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TXT Little Space by greenishhoodie
TXT Little Spaceby greenishhoodie
A story about TXT finding out about their little(s) and their dorm life. Yeonbin is the ship of this fanfic. There's a little bit of smut so if you don't want to read a...
  • bts
  • hueningkai
  • ddlb
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Saved Solider (AB/DL) by Blebbleb22
Saved Solider (AB/DL)by ~MaPa~
When Johno, a young solider is shot in the rib, found by an enemy solider and taken into the enemy base, what will happen? What will be awaiting him? Who will he meet? S...
  • pacifier
  • ageplay
  • mdlb
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little omega by undeadpandas
little omegaby Jaimie Holtzhausen
This is a story of a orphaned omega that becomes alpha. It's a story with ddlg (if you don't know what that means Google it.) we watch as our beautiful little grows up...
  • cgl
  • abld
  • werewolf
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Hush little baby by fangirl_1000
Hush little babyby PowderedGlazed_donut
Theo is a little, secretly of course I mean how would his bible up the butt Christian parents accept him? He is a Junior and has virtually no friends. Just him and himse...
  • daddy
  • mafia
  • babyboy
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Twinkle || BTS by maybeitsbutter
Twinkle || BTSby maybeitsbutter
She had just wanted attention, that's why she kept texting the strange number, updating him on everything in her life. Little did she know how dangerous this relationshi...
  • littlespace
  • kimnamjoon
  • ddlg
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Progress / Regress by Room304Hemmings
Progress / Regressby Room304Hemmings
After Luke is left broken from a breakup, the rest of 5SOS are left to pick up the pieces. What happens when Luke spends months in his room? 5SOS are left with their las...
  • 5sos
  • bands
  • 5secondsofsummer
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Lost Soul [ on hold ] by baby0spider
Lost Soul [ on hold ]by 𝔹𝕒𝕓𝕪𝕊𝕡𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕣
Some people call it daddy issues. Some people call it a sin. But to deku it was a comfort system to help him through the issues of life. What he didn't know is kacchan w...
  • kacchan
  • mha
  • ddlb
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Little space Daniel Howell (Phan) by youllneverknow00
Little space Daniel Howell (Phan)by Michelle Böhm
Dan is 17 year old boy with a love for pastel colours, pacifiers and sippy cups. Still in school he has to suppress his true self. But one day there is this new boy at h...
  • daddyphil
  • phanfiction
  • danhowell
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little theo / ddlb by ezroar
little theo / ddlbby eeeek
theo. 16. cute. little. who couldn't resist? hunter, elijah and noah. that's who. +lowercase intended+
  • ageregression
  • cute
  • adorable
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money to spend ❖ joshler/brallon by weekdaygladers
money to spend ❖ joshler/brallonby kitten
cgl ≫ tyler and brendon are littles josh and dallon are their daddies just your typical gay angst inducing kink loving fanfic with a twist ((the title has really nothing...
  • brallon
  • 21p
  • twentyonepilots
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Little One | Tracob  by coffeesandcaramel
Little One | Tracob by Beth 🍼
"How long will you love me for, daddy?" "Forever and ever little one" "Forever?" "Forever."
  • troyesivanfanfiction
  • cgl
  • troyemellet
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Ddlg/ bdsm text thingys by paehces
Ddlg/ bdsm text thingysby Peaches
This book contains aspects of bdsm and ddlg. some of the pictures may contain degration. This book will not be purely sexual and will show the caregiving aspects of dd...
  • cglrelationship
  • submissive
  • littlespace
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The Villain's Twin Baby Boys  by madkyra
The Villain's Twin Baby Boys by OC-almost-everything
Kyle and Lee, twin brothers, were on a hunt when they get knocked out by a mysterious person, and when they wake up..... its certainly NOT what they were expecting. For...
  • diapers
  • caregiver
  • bottles
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Mommy Mobile by Woahitsdylan880
Mommy Mobileby Dylan B
"I-I'm a little looking for a mommy.." "Well you've contacted the right place sweetie, I'll transfer you through to a caregiver right away." A lonely...
  • daddy
  • caregiver
  • mommykink
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Our Luna by deemery
Our Lunaby D.
"We have agreed. You are our Luna, our mate." Xavier leaves a little kiss on my head. "Our happiness doesn't matter as much as yours. We onl...
  • cglre
  • alpha
  • love
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we met on omegle ⋆ ddlb petekey by -necromantic
we met on omegle ⋆ ddlb petekeyby ⋆ oli ⋆
"hi, dd here" ⋆ little mikey, cg pete ⋆ ⋆ 8 in petekey, 8/10/19 ⋆
  • mikey
  • ddlb
  • way
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My Girlfriend's Brother {ᴅᴅʟʙ} by SemeFujoshi_
My Girlfriend's Brother {ᴅᴅʟʙ}by Fujoshi Senpai°• °
'Javi is a lonely little that never had a caregiver before. He plans to tell his first girlfriend. He meets her mean older brother in the way.' ° ° ° ★°• °• ••°° •°°•° °...
  • cute
  • boyxboy
  • littlespace
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You, Me, and Riley by tiabia630
You, Me, and Rileyby tiabia630
Riley is a little, Hayden and Dana are caretakers; it doesn't take long for them to find that they are a perfect match for each other. Follow them as they figure out jus...
  • breastfeeding
  • regression
  • headspace
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We're All Just Doing Fine (joshler | DDLB) by unopened-windows
We're All Just Doing Fine ( pipsqueak
Tyler's grown so used to taking care of his brother, there was never anyone to take care of him until Josh came into the picture. This is lame, story is better...
  • joshler
  • top
  • sub
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A little shy by Marjikat
A little shyby Marjikat
Molly has always loved childish things and struggled to grow up, especially coming from a childhood of sickness and hospital rooms. Now at 18, she fears that she'll have...
  • romance
  • self
  • kitten
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