Shinobi x Assassin - Naruto fanfiction(COMPLETED)

Shinobi x Assassin - Naruto fanfiction(COMPLETED)

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P.M Weissmann By Weissmann96 Completed

An Assassin who has outrun her utility...

The birth of an avenger...

 Akame(from Akame ga kill) is in a slump after the victory of the revolutionary army... She knows only too well that the Empire no longer needed an assassin...

Feeling lost she is looking on when all of a sudden she is thrown across to an alternate dimension(Naruto world) by Amaterasu-ō-mi-kami...

Will the wheels of destiny begin to turn when the assassin meets Uchiha Sasuke and hears his plans for the future?

Will she aid him in killing his elder brother or will she able to make him realize in time who THE REAL ENEMY IS?

Pressure build up as Akame falls in love... but will she be able to protect Sasuke from the ever increasing tide of enemies?

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