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(Discontinued) Kaiju Girls X Male Reader - One Shots by AndrewAssassins
(Discontinued) Kaiju Girls X AndrewAssassins
Kaiju girls was made by alex the hunted i just made this for fun here is the link of the media kick starter:
The Kaijus Girls Little Immortal Boy by Meme-master
The Kaijus Girls Little Immortal Meme-master
This is a story about a young boy who grew up in Japan that is cursed with immortality, join him as his life gets more interesting as it continues.
Monsterverse Adventures: Monster Island by Lance1889
Monsterverse Adventures: Monster Lance1889
Godzilla awakens on Monster Island, an island where the smaller Kaiju and creatures roam and rule however, he is not his regular size. Godzilla was small, no larger than...
Godzilla: rise of evil by Nwoliver2
Godzilla: rise of evilby Nwoliver2
After his battle with MechaGodzilla and team-up with Kong. Godzilla descends into the ocean only to pass out from his wounds and wind up in a Disney world of all places...
Son Of Godzilla by tyler2706
Son Of Godzillaby tyler2706
He NEVER saw this coming, at all...after infiltration of the secret Himalayan base Apex built, Monarch and Godzilla uncover it's disturbing and shocking secrets but also...
Simon x Ruby: Dawn of the Kaijus by GoldenFredbear2020
Simon x Ruby: Dawn of the Kaijusby GojiraStudios
Welcome to the Hollow Earth, home to some of the most famous titans around. Today I'll tell you a story of a reptile who formerly lives here - A titan who holds a specia...
A New Era by KA_the_Writers
A New Eraby FireAngel/AmazingK
We wrote this in 2019/2020 before Godzilla vs Kong as our idea of a sequel to King of the Monsters. Humans threaten the titans existence forcing titans to team up, putti...
A Machine in a World of His Humanized Enemies (Mechagodzilla x Kaiju girls) by The_lost_searcher
A Machine in a World of His
( If you can come up with a shorter name please tell me it) After Mechagodzilla was defeated by Godzilla and Kong. The machine with the consciousness of the left head of...
Evolve and Adapt; God of Destruction, Fear Incarnate, and King of the Monsters by Ultrautahraptor
Evolve and Adapt; God of Ultrautahraptor
In the hold world people thought that reincarnation was nothing but a dream for stupid people. And yet here I am, reincarnated in a new and yet strange world. I'm reinc...
The Reckoning  ( Godzilla Ultima x kaiju girls ) by dabi-blueflames24
The Reckoning ( Godzilla Ultima [~¥Sin of pride¥~]
After being awoken just before ghidorahs invasion, singular point goji then decides to join godzilla and her friends in the fight against ghidorah and her team of mechas...
Dinosaur King: Godzilla The King Of Monsters (Remake) by Huyhuynh406
Dinosaur King: Godzilla The King Hhuynh24
Dinosaur King X Godzilla The Series/1998. When (Y/N) Tatopoulos is the Twin Brother of Nick Tatopoulos Soldier and Combatant Martial Artist along with his kaiju son: Zil...
King of the Mutiverse (Godzilla x Rwby x BNHA x DXD x Naruto) by JoshuaGabrielJocson
King of the Mutiverse (Godzilla Kaiju no.0
In some Universes, their are worlds with people with incredible powers whether their called "Quirks", "Semblance", "Sacred Gears" or "...
ghidorah x female godzilla by grim-idiot
ghidorah x female godzillaby A moron
In this story godzilla is a girl and hasn't fought ghidorah yet and is trying reason dtop him will godzilla win against ghidorah's and reason with him read more to find...
From Kaiju to Human {A Human Godzilla Fanfiction} by MeetAQuota
From Kaiju to Human {A Human MeetAQuota
After decades of countless attacks from monstrous kaiju, humanity finally decides to make a stand against the monsters. Humanity has decided that if you can't beat them...
Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra: Guardians of Earth - Season One by ACEZ133
Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra: 𝙎𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧𝙕𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖
Planet Earth is in danger as the infamous conquerer King Ghidorah returns to lay waste and plans to terraform the planet to his liking. But Earth is not alone as Monarch...
The Invincible IronMan and The Kaiju Girls by Meme-master
The Invincible IronMan and The Meme-master
This is the story of a teenager with a lot of Kaijus as girl friends
can't say no to you (Rodan x king Ghidorah)  by mia_the_rose
can't say no to you (Rodan x mia_rose
um ok so this is a story I made this in a rush because I suck at writing on dead line so I want to get this out before pride month ends and I am working on a story on ho...
Godzilla: the First gods by piedro0808
Godzilla: the First godsby piedro0808
A point of view story from all off the titans in their Natural habitat Billions of years ago. Thx for 500
PROJECT: MONSTER CLASS (My hero academia Kaiju AU) by AidenGachaworld
PROJECT: MONSTER CLASS (My hero Aiden Gacha world
During a raid on the Shie Hassaikai, the pro heroes including All might, eraserhead and others come across Overhaul in the final battle. After defeating him, a girl name...
NES Godzilla Creepypasta Oneshots #2 (Past Mistakes AU, ect.) by QuietWriter13
NES Godzilla Creepypasta QuietWriter13
The same as the last one, full of oneshots and short stories all taking place in one AU or another. Also some casual shipping stuff