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A Matter Of Understanding by Piolhyna
A Matter Of Understandingby Piolhyna
Words can hurt, but it's your choice to accept them or to do something about it. Chise Hatori learned that she isn't the same unfortunate girl that was before, but mayb...
K! The Hidden Key. by LyndaMichel78
K! The Hidden Lynda Michael
⚠️16+ Fighting/swearing slight sexual content/description. No🍋⚠️ She was born when the Slate was created. The world was ending people had moved to far away from their h...
A Fairie Alchemist by Isabella-1000
A Fairie Alchemistby Isabella-1000
Ayla has been a student at the college for years now since being sent away for her own good. Each day was the same for Ayla, that is until a new student by the name of C...
K Project x Reader by dat_unknown
K Project x Readerby v a l
As you can see this is a book of reader-insert one-shots :> Well, this is my first K Project x Reader fanfiction So.. Hope you like it~ ^^
World War 2 :"Echoes of Valor:Stories from World War ll" by Gipsy18922
World War 2 :"Echoes of Thet Tun Oo
In "Echoes of Valor: Stories from World War II," we delve into one of the most pivotal and devastating periods in human history. World War II, spanning from 19...
teen romance ( dorica + adolf, nsfw warning)  by tena040577
teen romance ( dorica + adolf, Tena Vukić
dorica (droljica) finds her high school sweetheart, but Plenki and Zoki try to ruin their pretty little relationship. (better than colleen hoover)
Sad boi by WheelerDealee
Sad boiby Good Fanfic Ava
He be so very sad and he a boy
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white oat by Zaynb_1
white oatby Zaynb_1
A stroy that ridiculs and correct wrong doings in our society. Amina is the only child her parent had before the colonial era she was raised well till the age of 15years...
Wars of Light: Episode One, A Plan Unfolds by IssieKnight
Wars of Light: Episode One, A IssieKnight
This is a science fiction story. I originally made it in movie from, because unfortunately, I am a Star Wars fanatic, so I found it easier to write in script form. Anywa...
Deciphered  by Basabdatta
Deciphered by Basabdatta
This is just a collection of my scattered and Scribbled thoughts which I'm trying to give a definite shape or may be just keep it indefinite.
long time sexul experiance by jakir85
long time sexul experianceby jakir85
Wars of Light Episode Two: Secrets Revealed by IssieKnight
Wars of Light Episode Two: IssieKnight
Episode two in the Wars of Light saga; King Tobias has been checked at the Battle of Neptuna, but did the rebels leave too much evidence behind? The need for a new base...
tulips 💌🌷 by shizumek1
tulips 💌🌷by Otilia Sofronie
a adorable love story between those who have been chosen by cupid. naomi, the one representing the feminine atmosphere in this relationship follows the steps of the life...
Soul-POst Obitum Keeper Yard (THE SPOOKY) (BoyxBoy) (ON-HOLD) by mis4-2n8
Soul-POst Obitum Keeper Yard ( Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
Out of this world...welcome to Seishin world...where the soul hunting begins...Well not really...Scary? Definitely NO! Meet Omoikane (the nonchalant-smug), Ryujin (the r...
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TAGABUCH by victoria4290
TAGABUCHby victoria4290
It all went well, until the morning of February 14th 2013. It took me a year to regain my self alittle but no one knew, not even mum, who was more concerned wit other t...