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The Locket ✔ | Pirate Lams by LamsLee_18
The Locket ✔ | Pirate Lamsby Leroy Jade
John Laurens hated pirates, absolutely despised them. They steal, they kill, they smell, and much more. But what really pushes John over the edge is the kidnapping of h...
Sons of Liberty University | Hamilton College AU by Ashburn1198
Sons of Liberty University | The Feelz Lord
COMPLETED! (I guess the cover became permanent after all.) A story about College, teen angst, alcohol, and a lot of gay people. You have been warned. (Adult language wa...
Damaged by InsideAngel
Damagedby InsideAngel
In this universe You are born with a ring. Inside there is a key to your soulmate. John Laurens was born without a key. He lost hope on finding a soulmate until he fell...
Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton(and some other stuff too) by OphiliaTheAsianPanda
Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton(and 💙𝙊𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙖💜
Authors: @OphiliaTheAsianPanda, @emo-and-exhausted premise: we kidnap hamilton characters at awkward moments and force them to react to a musical about themselves(as wel...
Glory is for Another Day // Lams Oneshots by WolfofHamilton
Glory is for Another Day // Lams Captain Al
This is a primarily Lams oneshot book, but I will do other ships if you make requests. This is a JaMiLtOn free zone, and no JaMiLtOn will be tolerated. Fucking blocked. ...
Hamilton ships by AstrxCxffee
Hamilton shipsby Coffee’n’latenights
I'm rating Hamilton ships. This is going to be fun
Hamsquad reacts to Hamilton by SamuelSeabunny184
Hamsquad reacts to Hamiltonby #FlyHighIsa
The Hamsquad watches Hamilton and reacts to the ships and memes of it.
HAMILTON PICS! by Roguewarrior
HAMILTON PICS!by [Mostly inactive]
Just some Hamilton fan art! None of the art is mine unless stated otherwise- most has watermarks or can be reverse image searched
Heartthrobs ||Lams|| by BabyRoseQuartz
Heartthrobs ||Lams||by BabyRoseQuartz
*collab with AesthetiCris* Every school has their own cliches.. well except Aaron Burr he alternates. John Laurens, the rebels "leader". The boy your paren...
Hamilton Oneshots by yournearest_trashcan
Hamilton Oneshotsby ❤️Hi there❤️
*insert cool description here* There will be smut There will be fluff There will probably be angst
find me - jamilton ✔︎ by dizzypear
find me - jamilton ✔︎by :(
when alex gets a text message from a stranger, he doesnt realize who it is before he falls head over heels for them. started: 1/27/20 ended: 4/4/20 just a basic text jam...
Time Turn (hamilton Time Travel Au) by spysniper
Time Turn (hamilton Time Travel Au)by spysniper
What happens when a girl from a far away place gets transported to new York city where she meets a young boy by the name of Philip Hamilton. Watch as things get even cra...
One Last Time (LAMS COLLEGE AU) by silver_polar_berry
One Last Time (LAMS COLLEGE AU)by ~StereotypicalTheaterKid~
Hey... So this is a lams college au story (pretty basic) I hope you enjoy! COVER BY @thatonewasianqueen also i dont own any of the art or the characters dont come after...
Hamilton Oneshots by soapstxr
Hamilton Oneshotsby soapstxr
yeah uh my OTP is Jeffmads. So most of these are Jeffmads but I DO write other ships so donut worry. Oh yeah, only fluffs and angsts. None of THAT stuff. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Pl...
Trust Me (lams fanfic) by LELIZA181
Trust Me (lams fanfic)by Leliza and Anastasia
Alexander Hamilton trusts people and will fight for anyone. John Laurens finds it hard to trust but when he does he will cherish that trust.However Alexander has a secre...
King's College (Sequel to Too Young and Blind) by Angelbellz
King's College (Sequel to Too Angelbellz
Straight from high school Alexander and his friends head to college, unaware how everything they'd grown so used to and the relationships they'd learned would shift, cha...
Instagram; Hamilton. by milurocks
Instagram; the orator
@Ham acaba de compartir contenido. _____________________________________________________ AU de Hamilton, donde los padres fundadores tienen celulares y, obviamente, inst...
Who is nonstop? Lams (singer au) by thatmusicalnerd12
Who is nonstop? Lams (singer au)by Axel😈
Alexander Hamilton was a famous singer named nonstop and lots of people look up to him. He slowly reveals himself by giving hints in his songs. He gets a scholarship to...
Hamilton Lemons(Lemonade) by Bigbuffcheettopuff
Hamilton Lemons(Lemonade)by @Cheetos
You know what this is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hamilton Drabbles/Oneshots by ninjentsie
Hamilton Drabbles/Oneshotsby 👉🍏👈
character x character character x reader etc yay wooh read it please