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𝙃𝙖𝙢𝙁𝙖𝙢 | Hamilsquad  by -raindropsonroses
𝙃𝙖𝙢𝙁𝙖𝙢 | Hamilsquad by 𝐁 𝐋 𝐌
"Wait. What did you just say your name was?" ━━━☆☆ In which Violet Marie Smith winds up with an unlikely family. [started: 1/26/19] [finished: 5/1/19] [hamilsq...
How to Take Care of Your Revolutionaries (Hamilsquad x Reader) by massedcleaver
How to Take Care of Your Revolutio...by Homecoming
(Y/N), had a normal life, worked at a museum, ate cereal, and was moving into a new apartment. And then the Hamilsquad fell into her life...literally.
W H Y  H I M ? |Jamilton| by Love_You_Lol
W H Y H I M ? |Jamilton|by 🎮💙
Before you start reading, the beginning is a bit a shitty but I promise you it gets better halfway through the book, I improve on my writing slightly just to make everyo...
Song of imagination (hamilsquad x reader) [Hiatus] by Ineedmyhusbandos
Song of imagination (hamilsquad x...by Ineedmyhusbandos
Includes: swearing, self harm, bullying, and other thinking that some readers may be sensitive to Fandoms:Hamilton Disclaimer:None of the Fandom/pop culture reference be...
ℋ𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓈𝓆𝒶𝓊𝒹 𝓍 ℛℯ𝒶𝒹ℯ𝓇 by Homer56
ℋ𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓈𝓆𝒶𝓊𝒹 𝓍 ℛℯ𝒶𝒹ℯ𝓇by Tanjiro Kamado
(Y/n) was a college graduate and living on her own in a two story house in a nice neighborhood, her job was working at a music store. One day the hamilsquad and the othe...
Among The Pines by louisianaspell
Among The Pinesby louisianaspell
Reader mysteriously wakes up in the 18th century and tries to use her skills & knowledge to navigate and survive the Revolution and hopefully beyond.
Hamilton reacts to well..... everything in modern life by DragoonHooman
Hamilton reacts to well..... every...by Cheese Wheeze
The friends and enemies of Hamilton come together for a afterlife in the 21'st century reacting to modern life.. I'm in it and it's great!!! Includes: HamHam Burrsir Tur...
Our World ~ Hamilsquad x Reader by galactic_roses
Our World ~ Hamilsquad x Readerby Galaxy
{NOTE: SLOW UPDATES} One girl Plus four boys. Equals? One hell of a ride. Care to join? ~ "It doesn't matter in the end. Y'know why?" "Why?" "Th...
What in the name of history?!? ( A Hamilsquad x Oc fanfic ) by teawith_honey
What in the name of history?!? ( A...by Lia
When Daniel Alyn T. Dalisay, a 16 year old, musical obsessed girl from 2018. Wakes up one day finding the founding fathers she idolized in her house what happens?
Hamilton One Shots by LivBop
Hamilton One Shotsby HamilHam
★ ★ Ships of Hamilton ★ ★ ★ ★ Began: 9-3-18 ★ ★ ★ ★ No Warnings nor Requests ★ ★ ★ ★ Slow Updates ★ ★ ★ ★ Characters and Cast ★ ★ Alexander Hamilton ★ Lin Manuel-Mir...
Hamilton Cast and Characters x reader!! by massedcleaver
Hamilton Cast and Characters x rea...by Homecoming
Hamilton imagine book with characters and cast of the show! Requests are Closed :(
Adopted By Hamilton  by GenRose1123
Adopted By Hamilton by Pomatter Pie
Your a runaway when this guy takes you in. You find out it's your idol Lin Manuel- Miranda. You live with him only to find out your an amazing singer and dancer. Lin ask...
Back in the Old Times by Chat_noir987
Back in the Old Timesby Chat_noir987
In present day (Y/N) didn't care about much. All that mattered was what party she was going to that night and if there was alcohol present. Well, that all changed when s...
HAMILTON ONE-SHOTS by CosplayLover213
Requests Closed for a little while! A bunch of random Hamilton one-shots! I will try to update as much as I can. Thank you for all the reads!!! :)
Six and Hamilton React to their musicals by hannahtheballerina
Six and Hamilton React to their mu...by Hannah Jane
basicly the title WARNING: *there will be swearing* Also all the song lyrics belong to the writers of them
Hamilsquad reacts to Hamilships by blueberrymannn
Hamilsquad reacts to Hamilshipsby 𝒈𝒂𝒚 𝒔𝒉𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒔𝒑𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒆
Who will react? -Aaron Burr -John Laurens -Alexander Hamilton -Thomas Jefferson -James Madison -George Washington -Lafayette -Hercules Mulligan -Angelica Schuyler -Eliza...
«Musical x Reader» {one-shots and preferences} by retrolokii
«Musical x Reader» {one-shots and...by retrolokii
You've read the title! I take requests and such but I also do my own storylines! I also do the cast of certain musicals and not just the characters in them! This book mo...
~Gunshot~ | John Laurens x Reader by mintii_x
~Gunshot~ | John Laurens x Readerby rED :P
You are the sister of the one and only Alexander Hamilton. You both don't know it at first, but when you escape the house you and your abusive father share, you meet the...
Love~ Reader×Lafayette by HAMMYLOVER16
Love~ Reader×Lafayetteby HAMMYLOVER16
So this is basically the title. Y/N is a fiery and passionate daughter of the Virginian general, George Washington. When she meets a charming French man, Lafayette, her...
My Sunshine (John Lauren's X Reader) by po-tay-toes
My Sunshine (John Lauren's X Reade...by po-tay-toes
[COMPLETED] Y/N was a girl with a rough past. Her parents past away at a young age. She was adopted by a family who treated her like a slave. When she finished high-scho...