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REVEAL OF ASR [✓✓ by shylpeter8
REVEAL OF ASR [✓✓by shyl peter
Accompany me to the journey of Revealing known ASR yet unknown ASR
TaaRey FF - Aurora!  by Asha_PercAbeth
TaaRey FF - Aurora! by Asha Rani B S
The story starts from the exact moment of Rey confessing the truth of break up in front of everyone, when he's drunk. But please note, all scenes of TR including the NCB...
TaaRey FF - Epiphany (Completed) by Asha_PercAbeth
TaaRey FF - Epiphany (Completed)by Asha Rani B S
It's been 2 years Taani & Rey broke up. Both have moved on in their life. What happens when they face each other? would their romance rekindle? or does they move on how...
< What If> Amreena Turns To Friends With Benefits  by MehelyIslam
Amreena Turns To Friends With Mehely Islam
What If Colleagues turn to friends with benefit... The Consequences will be Hot Crispy.. Ms.Haseena Malik S.H.O (At Mahila Police Thana) MR. Amar Vidrohi S.H.O (At Mahil...
Morir de amor  by AKMU_BABI
Morir de amor by P'Dean
¿Por qué el amor duele?
I Love You But I don't want to Marry You.. by Priya_Pranushka
I Love You But I don't want to Priyanka Akurati
One Billionaire Son loves a Girl Sincerely, Both their families agreed for their Love but he don't want to marry her that he hates marriage...Will he will change his Min...
TaaRey FF - An Exquisite Love Saga by Asha_PercAbeth
TaaRey FF - An Exquisite Love Sagaby Asha Rani B S
D one quixotic plan of Rey have changed d life of 2 individuals to the extreme. Rey is heart-broken with d exit of Taani from d college n also from his life. Though its...
Amarseena-The perfect couple by meeemoooo222444
Amarseena-The perfect coupleby meeemoooo
This story will start from a while before haseena entered the thana because i want to show a strong background of haseena and there will be no sign of ANUSEENA!!!!! SORR...
Esta es la historia de un hombre que esta cansado de la vida tanto que ya quiere dejar de existir
Second Love  by CoolWeAre
Second Love by CoolWeAre
Jis tarah jeevan ek baar milta hai ,mrityu ek baar hoti hai theek usi tarah sachha prem bhi ek hi baar hota hai .......... .........kya sachha prem sachmein keval ek hi...
GAYS UNMASKED by rolexanbufangirl
GAYS UNMASKEDby rolexanbufangirl
The EAGLE is coming... To unveil the secret amorous relationships that have become the backdrop of the drug bust investigations in Trichy and Chennai Between love and re...
¿Quién Soy? by _2juliet5_
¿Quién Soy?by Juliet Muñoz Mosquera
Ya estaba harta de los maltratos diarios. Ya estaba cansada de soñar con los ojos que me atormentan cuando duermo. Estaba harta de estar sola y ahora que te tengo...
AMAL(COMPLETED) by userayeesha
AMAL(COMPLETED)by Ink_writer
The story AMAL is an interesting novel of Amal hamajoda. dating was hard during her years spent as a teenager, because her parent were strict and didn't want her associ...
Ours Forever by AvaLuluTM
Ours Foreverby Ava Lulu Tomlinson-Malik
Tris Prior comes home after six years from a war. She lives with her mother and her best friend in LA. Roaming in the house, she finds a Typewriter which reminds her of...
O Filho Do Meu Padastro by evellykarollyne
O Filho Do Meu Padastroby evellykarollyne
ela: nerd ele: popular eles : se odeiam.....
Dauntless Born - Tris Pedrad by barelyalive01
Dauntless Born - Tris Pedradby barelyalive01
Hi... First ever fanfiction here This is a 'what if' Tris Prior was instead born into the Pedrad family. Twin with Uriah and younger sister to Zeke. Hope you enjoy!
Mis Cuentos para Crecer by joelpmon
Mis Cuentos para Crecerby Joel Alberto Paz Montiel
Este es un libro de ocho cuentos infantiles en el que además de contar historias se exponen los valores que nos convierten en seres con la capacidad de amar y respectar...
Amar by SuSu_moonchild
Amarby SuSu_moonchild
Life is like an earthquake, it's calm and then it slowly turns upside down. But that seems to only be true for some people, because Amar's life is always upside down. W...
una historia by LidiaFlores677
una historiaby Lidia Flores
Analía es una chica con bastantes preocupaciones de la vida, pero nadie la entiende; sus padres no le ayudan solo empeoran cada día su vida ¿Podrá tener una vida feliz?.
TaaRey OneShots by Asha_PercAbeth
TaaRey OneShotsby Asha Rani B S
It contains oneshot stories on TaaRey.