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When Fear Takes Hold by PurpleSky_124
When Fear Takes Holdby PurpleSky
A new, deadly disease is spreading, and although necessary precautions are put in place, the nations don't show much concern. That is, until it's revealed they aren't im...
Runaway Maple leaf by _FandomLover332_
Runaway Maple leafby FandomLover .
The country's move in with their 'family's' for a year to see how they would react to each other after living under one roof. Matthew also known as Canada can't take his...
For Mattie by CanadaIsMyBoy
For Mattieby CanadaIsMyBoy
×Hetalia FACE Fanfic× ×Human AU× Matthew Williams has always been neglected. Since the day he was born to the present point, the thoughts spilling lies. Perhaps, if he e...
Instincts | Hybrid! Hetalia x Reader by KrystalSunset118
Instincts | Hybrid! Hetalia x Krystal
In a world where hybrids exist, and are treated like animals despite their human characteristics, a young female by the name of (Y/N) bids her good friend goodbye and wa...
(Hetalia) The truth of the past  by Charlotte769
(Hetalia) The truth of the past by Charlotte769
The ancients have finally had enough of seeing their children suffering in silence and have decided to take matters into their own hands, starting with revealing a few l...
Hetalia One Shots  by Ivan___Braginsky
Hetalia One Shots by Ivan Braginsky
Full of one shots of your favorite hetalia characters (oneshots, lemons, whatever) ~REQUESTS ARE OPEN!~
Invisible. ( Red Velvet Pancakes ) by splosioncauser7
Invisible. ( Red Velvet Pancakes )by splosioncauser7
All Matthew wanted was to be noticed, but not like this.
A Tale as Old as Time by stiernavik
A Tale as Old as Timeby writing hetafics in 2021
(Hetalia X Beauty and the Beast) What would you do for love? After getting caught in a rainstorm, a certain Matthew Williams stumbled upon a castle that he did not know...
Rising Fascination by swedenikeamaster
Rising Fascinationby River
Alfred always had magic inside him, it was apparent for a long time. He had a close connection with animals, he felt things differently than most. He was different. But...
Bye Bye Birdie [PruCan] - {Completed} by OwlofLittleFaith
Bye Bye Birdie [PruCan] - { Samantha Gerrow
-High School, Human AU- ~ "So, Birdie..." Gilbert laughs awkwardly as an attempt to cure the tension filled silence around us, which only made the tension wors...
Fading away by kingdom_of_souls
Fading awayby kingdom_of_souls
Canada is dying. Maybe its for the best though, I mean, who remembered him enough to miss him? Maybe it would end his loneliness and he could start all over, as a differ...
What Is Love? (Canada X Country!Reader) (Complete) by peculiarjane
What Is Love? (Canada X Country! peculiarjane
What is Love? A question asked by 2 souls who felt it. At first they here unsure of the feeling, It was very foreign and this feeling just didn't fit in with the others...
Noticed by maple_loving_alfie
Noticedby Al {Alfred F Jones}
Matthew Williams (or Canada) was never noticed at world meetings. It's either that or he was sat on. What would happen if a certain burger loving bastard started noticin...
Twisted Diamonds and the Hidden Spade by CatToBeKittenMeow
Twisted Diamonds and the Hidden CatToBeKittenMeow
A UsUk cardverse, where the Queen Of Spades has yet to be found. Arthur lived a normal life in the Diamond Kingdom, with one of his brothers, Jett, becoming the Ace Of...
They Never Grow Up - Face family by APH_Francis_Bonnefoy
They Never Grow Up - Face familyby Francis Bonnefoy
This is my story, the tales of stress, love and hope as me and my british husband raise our two sons as the most unlikely (and dysfunctional) family to ever exist, told...
Forgettable by Fave101
Forgettableby Fave101
Matthew and Gilbert used to be homicide detectives. The work was hard on Matthew since he has Hyperthymesia. He couldn't forget the horrible things he'd seen. They wo...
The North America Bros and the Goblet of Fire by grizzlyeagleshark
The North America Bros and the A Veritable Mess
ADOPTED BY @Inky_Studios Pottertalia. (Harry potter and Hetalia crossover) England and Harry share the Voldemort dream and England sends Matthew (only Matthew- Alfred...
UsUk One Shots by loppity_lop
UsUk One Shotsby Zephyr
Requests are open, I'll write what you want
A trip to the past: Titanic by _FandomLover332_
A trip to the past: Titanicby FandomLover .
Matthew williams, Canada, finds a dark blue crystal on the shores Newfoundland. He doesn't think about it at first when he first picks it up and keeps it with him. At a...
After Dark by Fave101
After Darkby Fave101
Matthew has cheated death a few times. He knew how to handle his own physical and emotional pain. He was used to people hurting him, but never thought about others hur...