The Death Trials

The Death Trials

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"I wanted to give this to you in person," Anubis said, taking a step closer to the girl who was evidently petrified. He handed her a crisp white envelope that had his name written in a cursive scrawl.

            With shaky hands, Zaina took the envelope. Not knowing what to do, she performed an awkward curtsy which was met with a hearty laugh from the god. He lifted her chin with a finger and grinned that heart-stopping grin once more.
          Anubis trailed the finger up her jaw and laid it beneath her ear. "I'll see you around," he whispered, ghosting his lips over the shell of her ear.

       He stood up and walked away as though he had not made a long lasting impact on the young girl before him. After taking a few breaths to calm herself, Zaina opened the envelope.

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