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A World of Monster Girls by CaliburnG2
A World of Monster Girlsby CaliburnG2
It all started because of that game. It was an erotic game, really. In it, a massive apocalypse happened, filled with monster girls to the brim. And what do these monste...
A jarring situation  by Reallywierdguy
A jarring situation by Reallywierdguy
This is a Male reader x Giantess story You are a rather normal human being whos looking for a little excitment in thier life when you meet Robin a rather pretty girl wit...
Oni turned Wife by NekoTheCultured
Oni turned Wifeby Neko Nyan
Monster invade our World and takes over! But the Monsters are various. . . beautiful women? (WOHOO! HIT 1K THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH NYAH)
Monster Musume Male Reader One Shots! by GoldenAbyss619
Monster Musume Male Reader One Austin Adkins
Various one shots featuring YOU and the monster girls from Monster Musume! No Lemons. Sorry I don't do those. Just slight lemons.
Second Chance by coveealvin
Second Chanceby Boneless_Ice
A man named Eddie lived a monotonous life. Until he got rammed by a train. after saving a girl. But his story does not end there. And so does the girl. I do NOT own MGE...
Monster Mansion by DMReaper666
Monster Mansionby Alex Russell
A young royal with a love of monster girls gets more than he bargains for when he turns 18.
kaiju girls x op Creator Galaxy shota male Reader by adrianne26787
kaiju girls x op Creator Galaxy adrianne26787
Enjoy the reading and also their sexy girl picture I warn yo
My Life With Monster Girls. (Male reader x Monster Girls) by The_Narco
My Life With Monster Girls. ( The_Narco
You are an average male nothing about you really stood out about you. You have a job at a local fast food joint and thought you might need some extra cash so you sign up...
A Family/Monster Musume Fanfiction/ by Taffy__Starbucks
A Family/Monster Musume Fanfiction/by Taffy__Starbucks
Ever spent the entire summer with your big brother and his seductive monster girls? No? Well then, you're about to as soon as you click "Read"!
Free-Lancer by HarvestingSeason
Free-Lancerby HarvestingSeason
The lone male of the noble Arc lineage has been called upon by his family to do his duty. Ordered to marry the Queen of Vale, Jaune Arc must make a choice. To uphold his...
The Cursed Sword by NekoTheCultured
The Cursed Swordby Neko Nyan
(Read the Title baka!) (PS . Original Picture belongs to the author of MGE Kenkou Cross)
Coping: A Monster Musume Fanfic by ForrestThacker6
Coping: A Monster Musume Fanficby Forrest Thacker
The Monster Exchange Program has now gone global. Everyone who applies now has the chance to live every-day life with the monster girls of their dreams. But what happens...
Everyday Life With Monster Maids (Monster Girl Maids x Male Child Reader) by LawrenceBertrand7
Everyday Life With Monster Maids ( Lawrence Bertrand
Alex was just 8 years old when his parents had passed away, leaving everything that they had to him in their will. Including their fortune. Alex's parents were very rich...
Monster Girl Encyclopedia x Futa! Reader by ChaChaRealSmooth714
Monster Girl Encyclopedia x Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb
(Y/N) (L/N), a girl who died in a car crash and resurrects into monster girl encyclopedia. Read as (Y/N) travels the world and gain a monster girl harem.
Y/n Vs A World Full Of Monster girls by GASTLY42957
Y/n Vs A World Full Of Monster Rhogar
So. I came up with this idea as originally a son of Doom slayer thing, but abandoned that quickly and changed it to this. Same idea, just less Doom If anyone can give me...
One Day, I Adopted Three Monstergirls! by Ry2_SinHeart
One Day, I Adopted Three Sinheart
One fateful day, Eryn passes by the monstergirl shelter and notices its only remaining three monstergirls. Against his best judgment, he decides to adopt them and gives...
Lava Golem Shorts by NotVeryEpic
Lava Golem Shortsby NotVeryEpic
Lava Golems have always been my favorite monster girl. So, I decided to make a fanfic involving them.
"better then Human" male child reader x monster musume by DevilmansVolt
"better then Human" male child MunchiMunchi
so here a idea what if there was a human but had the ability to atapt on the go bacsed on what's around him and who is around him in better terms if he was in a dark roo...
The Dragon by NekoTheCultured
The Dragonby Neko Nyan
It's a oneshot about a dragon , what'd ya expect?