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One heartbeat at a time by cammy_queen
One heartbeat at a timeby cammy_queen
Ashlynn Marshall is the younger sister of Amber Marshall, she's 24 years old and a professional horse trainer and rider. On Ashlynn's off day, Amber takes her to the set...
A little O'Delicious (A Heartland Story) by hicklife
A little O'Delicious (A Heartland...by Josey
Jolene is a up and coming prospect on the circuit as a barrel racer but when horse Moon starts acting up during her runs she doesn't know what to do. Until one of her fr...
Ty's last trip  by KaelynHalyk
Ty's last trip by Kaelyn Halyk
when Bob convinces Ty to take a trip to Mongolia during the Coronavirus outbreak the family is concerned Bob promises not to let anything happen to Ty but will he be abl...
a lost  child  by KaelynHalyk
a lost child by Kaelyn Halyk
Amy finds an abandoned child and brings it back to heartland. takes place in season 7
Heartland's youngest family member by Daniventurer
Heartland's youngest family memberby Daniela
Hi my name is Olivia Noel Fleming and I'm the youngest sister. I have two older sisters named Samantha Louise aka "Lou" and Amy. I'm 9 years old which means I'...
A true mother  by KaelynHalyk
A true mother by Kaelyn Halyk
AIU when Amy and Ty guess the news that Clint is considering sending Luke back home to Andrea will Amy Step Up and bring to light Andrew's recent misstep on her visit to...
Finding Our Way Back by Heartlandfanlex93
Finding Our Way Backby Heartlandfanlex93
Ty leaves town to find himself he realizes his heart is in Hudson with Amy so he comes back to town only to find her with a new man . He must work hard to go back
HEARTLAND by I-love-my-grandpa
It is about a family,Amy,Jack/Grandpa,Lou,and y/n,face a callenge to take care of the family Ranch.without Lindy(Amy and Lous mom)meanwhile a kid on probation name Ty co...
Untold truths by cowgirl_story_editor
Untold truthsby Lizzy Dock
Ashley (@heartlandfanlex93) and Lizzy Dock (me) (@cowgirl_story_editor & @elizabeth_the_equestrain) are writing a mystery Heartland fan-fiction. Ty gets a letter that b...
Heartland by alyssalynn193
Heartlandby Alyssa Lynn
Tara Cohan is a 16 year old from Texas. When her parents died she had to move from her horse ranch in Texas, to Heartland, a horse ranch in Canada. All she has left is h...
A New Heartland Relative (on hold) by liv310503
A New Heartland Relative (on hold)by Liv
#2 with the tag Amy #2 with the tag Borden The story of Ty and his sister he never knew he had.
Book 1. Changes for good or worse?! A Yugioh Zexal story. by Lumaking7
Book 1. Changes for good or worse...by Lumaking7
It's about a homeless girl who get's her life changed dramatically, when she meets Yuma and the gang! She is gonna have adventures, surprises, and even friends and famil...
Home Is Where the Heart Is (A heartland season) by heartlandfinesse
Home Is Where the Heart Is (A hear...by heartland.finesse
This is basically my version of season 10. After Amy tells Ty she's pregnant, they have to figure their new crazy world out together. When things get complicated for Geo...
Heartland Amy and ty one-shots by Seriousreader104949
Heartland Amy and ty one-shotsby Seriousreader104949
A few one shots about heartland Amy and Ty. There is gonna be some lemons so BE WARNED YOUNG READERS. Certain episodes also and might change up the story line.
baby number two  by KaelynHalyk
baby number two by Kaelyn Halyk
exactly what it sounds like this is a heartland fanfiction about Amy being pregnant again.
heartland is are home now by darkanglel_28
heartland is are home nowby darkangle_28
Becca is Georgie's sister who has come to heartland but instead of being adopted by Lou and Peter she is adopted by Ty and Amy. But unlike Georgie it will tack Becca i l...
Amy and Ty: Life after marriage by 4everheartland
Amy and Ty: Life after marriageby Kyrstin
This story is based on Heartland and what happens after Amy and Ty get married. Amy is a miracle girl who works with troubled horses and her Fiancé, Ty, is a vet student...
The Secret by Heartlandfanlex93
The Secretby Heartlandfanlex93
When Ty long lost brother arrives at Heartland. He wonders if Ryder is actually his brother or has a hidden agenda.
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Heartland: Jallory Comes home. [COMPLETED] by firstheartlandfan
Heartland: Jallory Comes home. [CO...by firstheartlandfan
Jake and Mallory are engaged and return back to Heartland! But recently, Jack hired a new stable hand from Mallory's past, will the Sparks still be there? Or will Mall...
Together Forever by Heartlandfanlex93
Together Foreverby Heartlandfanlex93
Ty and Amy are starting their married life together they are happy and in love until Ty ex girlfriend comes to town do they stay together or are they torn apart