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Serçe by karpuzzcekirdegi
Serçeby 🌥
"Efsun." "Nefesin bile beni tahrik ediyorken, üvey kardeşim olmanı umursayacağımı mı sanıyorsun?" Yayım tarihi | 05.02.2024 🪐 #1 komedi 24.02.24 #1...
„You turn me into better person, pastry boy." „I was just by your side." _-_-_-_-_ Olivia Ricciardo is the youngest of the Ricciardo siblings. She is more than...
Hawk grinds down 😏 by bananawipesaregay
Hawk grinds down 😏by bananawipesaregay
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My Crush by secretgirl140
My Crushby ffany faly
Todos tenemos ese ap es decir amor platónico o amor imposible ya sea un actor o alguna persona de nuestro entorno que creemos perfecta que nos hace sentir mariposa y a...
Spiders by fastcoffe
Spidersby Read me
The smith family thought that this house was paradise. Nobody wanted this to happen. They grew before there eyes. Then they struck. Will they survive? The arachnids are...
ManicAdrenaline's One-Shots by ManicAdrenaline
ManicAdrenaline's One-Shotsby Matthew Adren
A collection of one-shots that I wrote because I wanted to. No other reason, I just had ideas.
The Chase to Find Love by LilWickdVaiish
The Chase to Find Loveby LilWickdVaiish
Different backgrounds, different circumstances, but we all feel the same. Love is not hyped, it's real. Give it a chance. It may work wonders! . .. ... Someone close to...
Adrenaline Rush by scooby-snacks
Adrenaline Rushby scooby-snacks
Sometimes we have to steal what others take for granted. Sometimes that doesn't quite go according to plan. 500-word Flash Fiction Challenge for #JustWriteDay for the pr...
the truth about the girl next door by tjopbraainou
the truth about the girl next doorby tjopbraainou
Edward is the son of a knight. After seeing something out of order he feel a sense of duty arise in him. But what he uncovers will stay with him forever.
The Power of Dionysuses Belt Component (English Adaptation) by laura_kuki
The Power of Dionysuses Belt Laura Kuki
An infamously popular town of Western Slovakia is currenly living in the center of spiritual and mysterious field- but its locals do not consider that to be a positive o...
The Never Ending Nightmare by kgoodwill
The Never Ending Nightmareby Katie Goodwill
A young girl watches her family die in a car crash. She finds out it was on purpose and end up running for her life. She must keep searching for somewhere safe or end up...
Transcend the Reptilian Brain by pureenergyrx
Transcend the Reptilian Brainby Boyd Martin
The stresses of our experiences seem so real, so immediate, so demanding of action, that we forget the damage prolonged exposure to that reptilian state causes.
Trust the Rain by Nyx_godess
Trust the Rainby E v 🖤
What happens when rain washes away the life you used to know? The people you thought you could trust? What do you do when you can trust no one with the secrets that weig...
What Happened To Kim Lillian... by Penelopeanddamien
What Happened To Kim Lillian Rose
Lilly was warned by her mother to not move with bad boys and to run if she sees them. She tells Lilly they are bad news and would only want to use her...but Lilly got he...
Life Is The School Love Is The Lesson by SarahMcVay
Life Is The School Love Is The Sarah McVay
After years of being successfully single and floundering in love, Sarah meets a man who turns her world upside down. He gives her many opportunities to question his int...
Meleklerin Mucisezi. Bölüm[1] by GameOfTurk
Meleklerin Mucisezi. Bölüm[1]by
Bir adam bir gün yanliz basina oturur'iken, Bir kadin yanina oturur... Spoiler vermicem hartik fantastik hikaye. Mutlaka okuyun
Elementals by llamalord33
Elementalsby llamalord33
When 16 year old Jacob Brendon is given extraordinary powers he must chose either to fight against a city run by fear or run from the slaughter of control. Read this boo...
Phobia-Iraq-Love Trilogy Tale by pdrichmond
Phobia-Iraq-Love Trilogy Taleby pdrichmond
Welcome to a tale revealing an inspirational journey from beginnings of a mundane, dead-end existence to the political global hotspot of a country preparing for war agai...