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cookierun oneshots woooohoooooo (hiatus) by sorbetsharkiscute
cookierun oneshots woooohoooooo ( Miley !
DISCONTINUED #baddie #girlboss
Random stuff 5 by N3V3R_4GA1N
Random stuff 5by Lily/Li
I had to start this one early. Wattpad wouldn't let me finish my Random stuff 4 one.
Espresso X Madeleine Oneshots by CH0KETHEM
Espresso X Madeleine Oneshotsby CH0KETHEM
Espresso x Madeleine oneheshots, usually fluff and angst. You may request on any chapter. Items you may request: Fluff Angst Smut No pet names (I use pet names unless sp...
A Man In A Beasts World Memes by ComandoO2
A Man In A Beasts World Memesby I secks you’re mom😳
Someone had to do it Basically anything related to AMIABW
Raycob- the Baka story by onlysussybaka6969
Raycob- the Baka storyby stella
Read the story of Jake Peralta and Raymond Holt becoming bakas, story is not 100% based on the show brooklyn nine-nine
₲Ⱡł₮₵Ⱨ3Đ by CharliWritesStuff
₲Ⱡł₮₵Ⱨ3Đby Charveii
It was just a normal day, on a mission to MIRA's base[one of them, really]. Socks, and some of his other friends accepted the challenge to explore MIRA and actually come...
BFCI (Battle For Championship Island) by efwn8oyihdxeruhm
BFCI (Battle For Championship
this is a certified hood classic. Enjoy the chaos, random comedy, or even romance? Warning: Some Parts will have swer
feral boys go to a concert by simonistakenistaken
feral boys go to a concertby simon :D
Our beloved group of five pissbabies all meet up for 3 days to go to a concert. Within those three days, so much shit goes down and its fucking awesome I'm not saying it...
Captain x Player: Surprise!~ (A SHORT AUL STORY) by loveaintluv
Captain x Player: Surprise!~ (A 甜愛<3
~ Cover image by @lmaopurplevo (Purp!) ~ No one ever attended Captain's birthday party. It burned him on the inside when everyone laughed about it. So, the next year, he...
"I'm in love with my (fr)enemy" A CheesEgg fanfic by YTCat123
"I'm in love with my (fr)enemy" ✨Object simp✨
MrCheese and MrEgg have always been (fr)enemies. But one day MrCheese finds TheGentleman cheating on him with Mother. MrCheese feels heartbroken. But after MrEgg comfort...
nikocado avocado x james charles fanfic 🥺🥺🌸🌸😳💓💗💗 by mangioilcemento
nikocado avocado x james charles klee
ironic that I'm writing this while eating a mcdonalds cheeseburger
IF US PRESIDENTS PLAYED AMONG US (Complete Book Version) by GagaiBucayo
DERIVED FROM "MISSY WRITER'S BOOK O' RANDOMS" Imagine, if the young Wattpad author MW have been in a regular game of Among Us played with 14 other famous Ameri...
aMoGuS 2: ✨Castaways✨ by MagicAngryBird
aMoGuS 2: ✨Castaways✨by Taco of SIN
A truckload of characters, an island in the Pacific Ocean, absolute madness. If you thought the first book was wild, you aren't prepared for this. Ahoy there, ahoy, we a...
Can't help falling in love~ A GentleCheese story by YTCat123
Can't help falling in love~ A ✨Object simp✨
~"Wise men say... only fools rush in... but I can't help... falling in love with you..." MrCheese sang quietly while looking at a picture of him and TheGentlem...
The Among Us Story by OrangeMoungus
The Among Us Storyby OrangeMongus
10 people are kidnapped and put into a spaceship where 2 are an impostor. Can you trust anyone in this situation? Embark on an emotional story with twists and turns arou...
Me and my friends discord convos!!! by AestheteNerd
Me and my friends discord convos!!!by Chanel
@kippykippers @mistfog @spoonwasnothere Im gonna reaveal our discord talks btw!! your good with it right? yes ok
sUs (Amogus Oneshots 😏) by 1-800-CHEESEMILK
sUs (Amogus Oneshots 😏)by Cricket The Doggo
⚠️WARNING ⚠️ WILL HAVE SMUT go away if u don't like smut lmao Also I fuckin drew that cover picture is MS paint be proud of me
rusame: enemies but lovers by TomorrowsForecast
rusame: enemies but loversby Forecast
first they where enimies :flushed: b-b-bbut now *blushes* they are... l l overs I-i hoppe you guys enjoy *blushes flushed giggles cutley*