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StalinxHitler and maybe Mussolini  by Duolingofan
StalinxHitler and maybe Mussolini by Duolingofan
Hitler just wants to fuck Stalin and possibly Mussolini.
hitler x stalin by -0PHEL1A
hitler x stalinby 💿 ₊❛ 𝐋𝐈𝐀 ‧₊˚✧
Adolf Hitler, fascist dictator of Nazi Germany, was completely enamoured by the idea of Soviet Joseph Stalin and demanded that the countries unite despite their opposing...
Daughter of a Dictator by 4JohnnyCade
Daughter of a Dictatorby auggie
Liesbeth is 10 when her father Adolf Hitler comes to power in 1933. That's also when she and her best friend Anton begin to be torn apart and they want nothing to do wit...
Stalin X Hitler- Enemies to Lovers! by shell_jpeg
Stalin X Hitler- Enemies to Lovers!by 💕
i wrote this bc i was bored- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- A dramatic, heart wrenching novel, crafted about two dictators who...
Halo: Operation Witches by DewElr
Halo: Operation Witchesby DewElr
The UNSC Infinity discovers second humanity, and exact copy of the Sol System, the only difference is their Earth is different, and discover magic exists in this Earth...
A Trial of Time- India/US Transference. by Aestas-Vivax
A Trial of Time- India/US Transfer...by Aestas Vivax
"People, who can't throw something important away, can never hope to change anything." Co-Authored with Marine325, Author of "War of the World", Ying...
✓ With Love, A German Girl (WW2 Romance) by SuperSuspicious
✓ With Love, A German Girl (WW2 Ro...by Rosalie Lovejoy
Dear Axel Ackermann, On August 1st, 1936, I met you. With Love, A German Girl In 1936, Lucienne Müller visited the Berlin Olympics. Not only did she see...
|Torn By Time|Captain America x Reader by only_east
|Torn By Time|Captain America x Re...by East
{DISCONTINUED} "(Y/N)? Is that you?" 1945. A significant year for many across the world. Usually identified as the end of WW2 or the fall of Hitler. For you...
A Tale of Blood and Ink by _marmoris_
A Tale of Blood and Inkby 𝕴𝖘𝖆
❝ IN THE CLUTCHES OF HELL, HER LAST HOPE IS THE DEVIL HIMSELF ❞ When separated from their family, Hanna Cohen does everything to protect her little sister. In the concen...
WE'RE IN A DIFFERENT CENTURY!? (Solangelo Love Story) by EmoGothicGirl14
As we all know Nico came from a different century he has adjusted well, has a boyfriend, and couldn't be happier. But what happens when him and his friends and Will get...
The Organization (Season Two) by KingzGaius
The Organization (Season Two)by Kingz Stories Gaius Empire Of...
Meet Gaius. An orphan, who was raised and transformed mentally and otherwise by his billionaire uncle to avenge the death of his late father who was assassinated by few...
A Journey From Germany 2 by LilyUchihaHaruno
A Journey From Germany 2by Lily
Sequel to my pervious book, A Journey From Germany, this is inspired by Anne Blankmans Prisoner Of Night And Fog and Conspiracy Of Blood And Smoke. Instead of being set...
The Real Enemy by MsDarkerdays
The Real Enemyby MsDarkerdays
Fear and death had traced the world during the Second World War. When U.S. Army soldier John Owens finds himself stuck underground after an explosion with a young boy, f...
Yuuko x Male Reader by MrFunnyWriting
Yuuko x Male Readerby Mr. Funny
Hitler is back bitches! And the government isn't doing shit because they're too busy wanking off to catgirls. Oh and Yuuko exists but who cares
My Life In Nazi Germany (Completed) by hersheycatisbest
My Life In Nazi Germany (Completed)by 🌿Emma🌿
This book is about a girl that was born in a Nazi Concentration camp. Her mother was one of Jehovahs Witnesses and was taken to a Nazi camp because of her beliefs. We wi...
Anne Frank Biography by xtrashyx
Anne Frank Biographyby Galaxy Boy
The story of a young girl's life during the Holocaust that impacted millions
Really Red Is The New Communism(Aka Shitler) by TheOfficialSellotape
Really Red Is The New Communism(Ak...by No
cuZ WHY THE FUCK NOT hella lot of swear words, warning for those middle age woman who likes to go through their kid's phone
Jesus x yandere!Hitler | THE MUSTACHED PROPHET by Hmmmmman
Jesus x yandere!Hitler | THE MUSTA...by Ian Corchete Villalón
Jesus once found a teen angry outside an art school, so he decided to give him a blessing. Little did he know, that would be the worst mistake he ever did.
Hitler And Stalin..... by EnteisBacon
Hitler And Stalin.....by EnteisBacon
I got bored so I decided to create this wonderful story. I got influenced to do this by one of my friends. Enjoy this weirdly romantic story of two leaders you love....