punks / matt champion by saturatedsarah
punks / matt championby — sarah
*lowercase intended* he has a rough background and is known for his bad-tempered personality, but is able to admit he ...
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  • jadenwalker
  • merlyn
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memes / brockhampton  by saturatedsarah
memes / brockhampton by — sarah
because memes. yeah, that's it.
  • jabari
  • jadenwalker
  • kevinabstract
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fangs / matt champion by acciomoon
fangs / matt championby acciomoon
Cat meets Brockhampton's Matt Champion and realizes they have an unlikely connection. Will it be enough to lead to something more? Find out in "fangs".
  • jon
  • jabari
  • robert
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Kiko Maris Hatake by Sun-Shine-Black
Kiko Maris Hatakeby Sun-Shine-Black
Sequel to Kiko Maris or whatever..... Read to find out what it's about. I don't own Naruto or any pictures unless stated otherwise. See ya in the comments! :)
  • fanfic
  • kikomaris
  • sequel
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Silent love (Sasori fanfic) COMPLETED by heartbeatangel
Silent love (Sasori fanfic) Cheryl
Kiko, Deidara's sister, is a mute due to a traumatic incident with Deidara's explosions. Joining Akatsuki and being placed in a team with Deidara and Sasori, Kiko starts...
  • saori
  • sasori
  • kiko
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Love Like Stars by prettypengirl
Love Like Starsby seoul | pdx | 04 | hiatus
I read "Something Old, Something New" in Marissa Meyer's Stars Above, and decided to continue the squirming from cuteness. IT'S AN ALL NEW FANFICTION! SQUEE A...
  • wolf
  • jacinter
  • jacin
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The Lunar Chronicles Fandom Jokes/Comms by SkyeSolace
The Lunar Chronicles Fandom Young Fun Now
just some funny jokes about the lunar chronicals, mainly ones that Thorne would say, cute scenarios with ships included, as well as comms The characters are not mine!
  • kinney
  • jacin
  • kaider
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sakiko • mako - lok  by myyfantasyy
sakiko • mako - lok by L O V E + O N L Y
Sakiko, a non bender from the fire nation who just recently moved to republic city. as she walked around town, she meets a fire ferret and a friendly earth bender. soon...
  • avatar
  • fire
  • water
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Lunar Chronicles Fanfics by eviehealiss
Lunar Chronicles Fanficsby eviehealiss
KAIDER, CRESSWELL, WOLFET, WINCIN, KIKO... all the ships: headcanons, fanfics... ect
  • winter
  • lunarchronicles
  • kalene
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Tedros X Agatha | Another Life | Tagatha AU by DestinyErza
Tedros X Agatha | Another Life | 💕
> Tedros X Agatha/Tagatha AU > Another world, Same characters, new opportunities, Similar stories. ---------------------------------------------------------- >...
  • wattys2017
  • tristan
  • rafal
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The Lunar Chronicles Ship Weeks  by chlosaurus
The Lunar Chronicles Ship Weeks by chloe
a little one shot book about all the Lunar Chronicles ships. Includes Winter & Jacin, Cress & Thorne, Liam (Kinney) & Iko, Kai & Cinder, and Wolf and Scarlet.
  • scarlet
  • tlcshipweeks
  • kai
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boy by multifandommh
boyby dumbwhitebitch
'you look nice' 'boy you always look good' matt champion.
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  • teenfiction
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INSTAGRAM • matt champion by -psychological
INSTAGRAM • matt championby QUACKSON
emeryjones: wOw fUcK mE himattchampion: @emeryjones at least let me take you on a date first emeryjones: oh my god @himattchampion •Matt Champion social media fic•
  • matt
  • robert
  • hk
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Devon&Kiko: We Fell In Love by DevKi-fan_gera
Devon&Kiko: We Fell In Loveby DevKi-fan_gera
This love story is about Devon Seron and Kiko Estrada. Who will eventually fall in love with each other. But they made a huge mistake. Will they overcome this huge mist...
  • lovestory
  • donkiss
  • devy
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I Love You to the Moon and Back (A Kaider Fan-Fiction) by Dingo121
I Love You to the Moon and Back ( Whoooooo
The revolution is over, and the famed Rampion Crew won freedom for the whole world. But, will they gain that same happy ending for themselves, or will the ship finally s...
  • wolflet
  • moonandearth
  • kaider
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Silver Assassin Returns (A Kakashi Sister Fan Fic, Book 2)  by AnimeChan3
Silver Assassin Returns (A AnimeChan3
BTW, FORGOT TO MENTION IN BOOK ONE, THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE A NEJI LOVE STORY. LOL After the crucial defeat for the Hidden Leaf, Kiko Hatake goes on a 2 year long mission...
  • anime
  • kiko
  • naruto
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지붕: ʀᴏᴏꜰᴛᴏᴩ. [ on-hold ] by cutepyeon
지붕: ʀᴏᴏꜰᴛᴏᴩ. [ on-hold ]by Liza Soberano
[ e p i s t o l a r y #2 ] gabby garcia and ruru madrid. "Miss! Wag kang tatalon!" ; in which he thought shes gonna jump on the railings of the rooftop...
  • jeric
  • james
  • shortstory
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Here we go Again by Just_Jacin
Here we go Againby Sophie Mae Nguyen
In Marissa Meyer's FAIREST, she never mentions who Channary had an affair with, let alone mention who Cinder's father is. But Channary does get sick from Regolith poison...
  • kai
  • cresswell
  • wolflet
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The Lunar Chronicles Oneshots and Scenarios by Bobbie-Penn
The Lunar Chronicles Oneshots bobbo penn
Just a collection of TLC oneshots, crazy ideas and AU's.
  • cinwell
  • funny
  • thress
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2 Years After by rampion_queen
2 Years Afterby dany :3
It's been 2 years after the revelution to end Levanas tyranny. Cinder and the rest of the TLC crew started there own lives. There only short stories two years later. Hop...
  • wolflet
  • lunarchronicles
  • cresswell
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