The Enemy's Daughter by Toothbrush24
The Enemy's Daughterby Toothbrush24
She's been loved by the enemy, she's been spoiled by the enemy, and she knows the enemy. All her life she's had the best and the worst... Because of her father.
  • america
  • hitler
  • worldwartwo
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Hitler, Meine Liebe, Mein Führer by xxXdeadlyrosesXxx
Hitler, Meine Liebe, Mein Führerby xxXdeadlyrosesXxx
A 17 year old Aryan girl gets caught up in a riot of jews and gets thrown into a camp, what happens next is something she never could have imagined.
  • hitler
  • love
Hitler x Reader (OFFENSIVE) by AndrewsFuckery
Hitler x Reader (OFFENSIVE)by Andrew Miller
OFFENSIVE AS FUCK FAM I am not a Nazi, this is just for the fun of it. I am fucking stupid and I a super goddamn bored
  • love
  • offensive
  • jesus
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Atún con ciruelas by CiruelaAcida
Atún con ciruelasby Ciruela Acida
¡Bienvenidas y bienvenidos a la polémicas, pequeños granujas! Este es el programa número uno de la televisión humorística.
  • ejércitocabruno
  • lagenteestaenojada
  • weas
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the things that go on inside my head ツ by jadereadsfanfic
the things that go on inside my he...by ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
-personal- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tags, rants, updates, etc.
  • depression
  • tomato
  • hisisters
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Man of Colors by MarchtoDunkirk
Man of Colorsby Rÿłÿññ
A 15 year old boy fell into the Mississippi River in 1920. Family and friends presumed the boy drowned. Nearly a century later the boy is found in Berlin, Germany in a s...
  • humanweapon
  • kidnapping
  • gayfiction
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The Chains of my Choice by ElfChristianBooks
The Chains of my Choiceby ElfChristianBooks
Set in Berlin, Germany during the Holocaust. Sergeant Smith from the American Army discovers a young man, Peter Schwartz, near death in one of the most feared concentrat...
  • christian
  • war
  • historicalfiction
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Blitz In The West by AnnexedState
Blitz In The Westby AnnexedState
9 year old Paul, his 13 year old sister, Victoria and their parents are living a sweet, peaceful life in the city of London, Britain. This life is interrupted by a bomb...
  • jewish
  • jew
  • hitler
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Lava hot love (hitler X Thomas the tank engine) by greengreengrennll
Lava hot love (hitler X Thomas the...by PENS
A short story about a forbidden love between a train and a human. (Written 2016)
  • train
  • hot
  • nazi
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Hitler contre la Dame de Fer (Je l'ai plaqué pour Hitler TOME 2) by B2soummam
Hitler contre la Dame de Fer (Je l...by B2soummam
Éléna, fille timide et hyper canon, finit enfin avec son prince allemand. Mais un obstacle de taille empêche nos deux tourtereaux de se voir, un obstacle dangereux, et s...
  • hitler
  • wattys2016
  • humor
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Love to die • Matt Daddario  by alecangelic
Love to die • Matt Daddario by alecangelic
What if you lived during 1939 when the darkest war started. Matthew Daddario is a German soldier who lives with German citizens. When he finds out that a Jew his hiding...
  • danger
  • hitler
  • collins
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The Holocaust  by itscottomyo
The Holocaust by ¢нℓσє
Zeke Fränk taken from his home and stripped of his family, but not his friends can he and his buddies (and girlfriend) escape Aucshwitz? Hi, I'm Zeke this is the story...
  • kiss
  • chloe
  • murder
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Hitler's Lil Meme Whore  by daceyharris04
Hitler's Lil Meme Whore by Daddy Dacey
After bombing up his school, atheist/ginger Ethan ends up in hell after he dies in the incident. However, he sees someone particular that makes him feel things he's neve...
  • memes
  • columbine
  • dylanklebold
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Milk Tits by CocainePapi
Milk Titsby Cameron
  • notarandombook
  • suguha
  • fanservice
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Not All Germans are Nazis by JENfaerl
Not All Germans are Nazisby JENfaerl
Himmler's 15 year old Daughter, Lurette, hates everything her father does. She secretly spies on her father's meetings to gain information that can help her save the Jew...
  • himmler
  • nazi
  • hate
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Chasing Colours by SmexyLermaniac
Chasing Coloursby Sasha
A love story of an Aryan Girl and a Jewish boy set amidst the war struck Nazi Germany. How will their love survive in a society where the love such as their's is conside...
  • hitler
  • worldwar
  • jews
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Shrek Smut by btsisperfection
Shrek Smutby Sope in my eyes
Shrek smut. Some other included....
  • daddy
  • beemovie
  • shrek
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TRUMP X HITLER by houlous_stories
they're perfect for eachother
  • philswift
  • diego
  • racism
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Sinful but sexy (shrek x hitler) by knucklez04
Sinful but sexy (shrek x hitler)by Dank maymays
Shrk es supa harny wat wll shrk du? Find oot!!
  • lovestory
  • hitler
  • maturity
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Hitler x Reader by ParsleyBasil
Hitler x Readerby Monsieur Quality
You want Hitler, and all of his Nazi juices swirling inside you
  • hitlerlemon
  • beautiful
  • horror
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