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Stitches by WorraVirtue
Stitchesby Castor
Clockwork legally adopts Danny through the law of the infinite realms after the death of his family. As his son, Danny reads books and plays video games with his new bes...
  • clockwork
  • yj
  • danny
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After the Flash: Saints by Sonny_De_Ligt
After the Flash: Saintsby ._.
When Thomas Antegria is in danger of an enemy fond of blinding people of the truth, destroying the path, and creating their future, he must fall in with the social outca...
  • warfare
  • fallout
  • unitedstates
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Steven Alternativerse by AmethystCesarl
Steven Alternativerseby A̴̶͘M̡̕͘È̷Ţ́͡͞H̸̀͠Y͏̷͏S̴̵̛͜...
Every episode of Steven Universe has an alternate ending attached to it. Did you ever wonder what would happen if one thing changes that causes the episode to end differ...
  • stevenuniverse
  • requests
  • oneshotcollection
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Youtuber Homage: Kirby & the Future-Past by AxelYamamoto
Youtuber Homage: Kirby & the Heraldy Axelevi
What happened when your future children from different alternate timelines suddenly popped out and begin fighting each other to make you marry their mothers so they'll b...
  • harem
  • kirbynite
  • vrchat
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Adventure Time - The Gender Bended World (On Going)  by TheKeioticIntrovert
Adventure Time - The Gender Keiotic
There exists a parallel universe where Finn is a girl and Jake is a cat and the Ice King knew about this and wrote his "Fan fiction" about it. How, you ask? We...
  • jakethedog
  • adventuretime
  • alternatefuture
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The Servant   ~   [MyHandmaid'sTale] by aeroplanets
The Servant ~ [MyHandmaid' formerly -sugarfree-
Earth. Year: 3129. Dominant Species: Female. I know what it is happening. I know what will happen to me. And I am I afraid. ~~~ Entry for the #MyHandmaidsTale...
  • thehandmaidstale
  • contest
  • alternatefuture
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Deep in the Meadow by isabellamorabito
Deep in the Meadowby Bee
In this AU Peeta and Katniss never started a rebellion. Instead, they had two children and settled down in district twelve with their friends and family. Their children:...
  • hungergames
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Quoth the Raven by TheOrangutan
Quoth the Ravenby Gavin Wilson
A steampunk short set in an alternative London. The Tower: a rock around which swirls a broken Empire, where Cloud Pirates rules the skies in their cloudships and power...
  • completed
  • smackdown
  • scifi
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The Nothingness: A Bedtime Story  by perfectflowerseeker
The Nothingness: A Bedtime Story by Jen Evans
A bedtime story for cottage nights or summer campfires! When they follow a lost baseball down a narrow passage on a Manhattan street, neighbours Amy and John end up in P...
  • alternatefuture
  • mission
  • train
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Ashes, Ashes We All Fall Down by Daughter-o-Athena
Ashes, Ashes We All Fall Downby Daughter-o-Athena
I realized that my other book had a ton of random and annoying stuff, I promise 100% actual book on this. If you're ok with that kind of stuff go check out my old book...
  • powers
  • fiction
  • alternatefuture
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Don't know, yet by Lyv3CatzCrew
Don't know, yetby It’s Words
The world has lost its fossil fuels and it's causing turmoil, the economy is breaking down and Russia has too. Someone's got to do something about this yet the problem i...
  • future
  • alternateuniverse
  • alternatefuture
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S-Team: The Descent by strobooks
S-Team: The Descentby Stephen Strobel
For decades strange technology called U-Tech has been plummeting to Earth from space, but it has begun to spiral out of control. Allied with the most secretive agency in...
  • technology
  • long
  • novel
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Hand over Hannover! by RabidLeroy
Hand over Hannover!by RabidLeroy
It's a not so distant future in Germany; political tensions just frayed, leading to civil war and their many states declaring independence. Of course, I'm the only one w...
  • war
  • niedersachsen
  • merkel
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Storm Aeye by DarkLadyAthara
Storm Aeyeby DarkLadyAthara
*Work in Progress* Kate had always adored thunderstorms. They were wild. They were untamed. They were impartial. They were unconcerned with the Winged Wars, uncaring wh...
  • adventure
  • bildungsroman
  • fallofhumanity
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The Cloud Is Waking by Silent_Lynx
The Cloud Is Wakingby Aiden Akmal
The future came. But the future is the future only in name. A spired city is suspended in the sky. And humanity has somehow forgotten why.
  • alternatefuture
  • 100
  • challenge
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The Unwanted Travel by AlwayssWonderr
The Unwanted Travelby C
After a horrible car accident killing two of his friends, 17-year-old Jackson W is left in the hospital with critical injuries that has his life on the line. During his...
  • action
  • wwii
  • war
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Empress of Time by SilverPearl135
Empress of Timeby Skyler March
Skyler is the daughter of Adam Lucarian, the founder of Lucian Industries, the best technology manufacturer in the world. As the daughter of the richest and most powerfu...
  • readerinput
  • technology
  • empress
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The Great Adventures Of Mr.Beans And I by danky_kang
The Great Adventures Of Mr.Beans danky_kang
Very short chapter I am sorry I'm just going through a major drought of ideas. Chapters will be slowing down more because of preseason next week
  • scifi
  • action
  • scincefiction
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The Under City by ThatOneKidGhandi
The Under Cityby Harrison
In the underbelly of a great city fraught with danger, sometimes you need to look to the top of the food chain if you don't want to get swallowed.
  • snippet
  • science-fiction
  • steampunk
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