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Lil JQuartz Book 1:Full Obeisance  by SuperJQ15
Lil JQuartz Book 1:Full Obeisance by JQuartz Geniss
JQuartz was kicked outta trade school and now lives with a ABDL from the internet. He is then regressed into becoming a baby for the sake of closure from his new ABDL da...
Weekend in Diapers by cloudcrater
Weekend in Diapersby Sizzlin sasparilla
After a long week at work, Andrew comes home to be turned into a helpless baby for the weekend. There are elements of hypnosis used within the story
To Diaper a Pop Star by ABDLRia
To Diaper a Pop Starby Ria
Sophie Parker is a small celebrity who's name is quickly gaining attention. And she's the most spoiled, bossy, and demanding bitch of a boss a personal assistant could h...
✅ The Dare that Changed my Life by kittyangelabdl
✅ The Dare that Changed my Lifeby Kitty Angel
Justina has always teased her brother Justinye for how childish he is; calling him the baby even though he's technically twenty minutes older than her. And when they hav...
Dream by petrovasknight
Dreamby Nooneknowsme
What happens when your teacher finds out your secret? {this is abdl and cgl. Nothing sexual. Will contain breastfeeding. This is the same story as my other one yet chan...
Drugs, Delinquents and Diapers by FemboyCatboy
Drugs, Delinquents and Diapersby FemboyCatboy
Meet Rayne, a hard-as-nails young adult who takes pride in her reputation as a badass and her not-quite-legitimate business, with a humiliating bedwetting problem she'd...
The New Normal by Glowtep
The New Normalby Glowtep
Young men within society now occupied roles comparable to toddlers, since the introduction of what was colloquially known as the "Diaper Law".
Biggest Regret or Best Choice? by BabyC1127
Biggest Regret or Best Choice?by BabyC1127
Hello everyone! This is a fictional story of a younger man. He's married do a beautiful wife but she has found something out about him that might change his whole life f...
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Fateful beginning of vacations by R-ammstein
Fateful beginning of vacationsby R-ammstein
Sixteen-year-old Sarah has a knack for getting into scrapes with authority figures over and over again. So it is now. Will it end well this time, as always, or not? In a...
The Infancy Experiment by TheMessyMaker
The Infancy Experimentby TheMessyMaker
Nick finds himself being sent to a summer camp called Mockingbird Groves. However, he soon realises that he is part of something much bigger. Forced to wear a diaper and...
Jacksepticeye x Reader!ABDL by K-Warfstache
Jacksepticeye x Reader!ABDLby (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hello everybody. Before you begin to read these random short fanfictions I wrote, you should probably find out what an ABDL is if you don't know already. • • Find out? Y...
The Little Avengers  by ageplayfandomwriter
The Little Avengers by ageplayfandomwriter
Steve comes back from a hard mission and his mind starts to play with him want to go so badly into little headspace. But when the team decides to celebrate the win inste...
Kidnapped to be a teenage baby by helloitsdiapergirl
Kidnapped to be a teenage babyby helloitsdiapergirl
17 year old girl gets kidnapped by the age play adoption place. Gets adopted by two men. Has to wear cute baby clothes and act like a baby. (Sorry I'm not good at descri...
Neighbour's Mama by kinkyforu
Neighbour's Mamaby Sk
a story about an angry looking lady, priya and a kind hearted girl , Alice
ABDL Shower by adamABDLboy
ABDL Showerby adam davies
When a couple are having a baby shower organised by their friend, the boyfriend doesn't realize that he has to become the baby for the night. (FICTIONAL STORY).
Five plus Me make a Family  by LittleBird1041
Five plus Me make a Family by Raven Skyy
In a world where soulmates exist and are put into classifications like dom and sub, Emmy Wicke discovers she has five soulmates and they all work for the BAU and they kn...
The Doms' Deal by ThePwincessJay
The Doms' Dealby Jay 🍼✨
Maya has been the happiest little for her owner, Duncan. She's been his for over a year now, only the two living together. But what happens when they want to share their...
Little Hope by babysofia1234
Little Hopeby Sofia
'Little Hope' continues the story of Stacy's journey from 'Exchanged.' Stacy is a young college student who chose to travel to a new dimension to study their advanced co...
What He Wished For by FemboyCatboy
What He Wished Forby FemboyCatboy
NOTE: This story is centered around ABDL themes. If you don't know what that means you almost certainly will not want to read it. Adrian is a 28 year old ABDL guy with a...
sisterly love by marcidghostie
sisterly loveby meowxz !
cher's sister lucia accompanies her to school one day, and it ends up changing cher's life. it's hard to tell whether the change will be permanent or temporary, but it a...