kouture
Kandi Kouture creates unique high-fashion leotards and dance apparel for children and teens. Not only do we create unique Dancewear but we also create comfortable qualit...
South Park. Omegaverse  by nagisaschiffer
South Park. Omegaverse by Isabel Alcocer
Como ya está escrito en el título: este fic está basado en el AU de omegaverse, y no se basa en un solo shipp si no en varios. Cosillas que se me ocurren xdxd
Touching Him Up - Sasunaru AU by SasuuuNaruuu
Touching Him Up - Sasunaru AUby Naruto Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha is a slim and small boy. His parents abandoned him when they've had enough of wasting their money on him. So, when his best friend, Neji, invites him over...
Stay away, I'm straight! by That_one_ugly_rat
Stay away, I'm straight!by I love hot men
Astell Firx just wanted to be cannon fodder and sleep until death. But, his protagonist sister just had to dote on him, and get the male leads to join her. Now, they're...
Camboy ❧ thiam. { P R O X I M A M E N T E } by theseux
Camboy ❧ thiam. { P R O X I M A Theseus
Liam necesita pagar la universidad por lo tanto ha decidido comenzar a hacer vídeos en vivo de él tocándose, necesitaba pagar la universidad de alguna forma u otra y su...
Harry Styles is Cheating on Me... With Me?! by StripesAndBraces
Harry Styles is Cheating on Jeanie
*WARNING THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL STORY* Haha, hey! How's it going? I'm Amelia Parker, and I've got what everyone wants. My best mate for life, got famous. He was put in...
4*Town Headcannons 🙂.. by lexcandoitjf
4*Town Headcannons 🙂 dolly 💃
based on tings off the too of me head (it got things about they 🥒🍑 life)