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The Shattered// E.D  G.D by Pactrapped
The Shattered// E.D G.Dby Pactrapped
it's weird how 2 people can change your whole life, for the better or worse Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan book
  • twins
  • ethandolan
  • happy
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Don't know what to do by Mothership_ffonly
Don't know what to doby jikookis reall
What do you do when the person you fell in love with leaves you like that. He leaves without a word. A trace. This is the story of losing the one she loves. And gaining...
  • peom
  • sadness
  • poetry
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Elegantly Wasted by happpiness_expires
Elegantly Wastedby aricah
everyone has those stories that can only be told through poetry
  • lonely
  • typical
  • losing
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➳ache : anthology by blackroguex
➳ache : anthologyby blackroguex
simple poems & stories to break your hearts. all stories are/were written by @-blackrogue Copyright © -blackrogue June2018
  • sadstories
  • short
  • sad
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مؤلم || MYG by xsin3x
مؤلم || MYGby يُوُّنْ
*بِأَعْمَاقِي أَردْتكَ لِي اِبتَغيتكَ الشَّيء الوَحِيد الَّذي لا يُشاركُني بهِ أَحَد وَالشَّخصُ الْاَوحَد الَّذِي يُقَاسمُني كُلُّ شِي حَتَّى كَلِمَةٌ أَنَا قصة قصيرة ب...
  • يونغي
  • myg
  • bts
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Though Your Heart Is Aching   _Michael Jackson Ft. One Direction_ by stuhib
Though Your Heart Is Aching Stuhib
Michael Jackson. The King. Who am I to tell you what he was to the world? Any way he was, one thing stays the same. He died, and the world felt guilty. But the world mov...
  • harrystyles
  • king
  • michaeljackson
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Imaginary World - Lesbian Poetry by Icannotbenamed23
Imaginary World - Lesbian Poetryby Icannotbenamed23
Just a typical flow of words
  • tired
  • lesbianpoetry
  • emo
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End of a Jogger by trevorburt
End of a Joggerby Trevor Burton
Short humorous story of an office worker who is transformed from one time charity jogger into a Marathon runner.
  • mofarah
  • londonmarathon
  • marathon
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Brokenhearted by KissMeNotXOXO
Brokenheartedby Hello Mamita
Just got dumped.... I guess what everyone says is true
  • brokenhearted
  • hurt
  • lovesick
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honeysuckle tears by amavdaa
honeysuckle tearsby mandy ♡
"no tears in the writer, no tears in the reader." - robert frost *** filled with words from deep within the hear...
  • aching
  • collection
  • love
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Feels  by Cheyxunstoppable
Feels by Cheyxunstoppable
This is what I feel everyday and I'm really just tired of it, so why not make it into one thing?
  • sad
  • suicidalthoughts
  • feelings
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A New Witch  by Anna5067
A New Witch by Anna5067
Disclaimer: No serious romance or hanky-panky involved. Sorry. Set in Pratchett's Discworld, here's a mellow story of how a new witch goe about her day. Written mostly...
  • aching
  • pratchett
  • discworld
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Poems and Lyrics by Nightlylioness
Poems and Lyricsby Nightlylioness
This is just for the lyrics and poems I write. Im not sure yet but i think that most of them will be sadish but when they're not they might be happier. But im not sure...
  • cold
  • love
  • clear
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My Past by Maheenkhan8
My Pastby Maheen
A poem
  • past
  • heart
  • people
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Pretend For A Friend by JustMEasITshouldbe
Pretend For A Friendby JustME
  • loyalty
  • sadness
  • love
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Aching for home by EchosOfDeath
Aching for homeby EchosOfDeath
Buried inner emotions. Be aware that I am not a poet and that I am not familiar with writing poems. This poem honestly wasn't about making it beautiful, more to get out...
  • emotional
  • searching
  • home
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Painful Bliss by stylesjaureguii
Painful Blissby stylesjaureguii
collection of poetry.
  • anger
  • painful
  • bliss
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Pain Wins by _hipbonewishes_
Pain Winsby Cydney
  • hurt
  • coldness
  • aching
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<×> p o e m s <×> by serenifier
p o e m s by heccity hecc
poems i write whenever i'm in *that* mood
  • depressed
  • poems
  • poetry
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