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AMONG US: Untrust by tomato_teddy
AMONG US: Untrustby Tired Magical Girl
Ten crewmates, two imposters. Don't trust anyone, not even yourself. It can save lives. ----- Fuchsia is a new recruit of MIRAH, who is now going on a trip to the Skeld...
An Imposter Among Us by NuggetOfTheNorth
An Imposter Among Usby NuggetOfTheNorth
"Congratulations, Miss Duri. You're leading the fifty-fifth voyage to Polus." My initial giddiness wore away under a new and frankly uninvited sense of suspici...
A 'Little' Trip to Space (An Among Us Story) by M_Azalea
A 'Little' Trip to Space (An The_Shipper
Even though Among Us is becoming a less-popular game, I still want to write this! This will probably be really slow updates because of school and forgetfulness. But, her...
Kinda Sus // Among Us [ReaderxImpostor] by winoozie
Kinda Sus // Among Us [ winoozie
✩ReaderxCrewmates except you don't know which of them might kill you. 『Your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut were finally being realised in the worst way possi...
Among Us [BL] [√] by QueenOfAllTrix
Among Us [BL] [√]by P. G. Bagaforo
An Among Us Fic with a bit of mystery, thrill, sci-fi and a little bit of love. 2 years ago, the space union issued a worldwide search for people who are willing to unde...
The Love Among Us by OfficialMaraudersMap
The Love Among Usby Keira
Adeline jumps at the opportunity to play one of the first live gameplays of her favorite game- Among us. But what happens after the game ends, and nobody can escape?
The Among Us Story by OrangeMoungus
The Among Us Storyby OrangeMongus
10 people are kidnapped and put into a spaceship where 2 are an impostor. Can you trust anyone in this situation? Embark on an emotional story with twists and turns arou...
Rescue Riders: Among Us by Ghost_Fantom
Rescue Riders: Among Usby Ghost
The Rescue Riders go in a game called Among Us: A game where there are imposters and Teammates. Who's the imposter? And who can they trust?? Find out! This book will hop...
Left Behind(reader x among us) by chat_noirs_simp
Left Behind(reader x among us)by lol
After waking up in a strange place, you can't recall anything. You have been placed in the experiment, Among Us. Be careful who you trust here, for there is an imposter...
Among Us: Alien Termination (Book 2) by Queenwolfgod
Among Us: Alien Termination ( Akela
Read Book 1 before this one (Bloody Trust). May just actually help you gain ealier information about the characters. The Skeld lands on Polus. So much to do and so mu...
One More Imposter Among Us. (FINISHED) by rileyfics
One More Imposter Among Us. ( Shitty stories for u
Welcome to my Among Us fanfiction that I thought would be funny and original. Lets see how this goes... "********* HAS LEFT THE GAME DUE TO ERROR" (This game h...
Among us one-shots (HIATUS) by Symone-Stories
Among us one-shots (HIATUS)by Sym
Just a bunch of Among Us fanfiction ideas. Some of them might connect to each other, who knows ;) Please help me spread my stories by voting on your favorite chapters, t...
A Whole New World [COMPLETE] by FiveTheRockStar
A Whole New World [COMPLETE]by ⭐ High Five! ⭐
This is a sequel to Twenty-One VS Fifteen. ___________________________________ The Numberblocks from One to Ten, take Twenty-One's advice too seriously and explore more...
From stars to snow (an among us fanfiction) by Ninjikam
From stars to snow (an among us Blue shyguy
This story will follow the perspectives of many characters and I will list them Cyan=male Black=male Pink=female Yellow= male Red=female White=female Green=male Lime=fe...
Among Us - A Novelization by Feral_Cabbage
Among Us - A Novelizationby FeralCabbage
This is a series based on Innersloth's hit game Among Us. It takes the concept of an Impostor (or Impostors) hidden amongst a group of crewmates. I hope you'll enjoy! DI...
There they are! by I_love_hot_moms
There they are!by daddy sock 🤤
Basically, black and pink omg love story 😱😱 so yeah read it or i'll screw your mom and yes this is a among us story sorry not sorry
The Cobalt Heart by hi_weewoo
The Cobalt Heartby hi_weewoo
Oh! Blue's whole life changes when he caught someone acting sus! But who was it? A love drama and a cobalt heart caught up in it.
Among Us: Assassin's Lockdown(Book 3) by Queenwolfgod
Among Us: Assassin's Lockdown( Akela
Life on Polus has been a great struggle, but the pain isn't over. Mira HQ is in danger. A deadly specimen walks the halls and theatens lives.
Fight of D4rkness: an among us au by Juliebugaboo
Fight of D4rkness: an among us auby Bugaboo
READ "tale of the Quistians" first! This is the sequel! It's a lot better too!
𝕊𝕪𝕜𝕜𝕦𝕟𝕠 𝕀𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤/𝕆𝕟𝕖-𝕊𝕙𝕠𝕥𝕤 by RiptideWriters
𝕊𝕪𝕜𝕜𝕦𝕟𝕠 𝕀𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤/𝕆 Khaos
None of the art in this book belongs to me. I found them all on google. I'd really like it if you guys would send in some requests! Sorry in advance if it's poorly writt...