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Mustique Love  ( I won't Leave You, Even I Die - 2 (Sequeal)) by Priya_Pranushka
Mustique Love ( I won't Leave Priyanka Akurati
40 Years Middle Aged Businessman fall in Love with 20 Years Old Girl..Even He loves her because of Society and Most Important Because of his Dangerous Past, He can't abl...
TaaRey FF - Aurora!  by Asha_PercAbeth
TaaRey FF - Aurora! by Asha Rani B S
The story starts from the exact moment of Rey confessing the truth of break up in front of everyone, when he's drunk. But please note, all scenes of TR including the NCB...
AMAL(COMPLETED) by userayeesha
AMAL(COMPLETED)by Ink_writer
The story AMAL is an interesting novel of Amal hamajoda. dating was hard during her years spent as a teenager, because her parent were strict and didn't want her associ...
Once Upon a Blog (Translation) by DotDWizard
Once Upon a Blog (Translation)by DotDWizard
It's been almost a year since eighteen-year-old Valentina Carvajal was in a car accident which left her crippled, scarred, and without a mother. After a very difficult r...
TaaRey FF - Epiphany (Completed) by Asha_PercAbeth
TaaRey FF - Epiphany (Completed)by Asha Rani B S
It's been 2 years Taani & Rey broke up. Both have moved on in their life. What happens when they face each other? would their romance rekindle? or does they move on how...
Tobias's Sister- Divergent Story by owlcrazy10
Tobias's Sister- Divergent Storyby owlcrazy10
Cassie is the sister of the dauntless prodigy Four. Her dad is Marcus Eaton. Her mother died when she was young. So she does not remember her. That is when Marcus start...
I Love You But I don't want to Marry You.. by Priya_Pranushka
I Love You But I don't want to Priyanka Akurati
One Billionaire Son loves a Girl Sincerely, Both their families agreed for their Love but he don't want to marry her that he hates marriage...Will he will change his Min...
Dil Dosti Dance-FF🥰 by ms__melon
Dil Dosti Dance-FF🥰by ms__melon
This is a fan friction of one of my favorite show D3 a bit similar yet different hope you all like it the story starts when kriya came back to India in D3 gang's life ho...
The Mafia's Deception  by HijabConqueress
The Mafia's Deception by MaryamS.Sawaneh
"I searched for you everywhere, but to my dismay...i couldn't find you." His eyes watered. Before continuing "And this time, .." Omg! "I'll pu...
Resurgent by be_brave_divergent
Resurgentby Katt722
One choice can restore you Taking place a year after the epilogue of Allegiant, what happens when Tris didn't actually die? What will life be like when she comes back? I...
PriAm❤Ek unkahi dastaan by Cap_cool
PriAm❤Ek unkahi dastaanby Captain_Cool
This is a story based on two people whose lives are very different. A handsome dashing young man "Amar Khurana" and a beautiful young girl "Priyal Arora&q...
Aberrant by squirrelmonkey123
Aberrantby squirrelmonkey123
'The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.' -Jim Hightower In a society divided into five factions, two girls m...
Manan: Broken (Dark) by asoma_soma
Manan: Broken (Dark)by soma
A story of a girl with no love in her life full of darkness when ever she try to come out of it unfortunately she gets more in it... And on the other side a boy full of...
TaaRey FF - An Exquisite Love Saga by Asha_PercAbeth
TaaRey FF - An Exquisite Love Sagaby Asha Rani B S
D one quixotic plan of Rey have changed d life of 2 individuals to the extreme. Rey is heart-broken with d exit of Taani from d college n also from his life. Though its...
Pained by Writersaurus
Painedby Shay
But when I was handed the knife, I felt something inside of me change. Something awakening, a terrifying power that I kept locked up inside me. Strength. I was blinded...
Saathiya by SarafWasima
Saathiyaby Saraf Wasima Islam Saba
Everyone has moved on with their lives after she ditched them...but did she really ditch? Has Rey really moved on? The question remained unanswered till she returned aft...
Pratap- Ajabde OS Gallery by roshnifaisal
Pratap- Ajabde OS Galleryby Roshni
Not a long reading story section....just short and sweet stories about adorable couple Pratap and Ajabde....not very short, not very is just a piece of my fee...
KRIYAANSH FF: Kuch Khaas Hai Inki Yeh Love Story by SarafWasima
KRIYAANSH FF: Kuch Khaas Hai Saraf Wasima Islam Saba
Kriya Ghai, a rich girl but never bothered of being one. Loves her mom, dance is her first love and last only, but that changes when REYAANSH SINGHANIA enters her life...
ArSha: Journey of Love & Passion by SabaMizi
ArSha: Journey of Love & Passionby Saraf Wasima Islam Saba
This is a FF based on the popular Indian dancing couple, Kunwar Amar & Shakti Mohan. If there's any Charmar or Vrimar fan reading this story, I will apologies in advance...