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too dark to see the shadows  by anna_blu1216
too dark to see the shadows by anna_blu1216
A collection of poetry by published author Anna Lundy Cook
HONEY AND GOLD by avreate
there is a warrior in you. © y, 2016.
The Lost Spirits - Miraculous ladybug x Frozen 2 by Mysticfashion
The Lost Spirits - Miraculous lady...by Abandoned.
After elsa finds out she is the fifth element, everyone thinks now that they have had their happily ever after. Boy, were they wrong. Marinette was elsa and Anna's child...
This Mockery of Light || A Collection of Stories by avadel
This Mockery of Light || A Collect...by Laine and Aria Nichols
| 𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄𝐃 𝐨𝐧 𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐩𝐚𝐝𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 | The Dark is dangerous. The Dark is deception. And the Dark is the only thing she wants. What would you d...
Thoughts - Down The Imaginary Lane by DatGuySpoon
Thoughts - Down The Imaginary Laneby DatGuySpoon
This is a collection of poems that I wrote over the last 8 months as a passive habit to let out my emotions after an event which may affect me pleasantly or unpleasantly...
lentil rice by ripemoons
lentil riceby sri
youth grows on branches of mango trees. pluck them early green and bury them in rice baskets to ripen them quick. love grows on branches of guava trees. pluck them earl...
Suspension by defuncttt
Suspensionby Jared
fell upwards but missed the ether (2019)
101 Failsafe Ways to Do It by SoffiaAmbrose
101 Failsafe Ways to Do Itby SoffiaAmbrose
You kno the drill.. it's just a crack* (funny) way of life and accomplishing what one wants Cuz everyday we(most people) joke about their MH issues and make fun of it th...
What Can I Say? I Am A Poet ! by DatGuySpoon
What Can I Say? I Am A Poet !by DatGuySpoon
This is the Second Poetry Book in the installment. I have been writing this for like the last month. Hope you guys read it till the end...
Deciphering Life by mimiegwapa
Deciphering Lifeby Mimie Gwapa
In this collection, the author documents her life through writing poems after experiencing a major heartbreak, becoming a single mom, restructuring frayed relationships...
The Omniscient by Middlest0rm
The Omniscientby Hunter Mickiewicz
The All-Being's brief history regarding the human race. Written to make you think about your life.
My Mindset's Mindset | Poetry by shaggydan
My Mindset's Mindset | Poetryby Dan Hayward Jarmyn
Translating abstract thought into words and language; it's something we all do every day without realising, and an ability we shouldn't take for granted. We need to use...
CRACK | brockhampton gc by juicecubed
CRACK | brockhampton gcby sap :)
basically the title (it's all a joke don't take it seriously)
Roses and Ribcages by planetarydisaster
Roses and Ribcagesby Gaia Sinclair
Where does the hallucination end and reality begin? Looking for the answers of the universe, Divinity Earls uses psychedelics as a means of escape and clarity.
Pada Suatu Hari Ketika Semua Nampak Baik-baik Saja by Chaosoftroubles
Pada Suatu Hari Ketika Semua Nampa...by Chaosoftroubles
Sebuah rangkaian aksara ditulis ketika kopi dalam cangkir mulai surut dan lalat-lalat berterbangan dengan bebas berusaha hinggap di atas borok kaki yang mulai bernanah...
ANGELORUM by diecast-affinity
ANGELORUMby diecast-affinity
Primordial whispers propel a young angel to explore a mechanical, lifeless world.
Evolution Of A God-Type Threat  by fantasyfactory
Evolution Of A God-Type Threat by Fantasy Factory
A boy named Shindo trying to find his supposed deceased brother. Through his journey, he must battle many foes while uncovering divine secrets with the help of a proud p...
My Art Book by NoToxicBoy
My Art Bookby NoToxicBoy
Myslíš si, že neumíš kreslit? Po přečtení téhle knihy zjistíš opak. Hrozí dočasné či trvalé oslepnutí a vážné stavy retardace.
(Almost) Daily Thoughts And Rants by poet5150
(Almost) Daily Thoughts And Rantsby Rick Dix
Almost daily thoughts and rants Mostly thoughts Everything inspires me I just channel the energy Conventional thought Dada Punk Surrealism Written poetry style
Avant-Garde. by swaronian
Avant-Garde.by Al Grace
She was a rising star I were a setting sun Both parallel forever Together was never done... Highest ranking #27 in Poetry