Mormor Oneshots by Detective4Life
Mormor Oneshotsby Lestroodle
Fluff, angst, weirdness, more fluff, and slightly out of character characters (sorry). No fanart or any other media used in this is mine unless I say so. Hope you enjoy~
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Lockscreens  by hwillies
Lockscreens by Willie×S×Kate
Yeah just what you're thinking about...the images you put up for your screen.. I'd like to do them on requests feel free...
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Dinning with Frogs by TheWhipHand-
Dinning with Frogsby The Woman
Sherlock needs Irene Adler's help to bring down Moriarty's network. Irene drives a rather hard bargain.
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The Second Generation by LadyEnd01
The Second Generationby Leah Sutherland
A Holmes Son A Moriarty Son Still at war What could possibly happen? (Starts pre season 3, ends pre season 4)
  • sebastian
  • magnusson
  • cliffhanger
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Partners In Crime: Watch Them Break  by TheWeepingAngelOfCas
Partners In Crime: Watch Them TheWeepingAngelofCas
Disclaimer: I do not own anything!! Also, READ THE FIRST THREE BOOKS BEFORE THIS ONE OR LITTLE WILL MAKE SENSE. *Spoilers* *Spoilers* *Spoilers* Sherlock is dead. Moria...
  • johnlock
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MorMor Angst Oneshots by Detective4Life
MorMor Angst Oneshotsby Lestroodle
No one asked for this, but welcome to a book dedicated to me dealing out angst for everyone's favorite murder boyfriends 💓 Feel free to request~~
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o2l imagines and preferences|completed by dreamybabes
o2l imagines and preferences| melanie
o2l imagines completed November 7th 2016 10:18PM. all good things come to end but they live forever in our hearts. all rights reserved dreamybabes 2015-2016 undergoing...
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O2L Adopted a Youtuber by bubblegumlou_
O2L Adopted a Youtuberby M A R I A H
Minnie is a young youtuber who happens to be an orphan but she didn't let that stop her, what happens when Kian Lawley and the rest of o2l take her into their family? We...
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Sʜᴇʀʀɪɴfᴏʀᴅ ʜᴏʟᴍᴇs by Sherrinford-Holmes
Sʜᴇʀʀɪɴfᴏʀᴅ ʜᴏʟᴍᴇsby 𝕊𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕕 ℍ𝕠𝕝�...
The Personal Diary of Sherrinford Holmes.
  • eurus
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Impossible Truths by Writing-Out-Loud
Impossible Truthsby The Impossible Dreamer
I've spent my entire life searching for the truth. I solve cases to find what is truth and what is lies; distinguish the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Moriarty...
  • moran
  • bakerstreet
  • romance
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Partners In Crime: Beginners Luck - A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by TheWeepingAngelOfCas
Partners In Crime: Beginners TheWeepingAngelofCas
Disclaimer: BBC Sherlock belongs to its rightful owners. Also, I only added some words to the cover. The pic I do not own. WARNING: READ THE FIRST BOOK BEFORE THIS ONE...
  • completed
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Partners In Crime: Watch Them Fall Apart [COMPLETED] by TheWeepingAngelOfCas
Partners In Crime: Watch Them TheWeepingAngelofCas
Disclaimer: Sherlock and it's character's all belong to their rightful owners. I only own my Original Character. THIRD BOOK IN THE PARTNERS IN CRIME SERIES. PLEASE READ...
  • sherlockholmes
  • jamesmoriarty
  • johnwatson
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Living With O2L(O2L/Jc Caylen fanfic) by MrsO2LForever
Living With O2L(O2L/Jc Caylen Lyndsey Mcaninch
Moving from Pennsylvania to California a 17year old girl gets to meet her fav YouTubers and gets to live with them?....will she fall for one of the boys or will they jus...
  • pottoroff
  • caylen
  • lawley
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Who Misses Miss Molly? {A Sherlock Fanfiction} by sweetmoriartea
Who Misses Miss Molly? {A Ashley-Kate
Miss Molly Hooper was not who she seemed to be. The shy pathologist had been working under the great Jim Moriarty for years, an informant to let him know everything he n...
  • moran
  • greg
  • sherlock
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The Consulting Criminal And His Assassin by Detective4Life
The Consulting Criminal And His Lestroodle
Ever since he was hired, Sebastian Moran started to fall for James Moriarty. But he kept it hidden, in fear his affection would be used to get to him. James Moriarty sta...
  • otp
  • moran
  • fluff
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Moriarty's Girl  by TotallyNotJenna
Moriarty's Girl by Jenna
Sherlock lived. We all know that now. But he was not the only suspected death on St. Bart's that day. Yes, I'm talking about Moriarty. He survived. This story, Is...
  • bbc
  • moriarty
  • girl
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the o2l bible by theroIIingstones
the o2l bibleby maria
open and enjoy the holy grail of our second life [highest ranking- #4 in o2l] [#o2lbible on kik] update (2 years later): this book is cringy af, but i decided not to del...
  • imagines
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Looks can be deceiving  by Miss_Palisa
Looks can be deceiving by Palesa
Life for Lyric isn't as smooth and simple as she thought. She is attracted to the outside beauty more than inner beauty and that leads to disaster.
  • sarahs29
  • jasminevillegas
  • isabelleronin
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How? Clay Labrant Trevor Moran and Hayes Grier Fanfiction by Hayesisthebae77
How? Clay Labrant Trevor Moran Joycelyn The Loser
Joycelyn was always the odd kid after her mom left she became very quite and to add onto that she was bullied by Trevor Moran, Clay Labrant, And Hayes Grier. What will h...
  • hayes
  • clay
  • bullying
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The Heart of a Sniper (MorMor) by Chaserjinx8065
The Heart of a Sniper (MorMor)by CL
"This is your heart, and you should never let it rule your head" Sebastian Moran is a criminal. A sniper for one of the worst criminals in the world. Jim Mori...
  • moriparty
  • gayshipnotyourgrandma
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