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Jane and Alec's mate (Bella's sister) by ncis_4ever
Jane and Alec's mate (Bella's sist...by ncis_4ever
Amalia is Bella Swans older sister. Other than bella, she had been staying with her father for most of her life. She always was a pretty outgoing person, that however ha...
Volturi kings mate  by ncis_4ever
Volturi kings mate by ncis_4ever
Maya has been hiding nearly her whole existence. She is an angel, and no I don't mean she acts like one, no she actually IS an angel! The angel of death to be exact. She...
Mated to 4 volturi guards by ncis_4ever
Mated to 4 volturi guardsby ncis_4ever
Meredith Cullen is the sister of Carlisle Cullen. She decided to go and enjoy the world a little before returning to her brother and his family. One of her gifts are qui...
G biggest secret  by just_me_4321
G biggest secret by just_me_4321
What if G Callen isn't the lone wolf as everyone thinks? What is if he in fact has a fiancée that also is the daughter of the one and only Leroy Jethro Gibbs. And what...
NCT & WayV Memes by Princess-Rubin
NCT & WayV Memesby Princess-Rubin
Hier in diesem Buch werde ich NCT & WayV Memes veröffentlichen. Es gibt nicht viele dieser Meme Bücher, die auch vollständig sind und vor allem in Deutschen Rankings, de...
Who are you? by just_me_4321
Who are you?by just_me_4321
Gibbs adopted a troubled girl 8 years ago. He didn't tell anyone since she never did really good with a lot of people around. She was a foster kid since she was 3 years...
Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself✔ by herzschreiben
Reasons Why You Should Love Yourse...by m.
❝And I always thought I could only be happy when I'm with you but I was wrong. I was more happier when I could be myself.❞ -herzschreiben © by herzschreiben All Rights...
𝐣𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬 by strngerdiarie
𝐣𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬by 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲
. Jᴇᴀʟᴏᴜsʏ. jalousie / jealousy „A sentiment which is born in love and which is produced by the fear that the loved person prefers someone else." (Littré). „I get...
Until My Last Breath by mmonaa1000
Until My Last Breathby Mona
„Do you still hate me?" he asks, making me stop and turn around. „Why do you want to know that so badly?" „Because I want you to feel at least something for...
Drunk by soobvious
Drunkby whoever
Whose name made you drink enough to forget your own?
Pansy und Hermine Zwillinge?? by lxsa_xd03
Pansy und Hermine Zwillinge??by Lisa Rauschenbach
Das ist eine Überarbeitung von @glucksbringer19
The truth about us by KeKsi_89
The truth about usby KeKsi
...Was er von ihr wollte wusste sie ganz genau. Wehren würde sie sich nicht, denn sie wusste, dass es keinen Ausweg gab... __ Naruto gehört mir nicht!
The Musketeers BBC Fan Fiction (You-View) by creamyhyominnn
The Musketeers BBC Fan Fiction (Yo...by Deep Irony
WARNING!! This is just a fanfiction , this means, that this is not original from the series 'The Musketeers' which is every Friday on BBC ONE . The content: You are you...
Was ist "normal"? by JonathanSchreiber
Was ist "normal"?by Jonathan Schreiber
Mit "Was ist normal" veröffentliche ich mutwillig einen Schulbericht zum Thema "Normalität" im Ethik-Unterricht. Mit diesem Bericht möchte ich meine...
Seventeen Memes by Princess-Rubin
Seventeen Memesby Princess-Rubin
In diesem Buch, werde ich Memes von Seventeen veröffentlichen. Ich hoffe, dass ihr Spaß beim lesen haben werdet und das eich das Buch gefällt. [Start: /] [Ende: /]
The Voice that changed their Life (Good Charlotte Fan Fiction) by Rapunzel17789
The Voice that changed their Life...by Rapunzel17789
Thanks to ConsolKing92 for this amazing cover!!! Summary: She didn't really like to sing. Not in front of others anyway. But she was told to do her best and get the mon...
Complicated  by mmonaa1000
Complicated by Mona
Shawn,Maggie,Leah and Luc are going to school together. All of them are best friends since 3rd grade. Now they are in senior year and a lot of things are going to happen...
Flight BA 38: The Fate of a Boing 777 by 99Sakki
Flight BA 38: The Fate of a Boing...by 99sakki
Thank you guys so much for reading! On January 28, 2008, a Boing 777 crash landed at London Heathrow Airport. This book will describe the last seconds of Flight 38 and e...
A little Lovestory by 01alina06
A little Lovestoryby Dreamerheart
Eine kleine Kurzgeschichte über Liebe, Freundschaft und Geheimnisse, sowie Betrug.
Bloodline by mgnh06
Bloodlineby Morgan
Eine Blutbindung der ganz besonderen Art. Zwei eigentliche Feinde mit gleichem Ziel. Was passiert wenn die Blutbindung sie dazu bringt sich zusammenzuschließen? Lest sel...