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A Passionate Protection ---STEREK--- by GoldenGrape22
A Passionate Protection ---STEREK...by GoldenGrape22
Stiles and Derek have no choice but to live together for Stiles to be protected and hidden. How will their ambiguous relationship evolve?
My dad's prisoner (Loki X reader) by edmrvlfx
My dad's prisoner (Loki X reader)by edmrvl.fx
It's 2012 in NYC and you're living your life as normally as an avenger's child could. Having Tony Stark as a father wasn't easy everyday, but still it was amazing, and a...
Hard for by bdskalwourhr
Hard forby idontknow
"You're the only one that my dick could get hard for" As Rafe Cameron slowly discovers his feelings for Amelia Peterson Both sharing an intense passionate bond...
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mason thames imagines by jedusorr
mason thames imaginesby m
mason thames imagines, you can also give ideas in the comments !
Dragon's roar (House of the Dragon) by AylaGreen
Dragon's roar (House of the Dragon)by AylaGreen
In her youth, Princess Rhaenyra had two dear friends : Alicent Hightower and Cora Lannister. When Alicent married the King, Cora had to become the wife of Vaemond Velary...
Never stop by manonecrit13
Never stopby manonecrit13
C'est la troisème est dernière pour es deux rivaux de longue date en littérature. Betty cherche toujours à faire mieux que les fois précédentes. Son obejctif, être prem...
remember when she left by eliasofin
remember when she leftby elia sofin
Frigg Evans and Aiden Jackson are sworn ennemies. They have spent their entire life teasing each other, and pushing back their true feelings. When Vivian, Aiden's twin a...
The prophecy  by deadly_nighshde
The prophecy by Deadly Nightshade
Le soleil ne se préoccupe de personne d'autre que de lui-même. Il est détestable et tue tout ce qui s'approche de près. La lune a besoin du soleil pour briller, étant so...
Before it's too late.. by bubbly_writter
Before it's too late..by bubbly_writter
Katsuki Bakugo hates Izuku Midoriya, Izuku annoyed him since they were kids. Following him around like some sort of freak. But he was quirkless and that just proved how...
love to hate you - mason thames  by jedusorr
love to hate you - mason thames by m
"we can go back to being enemies tomorrow you dont have to tell me what happened but I'm here for you keira." Keira wished she had a boyfriend like in her book...
The King Of Darkness by toxicTings
The King Of Darknessby Toxictings 🤍
Princess Nadine is a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl, the only lawful child of the king and queen which makes her the only true royal heir as well... But with royalty c...
hierarchy ✦ chimonperth by kazuhaliz
hierarchy ✦ chimonperthby 🐚
they looked at each other. - what about I give you a head and we'll see if you're still homophobic. Perth went speechless as he kept looking at Chimon who was smirking. ...
LIES - Version française by Ecrivaine_a1
LIES - Version françaiseby
Des secrets déterrés. Une famille en danger. Le meilleur ami de mon frère et moi. Des vies en moins. Et des MENSONGES. La famille Cassan. Les mensonges, une affirmation...
From ennemies to lovers ( Jolie // Aniston ) by anistonstories
From ennemies to lovers ( Jolie...by anistonstories
Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have disliked each other for many years. Is something which could make them change their opinion abt each other will happens? -Not tr...
Ennemies to lovers by Addie_says_fuck_you
Ennemies to loversby Addie_says_fuck_you
When Mark Sloan moved to Seattle he had one thing on his mind : get back with Addison. He will try everything to win her heart but Addison is still unable to choose betw...
L'écriture d'une Nouvelle Chute by Edseliswriting
L'écriture d'une Nouvelle Chuteby Edsel
9 ans se sont écoulés depuis la fin de ces étranges vacances d'été. Assez étranges pour que Mabel et Dipper aient du mal à reprendre une vie normale. Surtout Dipper, qu...
Juste pour ce soir by Linebolg
Juste pour ce soirby Line Bolg
La vie n'est pas toujours rose. Mélanie l'aura bien compris avec un énième chagrin d'amour couplé d'une trahison dévastatrice. Le soir où elle pense enfin pouvoir tourne...
twisted fairytale // A Merddison fanfic by veryrandomwriter16
twisted fairytale // A Merddison f...by marvel_anatomy0
Addison Montgomery has every intention to get her ex husband back, well until Meredith Grey, her husband's girlfriend puts a halt on her plans. They develop an unlikely...
After you, I'm lost by rinade93
After you, I'm lostby rinade93
Yaman will never forgive himself for the pain he inflicted on the poor girl. She didn't deserve any of it. He shouldn't have believed in that damn file, in the first pla...
step bro... arny x reader  by victorialovesyoualot
step bro... arny x reader by victorialovesyoualot
So my mom decided to marry the father of the guy of my dreams... great.