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The Phantom (H. Hook) | Descendants by Musical_Lady_7
The Phantom (H. Hook) | Descendantsby Music Is Life
"Trust a daughter of Hades to fall in love with a ghost" (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) "The daughter of darkness Has found her light She was his goddess In the da...
Broken Boy (lams) by thatmusicalbitch
Broken Boy (lams)by Musicals'n'shit
That Hamilton High School AU that no ONE asked for Alexander Hamilton grew up in a small island in the Caribbean. When he was 16 he escaped to the new world of New York...
Hamilton Watches Hamilton by Tjanimates
Hamilton Watches Hamiltonby -A-a-ron Burr-
Awesome Wow! An original idea. For some reason I had the urge to make this.uwu I really like these and I dont see a lot anymore Not everything is going to be historical...
Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton by MoonyRulz
Hamilton Reacts to Hamiltonby MoonyRulz
What happens when the founding fathers & co. Are brought to the modern day to react to Hamilton? And other stuff? Read to find out. Disclaimer: - I don't own any of the...
Go the Distance- Hercules x reader *Completed* by disney_reader
Go the Distance- Hercules x reader...by Disney_Reader
Hercules only wanted to be a hero. The good guy to every ending fairy tale. The only thing on his mind was to rejoin with his father, Zeus. Part of the heroes. Until he...
messages//lams ✔️ by destinyxdreams
messages//lams ✔️by THOT patrol
"thomas we really need to get working on the project" "sorry not thomas this is john" //au where everything starts with a wrong number //ships: lams...
Coffee (Lams) by thisaccount-isdead
Coffee (Lams)by dead account
"Do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created?"-Steve Buscemi, Spy Kids 2 Hamilton wants the d(ark roast) *rereads this...
Hamilton Imagines by letswritetonight
Hamilton Imaginesby Peggy
This is an archive for my imagines that I post on letswritetonight on Tumblr! These imagines cover everyone from Hamilton! Keep in mind I'm still adding and writing char...
Act: I (Lams) by lafayeet
Act: I (Lams)by woke slut (he him)
Alex and John have been in love with each other since forever. Did they know it? Nope. But when they both get accepted into Columbia University and leave their small Sou...
Only mine (Lams college AU) by the_big_baguette
Only mine (Lams college AU)by the_big_baguette
||UNDER EDITING|| Just your stereotypical Lams college AU that absolutely nobody wants but I'm making it anyways Alexander Hamilton grew up in a small island located in...
HAMILTON PICS! by Roguewarrior
HAMILTON PICS!by Really bored
Just some Hamilton fan art! None of the art is mine unless stated otherwise- most has watermarks or can be reverse image searched
Hamilton Smutshots by yes_sinners
Hamilton Smutshotsby yes_sinners
The cover is to judge you for reading this book. It's just what the title says.
The Long Lost Heirs  Of A Muti Billionaire by Maze155
The Long Lost Heirs Of A Muti Bil...by Maze155
Bago nyo po umpisahan ang kwentong Ito, nais ko munang ipabatid sa inyo na marami pong mali dito. Grammatical errors, typos at iba pa. Sana po ay maunawaan nyo parin ka...
Friends... Plus a little extra (Lams)  by anotherhamiltonfan
Friends... Plus a little extra (La...by anotherhamiltonfan
Yeah John and Alex are basically friends with benefits. • Highest ranks: #1 in Lams #1 in AlexanderHamilton
Blow us all away ~Philip Hamilton x reader~ ON HOLD by juliainthesky
Blow us all away ~Philip Hamilton...by Julia 🤧💞
Started July of 2018~ You have just started high school at a rich prep school only higher end families go to. You aren't a snob or anything, you just got a scholarship...
Hamilton Parent Scenarios  by SmolTurtle01
Hamilton Parent Scenarios by idk anymore
...hi! This is a Hamilton parent scenario book! So I'll do mini one shots in here and you'll have the Hamilton crew be your parents! Ok? Ok! Parents: John Alex Burr Lafa...
AKUTŌ • Twisted Wonderland by winnietwisted
AKUTŌ • Twisted Wonderlandby •••
A year after his father's death, a young man is magically teleport into another world called Twisted Wonderland where magic existed for many years but not only that. Di...
Shazam:Aphrodite's Champion  by CivilWarrior0
Shazam:Aphrodite's Champion by Civil Warrior
When a baby boy is left by his cruel family he is taken by the Greek Gods, Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury and lastly Aphrodite later he becomes her ch...
Hamilton X Reader by Kadhaab
Hamilton X Readerby Kadhaab
These are the Hamilton x Readers that I've written. :3
Glory's Twisted Wonderland World by Nqchristine18
Glory's Twisted Wonderland Worldby Nqchristine18
***This will take place after the main story where it will follow my OC Gloriane Corbett and her adventures with her friends at Night Raven College*** This story will be...