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Twist Of Fate // h.s. by scooby-snacks
Twist Of Fate // .
A lonely girl and an angry boy. An argument that ends in tragedy. Chloe and Harry are thrown together by a cruel twist of fate; inextricably linked with no choice but t...
  • 1d
  • love
  • harryau
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Fight by tapsii-99
Fightby Silke Barthel
Eine normale Teenagerin, die gerne mit ihren Freunden Parcourlaufen trainiert. Einfach in der Öffentlichkeit über Dinge springen und sich abrollen. Weiterrennen, wie als...
  • fight
  • entscheidungen
  • love
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Elementals by llamalord33
Elementalsby llamalord33
When 16 year old Jacob Brendon is given extraordinary powers he must chose either to fight against a city run by fear or run from the slaughter of control. Read this boo...
  • smoke
  • hero
  • fire
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Suffocated by thunderstruck111
Suffocatedby thunderstruck111
ADRENALINE RUSH IS LIKE MY ALCOHOL. I can't do it anymore now. I can't live the life that I lived. I must forget my past; I must forget what I've done. Or I will succu...
  • scary
  • adrenalin
  • danger
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Trust the Rain by meggy_reese
Trust the Rainby M e g g y R e e s e
What happens when rain washes away the life you used to know? The people you thought you could trust? What do you do when you can trust no one with the secrets that weig...
  • danger
  • defense
  • crimefiction
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Red Queen. by InfinantDreamer
Red InfinantDreamer
So I just got done reading the book, Red Queen, and I just fell in love with the story, so I thought I would write my own version of this phenomenal book! Mare Barrow, i...
  • adventure
  • bravery
  • adrenalin
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Uçmanı seviyorum... by toovbekar
Uçmanı Please forgive me!
Gönül işte....!
  • adrenalin
  • ask
  • istek
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Trust the Rain by Nyx_godess
Trust the Rainby E v i e 🖤 N i n a
What happens when rain washes away the life you used to know? The people you thought you could trust? What do you do when you can trust no one with the secrets that weig...
  • protection
  • defense
  • action
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Onward and upward || Sam and Colby by PaolaGongora22
Onward and upward || Sam and Colbyby PaolaGongora22
"After all that has happened I never thought that I would be able to trust someone as much as I trust you, as much as I love you."
  • love
  • samandcolby
  • wisper
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Dissident by You-Called
Dissidentby You-Called
What do you do when your whole world is suddenly ripped right from you, when the people you thought were the most amazing people ever turn out to be the worst? What do y...
  • adrenalin
  • love
  • powers
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Run aways {DT FIC)(on hold) by luvbritt
Run aways {DT FIC)(on hold)by luvbritt
"I'm trying to escape" "From what, why" "Why should I tell you?" "Why should you run away?" "Myself...I'm running from mysel...
  • adventure
  • watty2018
  • teenstories
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Vlčí děvče by ItzzMeLucy
Vlčí děvčeby ItzzMeLucy
Název knihy mluví za vše. Děvče, které nikdy nepotkalo lidi a bylo odsouzeno žít s vlky a okolní přírodou. Bojí se ostatních lidí. Avšak, i když se jich bojí, tak je vol...
  • výchova
  • zapomenutá
  • nenávist
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Wild Rose Court  by superman_after_all
Wild Rose Court by Christina
In a town, on a hill far from the civilization of normal people, lived a boy who suffered from Hydrops Fetalis and a fear of heights along with a girl who suffers from c...
  • adrenalin
  • broken
  • teenheartbreak
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The Hunter's Daughter Series: The Blood Moon by vintagebellagirl
The Hunter's Daughter Series: Paula
Evelina Hayes never was the type of girl to believe in fantasy creatures being a reality, but that's about to change when she learns Nate Lincoln's secret. Jude want's o...
  • stars
  • bite
  • alpha
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The Crash by shannicole_18
The Crashby Shannon
Ashley's life was hectic enough with her depression and anxiety, but how will she deal with the crash. The crash that was in the middle of nowhere. The crash that ruined...
  • youwillcry
  • reallygood
  • crazystories
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Crystal blood by bulle17859
Crystal bloodby bulle17859
When bully's start picking on the new kid Luke's eyes flash orange, he looses control of himself and tries to stand up to the bully's
  • crystal
  • action
  • bully
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Alishy Live / lion's by MikoriYukisha
Alishy Live / lion'sby YuMi=3
příběh je o lvici, která žije ve smečce spolu se svou rodinou. často se spolu s Dainem dostávají do potíží, díky jejich zvědavosti. Na jejich území je hodně zvěře a vody...
  • dobrodružství
  • lvice
  • přátelství
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Spiders by fastcoffe
Spidersby Read me
The smith family thought that this house was paradise. Nobody wanted this to happen. They grew before there eyes. Then they struck. Will they survive? The arachnids are...
  • adrenalin
  • suspense
  • scary
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beyond our walls by itsnotkimibtw
beyond our wallsby itsnotkimibtw
Indigo is a 17 year old cancer patient who dies unexpectedly. She wakes up to find a deserted hospital which soon becomes the oyster of her journey. She is confused and...
  • edgy
  • death
  • adrenalin
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