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Awakened (Severus|Lucius) by Iggypaige
Awakened (Severus|Lucius)by Iggy Paige
Lucretia Vaire is a 17-year-old witch that comes to find out that her parents who have been homeschooling her are famous Pure-Blood Gryffindor's who fought the Dark Lord...
Monday | •2Seok• by D-R-E-A-M--y-o
Monday | •2Seok•by Yoo 🤍
In all my life, I never believed I'd find a love like this...🌼 SEOKJIN × HOSEOK YOONGI × JUNGKOOK Book Cover : @ChoiJaehi
Connected by Love « Jack White » by WhisperWhite3
Connected by Love « Jack White »by Dorian White
jack understands me. i know he loves me. but i just wish i didn't lie to him.
The Book On Love by thenerdygirl3
The Book On Loveby thenerdygirl3
Jane’s world is thrust upside-down when her parents threaten her with a life-changing decision. Either she take part in the family business and give up on her life long...
Star-Crossed Lovers by lamashley
Star-Crossed Loversby Mal Halsey
Same story, 3 different versions Inspired from the feature films The Crush (1993), Beautiful Girls (1996), and Hick (2011). WARNING: The theme of this story may not be s...
"The Unwritten Canvas" by TheSyHouse
"The Unwritten Canvas"by The Sy House
"The Unwritten Canvas" is a poignant tale of Maria Finch and Umberto Vega, whose intertwined lives navigate the complexities of love, ambition, and self-discov...
The Wisest Fool. by beautifulchaos222
The Wisest anonymous night owl
A suspenseful, thrilling love story that is not for the weak! Read on for an unpredictable adventure.🤙 The moment they locked eyes, the chemistry was undeniable. Two pe...
An Unspoken Spell by zapalooza
An Unspoken Spellby buphie
Mia unleashes a new journey once she meets her new best friend, Maria. Maria adds her to the unspeakable group chat where she meets her new best friends Brielle, Kloe, Z...
Him and THAT rain by aRaindropInTheOcean
Him and THAT rainby aRaindropInTheOcean
Musings on the love most beautiful and pure, of Videv from the show Na Umra ki seema ho.
The Adventures of Tommy and Patsy by MaceyJaceyLacey
The Adventures of Tommy and Patsyby MaceyJaceyLacey
Summer. A time of peace and relaxation. No distractions. No schoolwork. Nothing could ever potentially ruin the feeling of serenity he would feel burying his head in a b...
My Step Brother, Boyfriend, Or Friends With Benifits? by kaylin9001
My Step Brother, Boyfriend, Or kaylin9001
What happens when you meet your dads girlfriends really cute and flirty son... And a boyfriend?!?!Well you will have to read and find out?! (Wrote this at 13 kinda gross...
Twisted romances  by leii_mavis
Twisted romances by Leii_does_not_exist
A new girl •April• catches her English teachers eye, she likes him and she doesn't know it but he likes her too...where do they go from there? Will someone else catch he...
His Favourite View  by aRaindropInTheOcean
His Favourite View by aRaindropInTheOcean
Devvrath Raichand, a powerful magnate who rules the business world, fails to resist the allure of her simple innocence.
His Obsession  by namjoonsgreenhair
His Obsession by namjoonsgreenhair
Jeon Y/N, A sweet and kind hearted soul with an innocent mind, she loves everyone and always tries to make people around her happy... Unaware of the fact that the peopl...
Umar Hai Hi Kya by ishq_ki_dastaan
Umar Hai Hi Kyaby Aaravi (in fandom)
Monami mahajan a girl from a upper middle class family falls in love with Karan Shergill the Executive director of her school Will their love succeed? Read the story to...
Her SilverFox SugarDaddy | SAMPLE  by KIAValcent
Her SilverFox SugarDaddy | SAMPLE by DarkRoyalty Books
Kaien Asner was an aspiring graphic designer who had planned to marry his high school sweetheart of two years as soon as he was done with college. Everything changed whe...
The Way I Still Love You | Nonfic bl  by Noel_Jinx
The Way I Still Love You | LI_IU
" Desire To share My naked Confession " ඊතන් අගාර සන්දුල් බන්ඩාර " I'll be Your lover and hold your hand . You should know i'll be there for you " ...
No Escape  by jinju0320
No Escape by luna
An office romance short story. Lily and Alex find each other attractive but hesitant to do something because of their age gap till one night when they can't control the...