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The Gateway That Led To You by jelsalover14
The Gateway That Led To Youby Jelsalover14
A mysterious gateway appears in Arendelle, Burgess, Scotland, Berk and Corona. Some say the gateway leads to paradise. Some say the gateway leads to heaven or hell. Some...
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Portal by elveloy
Portalby L.V. Lloyd
The cyborg was huge, built like a juggernaut, and carrying a weapon the size of a rocket launcher. All to hunt down a skinny hooker, weighing a hundred pounds on a good...
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The Path of Light (Book One of The Choice Of An Uchiha) by DawnLB
The Path of Light (Book One of DawnLB
When a young girl and her brother are thrown back in Kakashi's life, she is forced to go through the chain of events that surround and consume Squad Seven. It's only whe...
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Are You Afraid Of The Light {One Shot + Bonus Chapter} by -akucintakamu
Are You Afraid Of The Light {One samantha
In a parallel world, it is not the dark that children fear - it is the light. Thanks so much @onederstruck- for the amazing cover!
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Bit by Bit by _Emalf_
Bit by Bitby S H A D E S
He left them, but more importantly he left her. If only he made a better choice. This focus on that choice. An alternate timeline to where Old doesn't leave to the Sea o...
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Waking Other Lives (Completed, Drakon Series, Book 1) by AlenaDes
Waking Other Lives (Completed, Alena
(An Alternative Universe Book) Sierra lives a rather privileged life; she is coming from a well off, wonderful family, dating the perfect boyfriend, having the best of f...
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Dragon University by writevetsing2024
Dragon Universityby AshleyMarguerite
After an accident, Zadie is astonished to find a stairwell in the back of her closet. It opens up a world of magic and dragon keeping to her. She is faced with a choice...
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Skinlight (Light #1) by TNEvans
Skinlight (Light #1)by TNEvans
The devastating end of the Cold War drove the residents of North America below ground. Bunkers meant to be temporary shelters became permanent homes. Free will was cast...
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ALTERNATE UNIVERSE [ A Modern Gaara Love Story ] by LePurr-fectionist
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE [ A Modern Sophia Marian Pareja
I was just a normal girl when suddenly I got sucked up in a portal leading to a place I never thought existed. Like WTF?! Disclaimer: I dont own naruto ^_^
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Naruto(a different life) by Casey_Knight
Naruto(a different life)by Casey Knight
Naruto grows up with no one to care for him except the nine tails reaches out to him. Taking care of him, the Hidden Leaf village thinks of Naruto as a threat to the vil...
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The Butterfly Effect by Rockie_Sklar_65
The Butterfly Effectby Adanya_K
What if instead of sending Star to Earth to practice her magic, she was sent to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. She never met Marco, and vice versa. B...
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Dragon Ball Z Fanfic: A Race Against Time by SoraAkoyaki
Dragon Ball Z Fanfic: A Race SoraAkoyaki
Second installment of the Guardian Series. Summary: So, Roki thinks he's finally gotten use to his new body. He's even accepted his odd behavior that seems to be linked...
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Tragedy of the Demon Lord by ToumeiNingen
Tragedy of the Demon Lordby ToumeiNingen
What do you do when you're summoned to another world but turn out not to be the hero? Become the Demon Lord, of course! Alongside a dragon, a fae, and an angel, the firs...
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Blink by nightlightives
Blinkby Ives Light
When Harry inhales the fumes of a premature potion, he is transported into numerous alternate worlds. Brought to light are the issues of his ‘bigger picture’.
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Exiled: The Demonic Soul by EaLuos
Exiled: The Demonic Soulby EaLuos
Life was pretty much normal for highschooler, Lucifer. An insult here and an insult there. Being named after the infamous fallen angel is a really tedious problem. Alway...
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As if one wasn't enough by missmae203
As if one wasn't enoughby missmae203
Eridan goes to have a dual with Sollux on lobaf but when something goes horribly wrong things get weird This is an au where sollux didn't die pre-median entry and still...
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Persona 4: Awakening of the Next Personas by BlakeSnow
Persona 4: Awakening of the Next Blake Snow
Jessame Kanda is an odd child that keeps to herself. At least, that was until she was suddenly shipped of to Inaba to live with her aunt and her cousin. Within the secon...
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Caught in Between by Omega_2000
Caught in Betweenby Omega_2000
When a new kid comes to school, the two most popular kids at school: Yami and Atem aren't that really interested. After all, they have their friends and don't really ha...
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The Fairy Lantern and the Fox Doll by Random_Inspiration
The Fairy Lantern and the Fox Dollby Meg C Clarke
A Fairy Tale story for lovers of simple joys and exciting adventures. Sam finds a new World connected to our world and finds a new friend. What does Grandma Lacy have to...
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1t Hurts, K4rkl3s by cielvantas
1t Hurts, K4rkl3sby •Logan•
The aftermath of what would have happened if Terezi hadn't stopped Vriska.
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