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Shadow by frostyella
Shadowby O.C MaNNIE
Stories of men who abandon their family for reasons not worth it litter all around. Stories of men who violently abuse their wives for no just cause fly around. Stories...
  • thriller
  • supervillain
  • lagos
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Waves Of Destiny  by Finest_Wine
Waves Of Destiny by Chyziterem ❤
There's only so much the human mind can take before it implodes. Adaeze Umeh has imploded and everyone is going to be affected. Molested as a child, she f...
  • adaeze
  • freementalillness
  • schizophrenia
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Miss Perfect [Ongoing] by BitchxPotato
Miss Perfect [Ongoing]by 🤘🏾Potato🏀
"What? She's not wearing any makeup?!" "Damn what an ass!" "Her hair is so flawless..." "How she muscular and curvy both at once?"...
  • blackgirl
  • blackculture
  • african
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Who Gon' Pray For Me? by royal-wakandan
Who Gon' Pray For Me?by Queen Mimi
Mowi T'tumba Imca aka Tumba. Sister to N'jadaka aka Erik Killmonger Daughter of N'jobu That's what she thought DISCLAIMER: I do Not own any character's in the story ex...
  • michealbjordan
  • blackpanther
  • lgbt
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Behind The Glitters✔ by IderaOluwa1
Behind The Glitters✔by IderaOluwa1
Cover by African Cover Shop @africanliterature #526 in short story [14-01-2018] #810 in short story [01-01-2018) An intriguing story of three university girls in the sam...
  • africanculture
  • friendship
  • teenfiction
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The Death Trials by hypergraphik
The Death Trialsby adwoa
"I wanted to give this to you in person," Anubis said, taking a step closer to the girl who was evidently petrified. He handed her a crisp white envelope that...
  • talkthepoc
  • trials
  • nubian
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Tender Feelings by IderaOluwa1
Tender Feelingsby IderaOluwa1
#501 in chicklit #891 in chicklit _ The return of Iwalewa!. Coming soon Please add this book to your library I'll start it soon,then you can enjoy it! Thanks.
  • love
  • intresting
  • africanculture
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UNSIGHTED by YeoliePanda
UNSIGHTEDby YeoliePanda
Being the only albino born into her family and village, Siatta has never been welcomed in her family nor community. Series of life's fireballs is constantly thrown her w...
  • africanculture
  • albino
  • saveblackcharacters
Ninjas In The Pride [Naruto] by Happyritas
Ninjas In The Pride [Naruto]by • (on hiatus) •
"Your name is Diata Amari Efe Ekene Chimaka Berta Jaheem. Now, look around you, Diata. Do you see the stars in the shining in the sky? Behold, the only thing that i...
  • thirdhokage
  • ninja
  • anime
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RESCUE by NancySmalls
RESCUEby Nancy Smalls
*Story based on traditional African culture which views the female gender as frail and insignificant. Ed my boyfriend, being part of the perpetrators of the wicked cultu...
  • africangirl
  • africanculture
  • culturaldynamicsdynamics
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Drums and sands  by Karma_dimma
Drums and sands by Enyinna Chidimma
life through the eyes of an African child. Her transformations, her visions. Those things we can never 'unlive', sights we can't 'unsee', those things make us alive; US!
  • poetrycollection
  • igbopoems
  • christlike
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Sanctifier by jerrykibuchi
Sanctifierby jerrykibuchi
This is an African Sci-Fi story. Enjoy! Location:Eastern Africa.
  • scifi-fantasy
  • africa
  • eastafrica
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The next day by WILD_RUNZ
The next dayby Wild Runz
a short story about a nigerian boy in the 70's who deals with bullying on his first day of school
  • blogspot
  • nigeria
  • justwriteit
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Beautiful Rossettes (A werewolf story set in Africa) by Wongile
Beautiful Rossettes (A werewolf Wongile Mbano
A Werewolf Mate story set in Africa. Your pair, your other half, your soulmate, Chauta is generous gifting every leopard with a mate. (Chauta is word for God) Jabulani w...
  • afrofantasy
  • africanliterature
  • luna
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Lucky With My Dreams by JessicaTendayi
Lucky With My Dreamsby Jessica Tendayi
Sometimes life serves us lemons. Its easier to get bitter and resentful when things do not go our way. But sometimes life takes us the long way round before we come fu...
  • family
  • zimbabweanculture
  • africanculture
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Storm Fighter(Busy with School) by LydiaAgyepong
Storm Fighter(Busy with School)by 💛Angel💟💟
Highest ranking #2 in greediness (On hold because am busy with school) Angela Adjepong is normal teenage girl,who unfortunately lost her parents through an accident. S...
  • afro
  • racism
  • highschoolgirl
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SOPHIA'S CHRONICLES by annastaciawairimu
SOPHIA'S CHRONICLESby annastaciawairimu
sophia is a 19 year old,coming from a family of four.she loves them so much though they are always a pain in the ass.we'll see her day to day she deals with fa...
  • love
  • life
  • crush
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The Dating Manual by thoughtsontext
The Dating Manualby hermit
Mavis Jenner is an awkward eighteen year old in a foreign country. With her olive skin and hazel eyes, she sticks out like a sore thumb amidst shades of brown and black...
  • issac
  • love
  • black
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Queendom: Beautiful Scars (Book 1) by YeoliePanda
Queendom: Beautiful Scars (Book 1)by YeoliePanda
Highest rank: #4 in blackqueens #22 in bwbm "In a time when half siblings wedded each other to protect the throne, the story of one specific royal family unfolds in...
  • projectafricanculture
  • wattys2017
  • battle
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